White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 32

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The moon was hiding and the stars were fading. In the dark night sky, a white dragon descended from the sky. The leaves rustled from the gust created by the dragon’s wings, and the white dragon landed on the cleared area in the forest. 

He greeted his elder brother and sisters, “I’m back.”

Felicia said, “Well, what about those things?”

Willy knew that it was time for business and took out a dimensional bag with a painful expression on his face. 

Felicia snatched the dimensional bag, and took out a hundred precious magic pearls.

Pearls were born in the body of sea mussels. During the incubation process, there was a small probability of them absorbing magical energy and becoming magic pearls. Like gems, magical pearls could be processed into various magical jewellery. They were a hard currency that could be easily sold in all planes.

If it weren’t for the large number of Murlocs under him and the sea mussel breeding base they had, they could simply forget about accumulating so many magic pearls. These pearls were more precious than the four dragons’ net worth combined. 

The four white dragons looked painfully at the pearls on the altar. They would be sacrificed to the Dragon Queen, Tiamat, in exchange for the curse on the Ogre Chief.

Of course, the sacrifices of the white dragons weren’t enough to ask Tiamat to take action and directly curse Ghoul-Garu to death, but it was enough to make him weak for a long time, which was exactly what the white dragons intended to do.

Felicia checked the pearl and the severed finger again.

A curse couldn’t be performed out of thin air. In addition to sacrifices, a cursing medium was also required. The cursing medium could be any part of the target’s body, which could be hair or a segment of fingers. The better the medium, the fewer sacrifices needed to be paid, and the better would be the curse’s effect.

Additionally, it was necessary to build an altar. The function of the altar was equivalent to a mobile phone. The altar was used to communicate with an evil god or demon prince and then offered sacrifices in exchange for the power of the sacrificed object to curse the enemy.

A curse was also risky.

The existence of the evil camp was mostly insatiable, and the sacrifices of the sacrifices were often not proportional to the gains. There had even been a precedent of being dissatisfied with the sacrifices, and the entity killing the initiator of the ritual and extracting their soul.

However, the object of the white dragons’ sacrifice was Tiamat, which meant they needn’t fear for their life.

The evil dragons were so sparsely populated, and Tiamat generally wouldn’t do anything to harm believers.


What about disaster red dragon, nuclear black dragon, crazy wing white dragon?

These were special cases, so they didn’t count.

In fact, in the hearts of most evil dragons, Tiamat, the dragon god, was still seen as very competent. She was evil and cruel. A model for all evil dragons. She was notorious, but as the saying went, an enemy of the enemy is my friend. The truth is that it is universal no matter in which world it is.

Amos looked at the prepared altar. Now, the cursing medium and sacrifices were all ready and they were waiting for dawn to surprise Ghoul-Garu.

Time passed bit by bit.

The monster army had assembled. Amos was standing next to the trebuchet. Last night, he lost 6 trebuchets, 30 Murlocs were killed, and a troll was burnt to death.

When Amos thought of the troll, he turned his head and looked at a troll beside the trebuchet. Last night, he saw the troll’s head shattered. It was now intact, holding a deer leg and gnawing at it. Its mouth was covered in grease. He couldn’t help but envy its regeneration ability.

If it were not for the troll’s poor reproductive ability, the shortcomings of being restrained by flames and strong acid were too obvious, Amos would not have had to use all his cards to conquer the Ogres.

Amos expelled the distracting thoughts from his mind, staring at the fortress of Skull Crusher Clan, whether he could bring the Ogre into his command, would be decided on this battle.

The sun was over the horizon, shining brilliantly!

“The Trumpeter!”

Woo~ woo~ woo~

The loud horn opened the curtains of war, and the monster army became active.

On the ground, fourteen catapults were running at full capacity at the same time, and the stone bullets slammed into the city walls continuously. The shield guards formed a shield wall to protect the fragile spellcasters and tide hunters advanced towards the city wall.

In the sky, three white dragons enchanted themselves with all kinds of buffing magic.

On the city wall, Ghoul-Garu looked at the three white dragons in the sky and had a bad feeling.

“How come there are only three?”


At the rear sight, Felicia looked at the rising sun.

 It’s time!

 She looked at the altar in front of her with a serious expression and began to pray.

“The mother of dragons, the protector of the five coloured dragons, the purveyor of fear, the conqueror of the world, your servant, the white dragon Felicia, offers sacrifices, please listen to my call …”

Felicia, as the priest, could communicate with Tiamat more easily than other evil dragons.

Soon, an indescribable will appeared in Felicia’s heart, majesty, evil dragon queen with overwhelming imposing power …

“My child, why do you call me?”

The voice was deep, and echoed.

Tiamat’s will had come.

A pressure enveloped the entire forest. In fact, this power was not strong, but it made people unable to raise any thought of resistance. This suppression was at the biological level, just like a mouse that sensed a cat.

Under this pressure, the three white dragons almost fell from the air, and other races were even more miserable. They had difficulty breathing, and more than half of them lost the ability to stand.

Several Ogres collapsed and fell from the wall. 

The old shaman gritted his teeth, with a stick supporting him in one hand and the city wall in the other; he exclaimed in disbelief. 



In a towering mage tower south of Nordhill Continent, an old mage wearing a red robe interrupted the experiment in his hands, facing the overseas archipelago, and raised his brow.

In the deep-sea far away from the mainland, on an unfathomably deep seabed, tens of thousands of miles away, there was a beautiful crystal palace. On the high crystal throne, a naga with twelve arms opened its vertical golden snake eyes.

On the West mainland. 

In a cloud-shrouded volcano, a red dragon submerged by the sea of ​​gold and silver awakened from its deep sleep. Gold coins and gems roll down from its body. It lifted its head, and its huge nostrils flared out two white streams of air, as it muttered something.

“Who summoned Her Majesty the Queen of Dragons?”

Amos didn’t know how Tiamat’s arrival had alarmed many top powerhouses. He stabilized his body and stared at the Ogre chief on the city wall, only to see Ghoul-Garu suddenly enveloped by a cloud of black magical energy. Soon he couldn’t stand steady, and he slumped to the ground while supporting itself with the city wall.

The old shaman on the side gritted his teeth, resisted the pressure, took out the skull of the Caucasus, and casted a spell to release a blood-red mask, shrouding Ghoul-Garu inside it. The blood-coloured energy and the black energy collided, like a hot pan that had touched the scoop of water, the reaction was violent.

Amos was about to rush to stop it, when as if he had heard an angry roar, the pressure on his body suddenly increased, and the three white dragons fell from the sky.

Amos got up from the ground embarrassedly and looked back in shock at the direction of the altar.

Felicia flew in the air, the black divine power condensed, surging around her body, while her eyes shined with golden light, exuding endless majesty.

Obviously, it was not Felicia herself who controlled the body now.

Tiamat had become angry that an ant dared to resist her will, and she wanted to descend with the help of her priest’s body.

Felicia (Tiamat) frowned. This body was too fragile to withstand the indoctrination of divine power, let alone fight. It glanced at Amos, who was obviously different in size from ordinary white dragons …

“Dragon Domain!”

The pressure disappeared, and Felicia fell feebly from the air.

A golden field enveloped the entire battlefield, and Amos felt himself brimming with power. 

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