When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 81

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Editor: Diya

Kong Wuying, monarch of lies

Alas, how quiet. Shouldn’t something explode at this exciting time?

Oh, Kong Wuying remembers he just threw the system at Kongbao like garbage, so the system isn’t here now to make comments.

But… what’s going on?

With Kong Wuying’s eyesight, it can naturally be seen that this figure of Chu Liying is actually just a body, not a real resurrection. According to his guess, this person may just be a mimicry left in the drawings.

The mimicry frowns, looking over the room. “Where is this? Who are you? Why do you look familiar?”

Kong Wuying: “…” 

No, this mimicry’s eyesight is so good? Not even the idiot son who has spent time in the same room caught on this quickly to the body swap! So smart!

The mimic stares at Kong Wuying with a clear mind, a look of nostalgia on his face. “You have the same aura of someone I once knew.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kong Wuying made a soul puppet originally sent to kill Chu Liying but instead killed herself out of love.

However, none of these ghosts matter.

Kong Wuying pretends to not know him. “Are you a ghost? Why did you come out of my treasure map? Oh, I see, you must be the spirit of the treasure map, right? It’s to guide me to find the treasure right, right?”

Hurry up and hand over the treasure.

Looking at the drawing, Chuchu thoughtfully frowns. “I’m not a treasure spirit, I’m Pill Emperor Chu Liying. My body is dead, but my soul still has a trace attached to this painting, only to be released by someone. Are you willing to be my disciple? Help me complete my life’s longing for conquering Yeying and restoring the freedom of Mingguang.”

Kong Wuying pretends to be confused. “Pill Emperor Chu… what? Who is that?”

The soul trace is astonished. “You don’t know who I am? Do you know Huang Tang Mountain?”

Kong Wuying shakes his head blankly.

Chuchu never thought that when he woke up again, he would find a situation where the world did not know his Huang Tang Mountain homebase, nor himself as Pill Emperor.

Chuchu asks again: “Where did your drawings come from?”

Kong Wuying says innocently, “This is from the ancestor of my family! My grandfather said that as long as one finds the treasure, they can gain great strength, defeat the oppression by Yeying, and rescue us Mingguang from slavery. Is it strength?”

“Slavery under Yeying?” Chuchu never thought that Mingguang had already fallen to such a point during his absence. “What’s the situation now? Is Yeying bullying us? Is the monarch dead yet?” 

Chuchu knows the power of the Yeying monarch, he was taught that lesson well. The monarch is invincible, not to be outsmarted, they can only wait for him to die!

Technically the monarch is dead…

Kong Wuying shakes his head. “No! I heard that the monarch’s body is great and as healthy as ever. Yeying has been focusing on bullying us without changing. I heard that the monarch seems to be planning to send troops directly to occupy us, so I quickly came to find Grandpa’s relic, which is now you.”

Chuchu takes a calming breath.

Why isn’t the old Yeying bastard dead?!

No, this is all fine! Chuchu looks at this “little child” with a look of anticipation, and explains in detail. “This treasure was left by an ancient power, and it is indeed extremely precious. However, the location is still out of my purview, so I have to draw the place into a map, hoping that someone can crack it. If you want to take the treasure, I can take you to try it. But it depends on God’s will. You must not have too much expectation.”

“It’s okay!” Kong Wuying declares. “You can take me there. I will definitely get the treasure! Um, for Mingguang!”

Looking at him like this, the trace of Chuchu can only sigh inwardly, but he doesn’t want to discourage the child’s enthusiasm, so he has to say: “I’ll take you there, the location of the treasure is hidden in Yeying – the quiet sea. Is it easy to go to Yeying?”

Yeying is not a place to go casually!

“I’ll think of a way.” Kong Wuying casually covers Chuchu with a few words. And then: “Oh no, someone is coming!” 

Kong Wuying closes Chuchu’s scroll, letting the trace sleep again. 

In fact, it is not just a way to end the conversation, someone is actually coming.

With the beauty of a flower, the star-like eyes, the sweet smile, and… the nose of a dog that can always follow the owner no matter where Kong Wuying goes.

“Master, Chu Huang is over. Why don’t you come home with me.” Kongbao opens the door and says happily.

Kong Wuying doesn’t speak, instead glances at the stone on the neck of Kongbao, and purses his lips slightly. “You’re wearing it?”

Isn’t that gray stone on the neck of Kongbao the system?

To be honest, although Kongbao’s neck is very long, slender and beautiful, and the skin is fair, everything looks good… but wearing that system gives a weird sense of surprise.

Kongbao touches the system’s stone, and with a bright smile on his face: “I will naturally cherish the gift master gave me.” 

Master rarely gives him gifts…

Then Kong Wuying hears the system complain: “Host, you are so ruthless, shameless, and unreasonable. You just left me like this, do you know that you are not being kind, you will lose my heart! Do you know? Well… why do I seem to smell Chuchu… Chuchu!”

The system calls out, and Kong Wuying suddenly realizes that the drawings he had put on the table suddenly tremble!

Kong Wuying decisively rips the necklace from Kongbao and hurls it out of a window.

Suddenly thrown away: “…”

Kongbao who was suddenly robbed: “…”

Kong Wuying is satisfied to see the drawings on the table restore its peace.

Kongbao: “Master, what are you doing? That’s your gift!” The sentimental token master gave him!

Kong Wuying purses his lips, and then comforts: “Alright, master will give you a better one!”

Kongbao makes an unreasonable noise. “That was the first gift you gave me!”

Kong Wuying steps forward and pecks him quickly on his lips. “Okay?”

The corner of Kongbao’s mouth turns up first, and then he resumes his unreasonable face. “That’s the first gift you gave me!”

A few more kisses.

“Okay, no more, that’s all you get,” Kong Wuying says firmly.

Kongbao changes the topic before Kong Wuying gets more suspicious. “Now there is an armistice set up with Nanhai by the elders here, what are your next plans? Don’t go back to the Daqing Empire, it’s better to take a holiday for a few days, maybe my place?” 

Kongbao was worried about revealing his identity, but now that it’s out, he can deceive his master into coming over to his place, and then… hehehehehehehe.

Kong Wuying rejects him mercilessly: “No time, I’m going back to Yeying to dig for treasure.”

Kongbao looks at the treasure map on the table, and then decides to go the roundabout way: “Master, do you know how to get to Yeying? It’s not easy to go from Mingguang to Yeying. There must be someone who can cross the ice ocean. Flying beasts can do it, but you also need to have enough supplies. Let’s go to my Lin Palace first, I’ll prepare them for you.”

Kong Wuying nods, it was agreed.

Then all the people in Huang Tang are surprised and comforted to discover that the Lord of the Mausoleum is leaving.

It is said that Lord Lin Jinying watched the sky at night and found that it was not suitable for cultivation, so he went back to his home.

For his perfunctory explanation, everyone only has: “…”

What is he doing here? Inexplicably ran over to watch the sky at night, and in the middle ran out and scolded them for a while, and now left.

However, it is good he is leaving.

And in a secret room far away.

Blackie the pet assassin reverently reports to the Sword King: “Lord Lin Jinying is about to leave. Will the sword formation be launched immediately?”

The Sword King stands with his hands behind his back and looks indifferent. “Of course.” He suddenly remembers: “The one he caught last time, Ah Zi’s lover, didn’t he know about our sword formation? Will he have informed someone else?”

Blackie bows his head slightly. “It doesn’t seem to matter. The subordinates also worried about this, and also modified the formation method. However, these days, people have not come to search, and the formation method is intact.”

Blackie continues warily: “There is a hint of caution needed, as perhaps the boy couldn’t see it in the dark at night, or he simply forgot, but it can’t be confirmed. Anyway, the sword formation is already completed, as long as it is launched, you can even be trapped!” 

The thought of being able to imprison the incomparable Sword King – Blackie can’t help but be thrilled.

“That’s good.” Sword King nods and says carefully: “Be careful, Lin Jinying is not that simple.”

Blackie nods and leaves.

Then, all the people on the mountain, as well as the contestants that hadn’t left yet, looked up.

Centred around Huang Tang, a circle of ten miles is coated by a thick cover.

Quest activated!


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