White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 31

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Cursed Altar

At night.

In front of the Skull Crushers Fortress.

The bright moonlight lit, casting a brilliant shine on the world, and everything was serene yet beautiful.

Suddenly, a piece of land moved, revealing the dark passage below, and a group of tall figures sprang out of the passage, hiding behind a large rock.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the 12 people around him. These were the only remaining Ogres above level 10 of the Skull Crusher clan.

Ghoul-Garu nodded to the only jackal, it also understood its mission, its body gradually faded, and entered a stealth state, exploring its way forward.

Ghoul-Garu used the invisibility barrier and the soundproof barrier, following behind the jackal, and sneaked towards the siege equipment on the edge of the forest.

Suddenly, the jackal stopped and made a gesture to the Ogre behind him, bypassing the place in front, and continuing forward.

When they were 50 meters away from the siege equipment, the jackal found dense magic traps on the ground and its back was filled with cold sweat. He bent down to investigate the traps and tried to open a safe passage.

They reached 30 metres away from the siege equipment. In a small winding hole underground, a dormant snake sensed the slight vibration of the ground and opened its eyes.

Not good!

The jackal sensed the fluctuations of lifeforce, and the dagger in its hand suddenly plunged into the ground, cutting off the snake’s head accurately.

Unfortunately, it was still a second late.

A loud dragon roar resounded in the forest, breaking the tranquillity of the night.

“Quick! Attack!”

Ghoul-Garu dispersed the invisibility barrier, and the Ogres rushed to the siege equipment not far away.

Traps were triggered one after another along the way, either frost, flames, or screams. When they were 10 meters away from siege equipment, the feet of the Ogres who led the charge had already been scrapped.

The defenders of the siege equipment found the Ogres that appeared suddenly, and quickly reacted, rushing towards them to intercept.

An Ogre leapt in the air, his mace was lifted high and fell when it landed. The Murlocs who were not able to dodge the attack were smashed into meat sauce. A Troll swept with a stick and hit the attacking Ogre’s belly. He was also attacked by the Ogre’s mace and fell to the ground.

Ghoul-Garu sent a basketball-sized fireball from the rear.

The fireball fell onto the defending monster army, accompanied by violent explosions and shocking airwaves, splashing mud, blood, and residual limbs.

A Troll was covered in flames and rolled on the ground in pain.

The Ogres quickly reacted, stepped over the wounded on the ground, from the dead man aisle created by the chief, and continued to rush towards the trebuchet.

The Ogre raised the mace in his hand and smashed it at the trebuchet. The wooden frame of the trebuchet was torn apart and the fragments scattered all over the ground.

At this time, Ghoul-Garu saw Amos hurrying over, and before he approached, his slightly opened mouth glowed with ice-blue light.


The Ogre didn’t want to battle, and gave up the trebuchet that hadn’t been destroyed, and ran away.

The Ogre hadn’t run out a hundred meters yet, and Amos had come to their back, as the dragon’s breath brewing in his mouth spewed out.

Ghoul-Garu had been prepared for a long time. A powerful fireball was thrown at Amos. The breath of the dragon that was not far away collided with the fireball, causing an explosion in the air, and the explosion made Amos lose his balance, his breathing ceased, as his body tilted in the air.

The Ogres sped up to escape.

Amos quickly adjusted his body and flew over the Ogres, chanting the spell.

An ice-blue magic circle erupted from the ground below Amos, and when it swept over the escaped Ogres, the ice-blue magic aura appeared on their ankles.

Deaccelerating magic circle.

The speed of the Ogres dropped sharply.

The magic fireballs in Ghoul-Garu’s hands attacked Amos in the sky without stopping and were avoided one by one by the white dragon who turned on the wartime support mode.

Amos didn’t stop his spell casting.

Ice barrier.

A 30-meter-long ice wall appeared in front of the ogres, blocking their way. At this time, the monster army behind was also chasing and killing the Ogres.

Ghoul-Garu was in a hurry!

“Quick! Go around!”

The Ogre had just reached the edge of the ice wall, and another ice wall appeared in front of him.

300 meters away from the Skull Crusher Fortress, a wolf howl echoed and a dark wolf galloped towards the battlefield.

Summoned Beast-Tier 3 Spirit Wolf!

Amos looked up and saw a figure violently coughing upstairs. He ignored the sickly old Shaman, and another Dragon’s Breath was spewed at the Ogre below.

Ghoul-Garu quickly cast the spell, while the earth-coloured shield blocked the dragon’s breath, Amos narrowed his eyes slightly.

This trick again!

Let’s see what else have you got up your sleeve this time!

In an instant, Amos made a decision and swooped into the shield. Amos smashed the shield and bit at Ghoul-Garu using the momentum of gravity.

Ghoul-Garu dodged, and Amos landed on the ground directly into the Ogre team. The Ogres smashed the white dragon with their maces, creating sparks on the scales of the dragon.

With dragon scales as hard as iron armour, the Ogre’s attack seemed to massage Amos.

The slender tail of Amos sliced the air, and hit the Ogre who was too late to dodge, while two Ogres flew upside down.

Amos was about to continue attacking Ghoul-Garu. However, the spirit wolf arrived. The Tier 3 spirit wolf was 5 meters long, but in front of the 13-meter long Amos, it wasn’t worth mentioning.

The wolf jumped over the ice barrier, and slashed Amos’ eyes with a claw. Amos dodged, and the wolf’s claws scratched on the hard dragon horns, making 4 faint white marks.

Amos’s dragon wings cleaved across and hit the spirit wolf in the mid-air. The spirit wolf flew upside down and collided with the ice wall.

At that second, the old Shaman on the city wall chanted a huge fireball, dragging a long tail of flames, hitting the ice wall, and blasting a gap in it.

Big fireball with range enhancement!

The icy debris scattered and hit the Ogres and Amos. The Ogres resisted the explosive airwave and icy debris and tried hard to rush to the passage. This was their only way of survival.

Amos was about to rush to make the gap, but the spirit wolf got up and desperately stopped the White Dragon Lord.

At this time, the fast monster army chased them.

Ghoul-Garu made a decisive decision, leaving the two Ogres behind to block the passage and fought with the white dragon siblings who arrived first. Soon the main force of the monster army rushed to the battlefield and took the two weak cannon fodders.

Amos also happened to bite the spirit wolf’s spine, and the spirit wolf’s body turned into a cloud of black smoke, disappearing.

The Ogre had fled to within 100 meters of the city gate.

 On the wall, the old Shaman held a flaming red skull in his hand, which looked strange and terrifying under the moonlight. Amos stopped the monster army who wanted to continue pursuing and looked at the old Shaman in fear.


 Amos returned to the forest. In the forest, Felicia was building a simple altar with the help of Elena.

“Brother, how about the loss?”

“Six trebuchets were destroyed,” Amos replied, “ but we caught five elite Ogres, so it’s acceptable!”

Amos looked at the unknown altar, where the severed finger of the Ogre chief was placed, and the black runes floating around the altar made the surroundings uncomfortable.

“How is the progress of the hex altar?”

Felicia said, “It’s almost finished, just awaiting the sacrifice.”

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