The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 75

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Katariona Studies Transference Magic

TL Note: Transference is pretty darn long, so I might shorten it and call it Transfer Magic at times. 

After leaving the space, I was able to return to my original location near the portrait. At first sight, I saw Leon clawing at the wall. Ryu-sama was digging at the wall with a pickaxe. What are they doing? 

“What are you doing?”

“Rio! You’re safe!” 

Leon and Ryu-sama rushed over to me when they noticed I was back. 

I also ran over and hugged Leon’s fluffy neck. 

“Leon! Did you know? I don’t have any memory as Marion-san, but I think she wanted to say this. I’m sorry I left you… I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long…..” 

“Are you… Marion? Or are you Rio?”

I can’t see his face, but I could tell from his voice that Leon was confused. 

“I’m Rio. But…… if I had Marion-san’s memories, I would have told you this.”

“……I see.”

I feel very nostalgic about this warmth. 

Then I heard Ryu-sama’s voice, who was clearing his throat, coughing. 

“A~ Sorry to disturb you, but it seems that you found Marion’s space-pinpororin.”

Oh yeah, Ryu-sama was also there. I took my hand from Leon’s neck and turned towards Ryu-sama.

“Yes. I’m sorry for worrying you, Ryu-sama?”

“Marion’s space was amazing, wasn’t it-pinpororin?”

Ryu-sama was hovering deftly in the air, holding up his little thumb. I imitated him and raised my thumb, smiling mischievously with my face close to Ryu-sama. 

“You actually knew what was going on in that space, didn’t you? Ryutarou.”

“Gu! How did you know that name…….Oh, I see. You probably read Marion’s diary or something-pinpororin.”

Ryu-sama scratched his head with his nails.

Marion-san’s space contained many interesting documents, but the one I was most fascinated in reading was the diary Marion-san kept. In it, she vividly described her love for her people and her interactions with the gods. I also learned just how much she loved Leon. 

“……could it be that my name is also……?”

“Of course! But Leon is Leon. So is Ryu-sama. You will be called by the names I gave you from now on.”

Leon’s eyes narrowed softly. 

“Right. You are Katariona Yurie Grandeur. My precious, dear Rio.”

Speaking of which, they both faked their reason for digging the wall, saying it was to find the magic circle. But I don’t believe it. They were just worried gods. Even though they understood that I must’ve been sucked into the space, they probably acted physically. 

Ryu-sama’s trial, the God of Time, has ended successfully.

Ryu-sama was told that if something happened to Marion-san, he should lead her reincarnation to her space. 

“‘I will definitely be reborn,’ she said confidently-pinpororin.”

On the way back to the mansion from the tower, I asked him about the trial.

“Doesn’t Ryu-sama know what happens inside Marion’s space?”

Ryu-sama shook his head vigorously. I was suspicious.

“Then how did you know about the diary?”

Ryu-sama seemed to stiffen up. His body jolted for a moment. 

“I, it’s because I happened to see…….Marion recording it with her Projection Magic-pinpororin.”


“It’s true-pinpororin!”

Marion-san had written in her diary that the space was rigged so that no one but her could enter, even if they were gods.

“And, Rio. You don’t need to call me by my honorific title either. Just call me Ryu-pinpororin.”

“Okay, Ryu.”

I then asked Ryu if he could do something about that unpleasant sensation when entering a space. But he said that I would just have to get used to it. I don’t like the idea of losing my sense of equilibrium, but I’ll do my best.

I wondered if there were any tips in the book that Marion-san had left for me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go searching for a book about it. I have Soul Memories, but I don’t have Marion-san’s memories. I guess I’ll simply have to learn about magic from scratch.

“Hey, Leon. I didn’t exist in a previous life! I’ve only had one dream that seemed to be a memory of a former life. But the answer is ‘yes,’ of course.”

I called out to Leon, who was walking slowly in front of me.

A dream from another life.

It was the dream of the Bride of God.

“I see.”

“I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about? Hey, Leon?”

Leon never turned around and just said, “I don’t know!” But his tail was swaying rhythmically. That’s his happy gesture. That dream must have actually been a real-life event.

In a former life, what did I, Marion, call Leon? That’s a secret!


Marion-san’s space has now become my learning place.

At any rate, it contains an abundance of books. I would like to take these books with me and read them in my room, but for some reason, I can’t bring them out.

However, there is one way to make this possible.

Transference Magic.

Although I can’t do what Marion-san did two hundred years ago, when she transferred all the people in her domain without a magic circle, I thought it would be possible to create a magic circle and transfer small quantities.

“Now then, let’s begin the experiments.”

I decided to have Leon and Ryu help me with the first experiment.

I placed a piece of paper with a transfer magic circle outside the steeple where Marion’s portrait was located.

The next step was to place the book on the magic circle in Marion-san’s space, pour some magic power into it, and the book disappeared.

“Did it work?”

When I stepped out of the steeple where Leon and Ryu were waiting, the book I had transferred was on top of the magic circle.

“I did it! It worked!”

“Amazing. Is Rio a genius to have learned Transfer Magic in such a short period of time-pinpororin?”

“It’s because of Marion’s research.”

Leon was staring at the book he had just been transferred.

“What’s so interesting about the book, Leon?”

“I haven’t seen most books, but this one was Marion’s favorite book.”

The book Leon pointed to was a storybook. There were few books among the many magical reference books, but there were love stories and travelogues that women might like.

“Oh, yes, those. The story is about the twin princesses of the sun and moon who fell in love with a knight of the earth. Flare-sama and Chris might like it, so I brought it with me.”

“I see.”

Marion-san was a great magician, but she was also a woman, so she must’ve liked this kind of story.

I couldn’t feel anything about the me from my previous life.

It’s only natural because we’re different people with the same soul.

This time, I put a transference magic circle in my room and in Marion-san’s space, and the experiment was also successful. 

In time, it might be possible for me to transfer people like Ryu.

In that case, I will be able to conveniently go back and forth to the royal capital. 

There’s still time before I go to the Magic Academy. But in the meantime, I can think of several ways to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

I’m also going to do my own research on how to counter Forbidden Magic.

I have so many things I want to accomplish.

I want to end the lonely journey of May, the God of Creation.

I want to protect my family this time.

Above all, I want to find my own happiness in this life.


TL: Wow, Marion and Rio are starting to blur and intersect, but they are still two distinctly different people. Quite amazing. Anyway hope y’all enjoyed! We’re nearing the end of this volume, and soon we’ll be heading into Volume 3~ Can’t wait, and thanks for sticking this far!

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