The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 62

Darkness behind the scene

In a dimly lit room surrounded on all sides by cold stones. Four masked men and women were sitting at the round table.

Inside the room, a new figure of a man appeared, covered with a vicious mask and a hood pulled completely over his head. From head to toe, the man was all in black, perfectly assimilated into the darkness.

“Everyone seems to be in good spirits.”

The man wearing a black robe exaggeratedly put his right hand on his chest and bowed slightly.

“You’re late, bastard! You’re keeping us waiting for hours.”

A large, muscular man dressed in kimono, with a thick blue streak on his forehead, shouted like a thunderbolt.

“That was my impoliteness.”

The black-robed man took a seat at the round table, seemingly without a hint of malice.

Seeing that behaviour, the kimono-clad big man was about to raise his discontent but,

“Time is pushing. If you want to quarrel, do it later.”

At the words of the boy in white, with his long golden hair tied back, who looked about twelve or thirteen years old, the kimono-clad man gritted his teeth, crossed his arms, and quietly shut his mouth.

“Then, let’s start the regular meeting. First, with the progress. Pandora.”

“Aiyoo. Currently my cute and lovely Shichika-chan is killing all the barbarians who stink of horse dung.”

A woman with bob-cut red hair wearing black clothes with a high degree of exposure, Pandora, reported with a lively voice.

“Hmph, that seems like a lot of trouble like that.”

The kimono-clad big man snorted,

“It can’t be helped. The domain is vast and Shichika-chan originally was an ordinary high school girl in Japan.”

Pandora swelled her cheek and uttered her complaint.

“How long is it going to take to suppress them?”

“If we have one year.”

“It’s more trouble than it’s worth if we can’t move.”

A green-haired young man with piercings all over his wild face muttered disinterestedly.

“It can’t be helped. It’s meaningless for us to do it. Besides, it’s a nuisance to stand out in the council.”

Exhausted, Pandora rested her chin on her left hand, rolled her red hair with her right index finger, and murmured vaguely.

“That might be so, but there are reports coming out that gates can’t be connected. The cause is currently under investigation.”


The conversation disappeared from everyone at this word of the blonde boy.

That grim silence was—

“Is it the work of those Cardinal Sins brats?”

It was broken by the questioning voice of the kimono-clad big man.

“No, those guys consistently aim the Council. Destroying the gate counters to it. It’s definitely not those guys.”

“Then that means the Council?”

“Haa! Don’t be ridiculous. How can those hypocrites tolerate a world that is not under their control?”

The kimono-clad big man spat out.

“If so, then who has stopped the function of the gate? If someone is not from our class, they can’t even scratch it one bit.”

In the question of the green-haired man,

“I dare to say I suspect the Council’s participation.”

The blonde-haired young boy broke off and looked up at the black stone ceiling and muttered.

“So you think the gate’s disconnection is a trap?”

“Yes. That disconnection is most likely temporary. The Council’s Agent without a doubt has already infiltrated into this world.”

“They have the nerves to look down on us.”

The green-haired young man slammed his right fist down on the table in a rage, knocking over the glass on top of it and spilling the bright red drink inside.

“Stop venting out your anger. What will you do if your clothes get stained?”

The green-haired young man rose from his seat, paying no heed to Pandora’s shouts of disapproval.

“Where do you think you are going?”

At the question of the golden-haired young man,

“Isn’t it obvious? To find and kill those rats.”

The green-haired young man replied directly.

“Destroying the gate is a mortal sin. Doing such a crazy thing. In this matter, eight or nine out of ten it definitely has the hand of Greed.”

“That damn clown!!”

The moment that name entered their ears, all members’ faces distorted in disgust and all kinds of curses and swearing spouted out one by one.

“If they had accurate information about us, there would have been a war long ago. I mean–”

“The Council is not yet convinced. That’s how it is, isn’t it?”

The black robe reminded the blonde boy with a voice full of delightful and pleasurable looks.

“If you don’t make any significant moves, they will soon disappear from this world. We can’t afford to get into a fight with them until he has achieved his goal in this world. For the time being, you will have to be quiet.”

The blonde-haired boy’s order was met with silence from those present.

“That might be why I didn’t get any information from the Blue Beard. I guess I lost, huh.”

On Pandora reported,

“Ha? Don’t give me that nonsense. Even such a small fry like him is being empowered directly by that honorable person. In addition, the Blue Beard also has demons in his possession! There’s no way for him to lose against the primitive people of this world.”

The green-haired young man rebutted in a fury.

“Even if you say that, it’s true. The current information is complicated but a child named Yamaken led the people of Radol and destroyed the Kingdom Expeditionary Force in the Radolian’s domain. At the same time, the Blue Beard disappeared.”

“The council!”

The green-haired man spat on the floor.

“If I’m right, is that kid the one who got rid of those brats playing Cardinal Sins?”

The kimono-clad big man leaned forward.

“That might be so. The Empire is under your jurisdiction but what about that?”

“It’s Baron Grey Ines Navarro-dono.”

The black-robed man immediately replied. That voice contained plenty of ecstasy and madness.

“Astraea, can you tell us in full detail?”

“The information we have collected is still insufficient so I would like you to wait a little longer.”

He lied. That was the unanimous answer. Astraea had the natural disposition of being a stalker. He was an extraordinary pervert who would try to find out information about anyone he held interest in, including their preferences, habits, and even the number of moles on their body. There was no way he didn’t know.

“Well, whatever. Have you transferred the data of demonization from the Blue Beard?”

“I’ve already secured the data that has been automatically sent to me so far.”

The golden-haired young man nodded in satisfaction and once again stared at Astraea,

“Astraea, I am entrusting you to deal with that child. I request you to deal with him as soon as possible.”

He gave the order.

The black-robed man, Astrea, stood and bowed elegantly,

“As you wish.”

The figure disappeared.

“Was that ok? You know about his bad habit, don’t you?”

At the words of the green-haired young man,

“It is true that the incarnation did not take place, but the demon god of the demon world has been destroyed. You shouldn’t take it lightly.”

The kimono-clad big man interjected. If the incarnation of the demon god were to take place, it would be one of the greatest disasters for this world, surpassing the attack of the demon king. There was nothing the inhabitants of this world could do about it.

“That’s fine with him. Whether it’s a death of grief and despair or an easy death, it’s the same death. The result will be the same.”

“Well, that pervert is too creepy but his true ability is his merit. I particularly don’t mind. Then, if the meeting is over, I’m going to Shichika’s place. Later.”

Pandora disappeared like smoke.

“Doing whatever they like, those guys!”

The kimono-clad big man disappeared while swearing.

“Damn it! Don’t hope for us to have a spirit of cooperation!”

Leaving those lines, in the end, the green-haired young man’s figure also vanished from the room.

“Now then, Greed, I won’t let you do as you please next time.”

The inside of the eyes of the blonde-haired young boy who muttered was filled with intense, deep, dark emotions.

T/N : Now we will have new arc starting from tomorrow featuring Gray as teacher. Till then, Enjoy.



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