The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 74

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Katariona Is Tested by the God of Time

Recently, our daily routine has been to have Tojurou-san train us in the sword in the morning, and then in the afternoon, we spend it as we please. 

Starting today, I will undergo the trials of the Ryu-sama, the God of Time. 

The place designated by Ryu-sama is the castle of the former Marquis de Grandeur. I headed to the designated location with Leon. When I asked Leon why he came with me, he said he was worried. Such an overprotective god.  

“By the way, Sylphy-sama called Ryu-sama a “space-time dragon,” is that his original name?”

“That is the name of his clan.”

I often hear the names of clans such as the red dragons and black dragons, but I’ve never heard of the “space-time dragons”.

“How is the God of Time a space-time dragon when he’s a dragon god like Sylphy-sama?”

“The God of Creation decided that a dragon that can transcend time and space will serve as the God of Time. He was chosen from the space-time dragon clan.”

A dragon that transcends time and space?

I have a lot of questions to ask, but it’s about time for us to reach the designated place.

When we arrived at the ruins of the former castle of the Marquis de Grandeur, Ryu-sama was hovering in the air, waiting for us near the tower where Marion-san’s portrait was located. 

“Oh, Rio, you’re here -pinpororin. Why is Leon with you -pinpororin?”

“Good day, Ryu-sama. Leon is my chaperone.”

Ryu-sama flew towards Leon and lands near the area of his fluffy mane. What a cute combination! It makes me want to just give them a big hug. 

Ryu-sama looked down at Leon as if peering into this face.

“Are you Rio’s father-pinpororin?”

“Shut up!”

I see. Leon’s overprotective nature these days seems to resemble that of Father’s.

“Oh, well. I guess Leon can sit and watch from around here-pinpororin.”

“I am not a dog!”

Leon isn’t a dog, but a lion. Huh? Isn’t he usually a cat? A cat-shaped holy beast? Which one is it? Conclusion. Yeah! He’s a god, right?

“Let’s start the trials right away, Rio-pinpororin.”


Ryu-sama invited me to enter the tower. Eventually, Leon followed along.

“Somewhere in the ruins of this castle is a space reserved for Marion-pinpororin. Your test is to find it-pinpororin.”


I couldn’t understand what his intentions were and couldn’t help but sound dumb.

“There’s a space created by Marion with her Space Magic in the ruins of this castle-pinpororin.”

In other words, the test is to find the space created by Marion-san, right?

“If it’s Space Magic, then Ryu-sama knows where it is, right?”

“I can’t enter it. There’s a special mechanism in Marion’s space-pinpororin.”

Marion-san created a mechanism that even Ryu-sama, who manages all spaces, couldn’t understand. She must’ve been a really amazing person to create a space that even a god couldn’t enter.”

I’m Marion-san’s reincarnation, but I don’t feel like I can use such amazing magic.

“I’ll do my best to find it!”

First, I had to find a space. There’s a trick to finding a space. When there is a space, there will be an entrance that looks like a transparent film. The entrance can only be seen by those who can use Space Magic.

I looked around the place where only the foundation remained, but there was no such thing. 

I had no choice but to return to the tower, where Leon was lying down, who seemed tired of waiting. Ryu-sama was taking a nap buried in the fur around Leon’s stomach. 

“Enough! I’m trying hard to get through this! I just want to bury myself in fluffiness and take a nap!”

I looked at the portrait of Marion-san as if to ask for her consent and saw a slightly bluish film.

“Could it be, maybe that’s the entrance?”

As I reached out my hand towards the portrait after approaching it, I felt as if I were being sucked into a bottomless swamp. Soon I was being pulled further and further into the film membrane. 

“Eh! For real!?”

Just before my entire body was sucked in, I heard Leon and Ryu-sama screaming, “Rio!”

“Leon! Ryu-sama!”

I screamed, desperately calling their names, but it was too late. I was drawn into the space as if lured by it. 

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor. I remembered the moment I touched the wall of the space, I was pulled inside.

“Is this Marion-san’s private space?”

Slowly raising my body up, I looked around. The first thing I saw was a wall full of books. The titles were in the language of Hinoshima. 

It was a study-like room with no doors or windows, and the walls were brightly lit despite being bookshelves.

Could it be from the power of a magic stone?

The space created by Space Magic doesn’t pass time. The magic stones used for illumination must’ve remained intact without deteriorating. 

On the wall of the bookshelves, I saw a book about Forbidden Magic.

Picking up one of the books, I sat down on a nearby chair and started reading. 

“Wow. Marion-san was doing a lot of research on Forbidden Magic.”

There were various documents in the space, including detailed research journals on other magical attributes and how to create magic formulas.

They were all very interesting books, so I became absorbed in reading them. 

I wonder how long I have been doing that. It felt like a long time had passed.

Once again, I looked around at the books on the wall. I haven’t read enough yet, but I will look into all the books here in the future.

I decided to leave the space today and return to Leon and the others. I couldn’t help but want to see Leon more than ever. 

I placed my hand onto the film of the space like I did when I first arrived, and after a lurching sensation, I was pulled out of the space. It’s very different entering a space yourself than when storing things. It’s very uncomfortable. However, since I will be frequently visiting Marion’s space from now on, I’ll have to get used to this feeling.

Ryu-sama always seems to easily waltz in and out of his space, so maybe he has a knack for it. I’ll have to ask him about it when I get back to the other side.

TL Note: I interchanged from using membrane and film when describing the transparent wall around spaces in this chapter. Sorry if that brings any confusion. 


TL: Hope y’all enjoyed! We’re nearing the end of this volume, and soon we’ll be heading into Volume 3~ Can’t wait, and thanks for sticking this far!

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