God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 30

Translator: Appelot

Editor: Fleur

 Big Disappointment 


 I earned no big wins from the lottery or sports lottery tickets I purchased during the Orc King subjugation. Even if I won, it was only about tens of thousands of yen. The conclusion was that I benefited from vicious moves only in the dungeon when dealing with monsters.

 This was the sad result even though I used a vicious strategy involving a huge crowd to see if I could alter my luck. It looked like obtaining a jackpot in the lottery with my blessing was difficult. It’s been a long time since I was defeated by luck.

 But as long as a YouTober, like either Yokochin or Hamichin, called themselves Orc King, and showed a strong commercial spirit, it just worked out.

 “I’m in a bad mood.”

 What I felt was pointed out by Mayuzumi who was sitting opposite of me. This seemed to be the case based on the expression shown on her face.

 “That’s right. Look. At this.”

 I showed her the number of views on the Orc King-related video uploaded by Yokochin.

 “Over 40 million views.”

 “That’s right. That bastard, thanks to me, he made such a huge profit. Yet, I didn’t make any money.”

 “You became famous.”

 “That’s why information about my blessing circulated. The god of fishing, it changed into the blessing from the god of evil.”

 “Did you know? Shinigami-chan and the villainous man may have a doujin manga.”

 “You didn’t let them draw it, right?”

 “No. It was just a request.”

 “Us together!”

 I stirred the weak highball I was drinking at a family restaurant. I couldn’t get drunk at all. I was just irritated.

 “It’s late! Paisen!”

 It was Wakutsu who came into the family restaurant in a hurry. Mayuzumi opened her eyes wide while looking at him.

 “You’re Shinigami-chan, right? I’m late for greetings! I’m Wakutsu! I’m indebted to Negishi-paisen!”

 “Are you making him serve as your junior?”

 “I’m really a junior at university.”


 Mayuzumi responded as if she was not interested. Yeah, she really seemed uninterested.

 “So what on earth are you doing now, paisen?”

 “Just information gathering. How is this case circulating between explorers?”

 “It’s almost exactly like what is written on the bulletin board. The theory is that Shinigami-chan or paisen were manipulating the orcs with the power of their blessings.”


 “If anything, Yokochin’s Orc King’s name is more exciting as a story! I disliked it at first, but it seems like the manager was a smart person and did a good job of manipulating the story! The number of subscribers on Yokochin’s channel is increasing steadily!”


 “It looks like he will go to the Shenzhen Dungeon in China to fight the Orc Champion! The fight event to decide the strongest orc!”

 “He should die.”

 “Also, Shinigami-chan and paisen have a nice reputation as a good-looking couple.”

 “Details please.”

 Mayuzumi bit into the conversation.

 “It looks like there’s no choice but to watch over Shinigami-chan’s fans because they are chaotic. There are beautiful girls and handsome men.”

 “Are you a fan?”

 When asked by Mayuzumi, Wakutsu wore an ‘of course’ expression.

 “There is also a doujin manga surrounding you both? Did you hear about ‘Shinigami-chan and the Villainous Man’?”


 Mayuzumi laughed.

 “Oh, I just learned about it.”

 “If you don’t want it to be sold out on the net, you may have to line up at the winter comic market.”

 “Don’t want to.”

 “I’ll give you one if you want.”

 “Yes! Do you have one, Shinigami-chan? I envy you!”

 “I will not give it to Wakutsu.”

 “That’s right.”

 “Doujin manga is good. But, are there any rumors in Shinjuku Dungeon?”

 “There are so many things other than those related to the Orc King. Oh, by the way, there was a note that a magic sword appeared at the Monster House on the eighth floor. I don’t know if it’s true.”

 A magic sword? Interesting.



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