Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 76

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro


I have finished my experiments on <Sharing>.

I started in the morning, but a lot of time has passed so far. It was already around 3:00 p.m so I filled my small stomach with bites of dried potatoes and Mormo nuts.

In addition, as a result of being chased by the Mardegarsh, I have a month’s supply of food such as dried potatoes, dried meat, and Mormo nuts, as well as camping gear such as blankets. I also have torches and magical tools for making fire prepared. This is in case I don’t get to return to the city for several days. Since the inside of the <Inventory> is not subject to the passage of time, even if I put in a little extra food, it will not spoil. The torches could also be stored with the fire lit, so I’m thinking that maybe I don’t need a fire-making magic tool.

(Well, I have over 10,000 D-rank magical stones. I’ve already covered all the D-rank summonses in a crisp manner this time.)

The status of D-rank Spider is as follows:

[Species] Insects

[Rank] D

[Name] Spyder

[Strength] 120

[Mana] 0

[Attack] 140

[Endurance] 200

[Agility] 200

[Intelligence] 125

[Luck] 60

[Blessings] Endurance +20, Agility +20

[Special Skill] Spider Thread

(TN: [Attack Power] has been changed to just [Attack] and [Physical Strength] to just [Strength].)

The status of D-rank Bear is as follows:

[Species] Beast

[Rank] D

[Name] Bear

[Strength] 200

[Mana] 0

[Attack] 200

[Endurance] 128

[Agility] 80

[Intelligence] 130

[Luck] 60

[Protection] Strength +20, Attack +20

[Special Skill] Crunch

The status of D-rank Owl is as follows:

[Species] Birds

[Rank] D

[Name]: Hollow

[Strength] 76

[Mana] 0

[Attack] 83

[Endurance] 67

[Agility] 200

[Intelligence] 200

[Luck] 160

[Blessings] Agility +20, [Intelligence] 20

[Special skill] Night vision

The status of D-rank Potato is as follows:

[Species] Grass

[Rank] D

[Name] Jagabata

[Strength] 50

[Mana] 200

[Attack] 40

[Endurance] 35

[Agility] 40

[Intelligence] 60

[Luck] 200

[Blessings] mana +20, Luck +20

[Special Skill] mana Fruit

The status of D-rank Statue is as follows:

[Species] Stone

[Rank] D

[Name] Bron

[Strength] 200

[Mana] 0

[Attack] 180

[Endurance] 200

[Agility] 100

[Intelligence] 140

[Luck] 108

[Protection] Strength +20, Endurance +20

[Special Skill] Protect 

The status of D-rank Salmon fish is as follows:

[Species] Fish

[Rank] D

[Name] Harami

[Strength] 80

[Mana] 200

[Attack] 54

[Endurance] 34

[Agility] 160

[Intelligence] 200

[Luck] 170

[Blessings] mana +20, [Intelligence] +20

[Special Skill] Splash

 There are two Armored Ants in front of me. Their armor, which looks like a round salad bowl lying face down, has been largely destroyed and bodily fluids are flowing.

 In front of the Armored Ant is a grizzly brown bear, about 2.5 meters tall. I’m kind of proud of my victory over the Armored Ant. This bear is my D-rank Beast.

 Next to the bear-like summon is a huge spider, 1.5 meters long and 0.6 meters tall. The pitch-black spider raises its two front legs and continues the beating even after its victory over the Armored Ant. This spider is my D-rank Insect.

(Okay, so Bear’s [Crunch] can shatter the armor of Armored Ants, but it’s not enough for a one-shot. But a combo with Spyder is enough.)

The shattered Armored Ants were entangled in threads. I used the [Spider Thread], Spyder’s special skill.

It shoots out a white sticky thread from the end of its abdomen, which entangles the enemy and stops or slows their movement.

D-rank Beast is still an Attack-oriented summon.

D-rank Insect is still the one responsible for debuffs.

Summons of the Insect and Beast species are key to the hunt. I’m pretty happy that their [Intelligence] is over 100.

A large owl was perching on a tree branch a little ahead of me. It’s my D-rank Bird that looks like it could be 1.5 meters tall with its wings spread. It stared at me with its big eyes.

(Also, I didn’t get a chance to test the Hollow’s [Night Vision]. But if it can really see at night as the name suggests, it makes up for the Eagle only being able to spot enemies during the day. Eagle can do the scouting during day and Hollow during night.)

I’m going to check this after the sun goes down, hoping that the skill is as good as its name suggests.

There was a strange creature at my feet, a potato with arms and legs. This strange creature is my D-rank Grass summon.

(It’s really good. [Mana Fruit] restores 1000 mana.)

From the name of the fruit, I expected it to be like a mana recovery potion. In order to check the effect, I reduced my mana to zero and then used the fruit. The fruit, about the size of a plum, disappeared in my hand when I used it.

And my mana recovered by 1000. I have over 10,000 D-rank magic stones, so I won’t have any trouble recovering my mana in the near future.

As has been the case with Grass summons since FE, once I use their special skill, they disappear.

(Now I won’t have any mana-related problems even if I am against a  Madegarsh.)

I have to spend a lot of mana to raise my skill level. This is because I need about 30 million skill Experience to increase <Summon> to level 6. mana recovers over time, so I want to consume it as soon as possible.

If I keep the [Mana Fruit] on hand, I’ll be able to deal with anything that comes my way.

(And then there’s Bron, D-rank [Stone]. I never had a chance to use the E-rank Kabeo after all. The Gods of this world are so open-minded that they considered copper as stone as well.

Next to me is a D-rank Stone that looks like a Western Armor made of copper, about two meters long. It is holding a large shield that is two meters in length and width.

My hunting style is to search, move and hunt. If I were to use a term from my previous life, then this style would be called mobile hunting. I don’t wait for my prey to come to me. For this reason, I have not been able to make use of the E-rank Stones so far. I don’t even have it in my Holder.

I don’t plan on changing my hunting style, but I will figure out how to use Stone.

Well, now that I’ve verified five summons. The last one is Harami. The blessing is an increase in mana and [Intelligence]. The increase in [Intelligence] is a good thing because it means I can use <Sharing> with more of my summons simultaneously.

Finally, I will now analyze the newly added [Fish] summons.

(It costs me 15 magic stones to create and synthesize one Fish. Compared to this, Insects and Beasts are both excellent since they only cost me 1 magic stone each. I’m glad I got them early in the game, as they raise my [Attack], [Agility], and [Strength] stats.)

From E-rank onwards, magic stones are required to <Create> summons. Since <Synthesis> also requires magic stones, summons that require complex <Synthesis> require a large number of magic stones. In the case of the Fish, it took me 15 magic stones to <Create> one due to the repeated <Create> and <Synthesis>.

Number of magic stones required per one summon:

  • 1 for Insect
  • 1 for Beast
  • 3 for Bird
  • 5 for Grass
  • 9 for Stone
  • 15 for Fish

(Okay. Come on out, Harami.)

I summon one D-rank Fish for verification.

Then a large salmon with the same design as the card appeared in front of me. It was almost a meter in size. It was whizzing around on the ground.

“This is the most useless thing I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of Denka.”

I couldn’t help but notice that the newly unlocked summon after over two years of grinding turns out to be a fish that couldn’t even move.

This is what it means to be a fish on land.

(For now, let’s try to use its special skill.)

Then the D-rank Fish flapped its body on the ground, spraying glowing water. And then

“Oh! It’s going into the ground! Hmm, my body’s glowing?”

D-rank Fish used its special skill [Splash] and melted into the ground as it dived into the ground. Its dorsal fin and back were slightly visible. It was leisurely swimming on the ground.

When the D-rank Fish had flapped its body to dive into the ground, a splash went up. This splash caused my body to glow faintly.

(The body’s light has subsided. Is there any change?)

I checked my status in the Grimoire.

“Oh, I got an evasion rate!”

In the status column, there was a new display beside the name column.

[Name] Allen {Physical, Magic Evasion Rate Increased}

This is a previously unseen display next to the name field, and the physical and magical evasion rates have been increased.

(Do Fish use buffs? The other summons got splashed earlier. Is it safe to assume that this has an effect on all of my summons within 50 meters of me?)

All the summons I was examining were glowing. This glow seems to have a range up to the D-rank Hollow perching on a tree, so I think the effect has a fairly wide range. 50 meters is often the range, so I expect the range of this effect to be 50 meters as well.

(But this is good. There are times when my summons get hit by a magical beast and get killed. I’ll have to check the duration of the effect. This will help me save a lot of magic stones.)

Allen wanted to analyze his newly unlocked D-rank summons and expand the range of his tactics.

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