The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 60

A Creepy sword

After returning to my room from the onsen, I collapsed onto my bed. The kids were currently having a girls’ talk tonight, so I didn’t think anyone would bother me.

In the meantime, management of my territory has started to move, and I’d ordered Theo to think up a new name for the territory.

Clothing, food, and shelter were necessary for daily life. We had plenty of food in storage, so the only things left were clothing and shelter.

For clothing, I vaguely remembered some types of clothes from Earth. I wasn’t an expert by any means, but I could recreate it. All I’d have to do was train some tailors and leave developing new designs to them.

And in order to develop it into an actual business, we’d need a large amount of thread. I’d caught a glimpse of the completed steam engine recently, so it shouldn’t be long before they started developing a spinning machine. 

The problem lay in the types of thread. Flax was the mainstay plant in this world. Actually, there was pretty much nothing but flax. I should look around the marketplace for any cotton or silk. 

As for shelter, The Radoa Woodlands was bountiful in trees and stone, so I wasn’t much concerned with those materials. I was more concerned with manpower; Radol didn’t have enough manpower to begin large-scale cultivation.

If we had construction equipment, or any heavy machinery, really, then we could begin cultivation. Although developing heavy machinery would require beginning development from the engine, nor did I have access to fossil fuels.

The world currently didn’t realize how important fossil fuels were. They didn’t care about obtaining it nor purchasing it, so I should hurry up and start buying the oil fields within the empire. And that would require organizing a search team from my company as quickly as possible.

Lastly were the powerful foes like Blue Beard. I’d been meeting a lot of crazy people from my world, but I couldn’t deny that I’d been jumping straight into the fray so I needed to get my abilities up.

On that note, I decided to analyze my newly acquired title, Human Realm.


I was speechless. The six realms that lead to Buddha, huh. My common sense was being overwritten by fantasy.

Its passive effects were Perfectly Enlightened One and True Crushing Evil and Spreading Truth.

Perfectly Enlightened One bestowed power to those with a strong connection with me. It was probably related to the titles that Stella and the others acquired.

True Crushing Evil and Spreading Truth was an ability for exterminating monsters. It would prove vital to conquering the various ruins and dungeons around the world.

Its special effect, Liberation From Earthly Desires, however, was still in the dark. I guess I’d just have to use it to find out.

“…….I have no idea how to.”

Just like Goblin Slayer, it’d completely fail if you slipped into your subconscious. It was the same no matter how many times I tried. As it stood, all I had gained was the knowledge that I couldn’t use this ability. Maybe there’s some kind of condition for it to activate. I’d just gradually look into it.

Come to think of it, didn’t the Human Realm reconstruct my mind and body? What were the differences?

I analyzed myself.

〇 Grey Millard


  • HP: B (43/100%)
  • MP: S (77/100%)
  • Strength: B+ (96/100%)
  • Endurance: B+ (63/100%)
  • Magic: S (65/100%)
  • Magical Endurance: B+ (87/100%)
  • Agility: A- (35/100%)
  • Luck: B (1/100%)
  • Drop: B (90/100%)
  • Wisdom: ΛΦΨ
  • Growth Rate: ΛΦΨ

〇 Gifts: 

  • Magic Blueprint
  • Analyze Environment
  • Warp Point
  • Eternal Workshop (5% Released)

〇 Race: ――――――

〇 Titles:

  • Brain Monster
  • Goblin Slayer
  • Human Realm

All my stats greatly increased. I should be pretty strong now, but I didn’t have anyone to base it on. I often couldn’t even analyze powerful opponents so there was no comparison to be made. That’d be something to think about for the future.

Anyways, my titles increased by one……or at least they should have.

Hm? What was this?

My Infinite Item Box disappeared and now there was an Eternal Workshop.

I guess I’d check it out.

〇Eternal Workshop: One of the three World Gifts in this world, only wieldable by one who has the title, Brain Monster.

  • All Things Storage (5%) : Able to infinitely store anything besides Rank D beings and below. Time is stopped within.
  • All Things Development (5%) : Using certain materials, is able to create any Rank D or below item.

〇Release Level: 5%

What a broken gift. Its only limit seemed to be in the materials needed to create things.

If I used my drops efficiently, I might even be able to develop some of my coveted tools. Well, it could only create Rank D items and below so I was a bit doubtful of that.

In any case, the Infinite Item Box disappeared. I wondered if the things inside were safe. I put all my money inside that, so it’d be a bit annoying if it’s gone.

Although I was quite sure that it was within All Things Storage……

A deeper look proved my hypothesis correct. As relief washed over me, I spotted something in the corner of my eye.

“Demonic Sword Muramasa? I had something like this?” I tilted my head with doubt as I withdrew it.

“How dirty, I thought I was gonna suffocate,” a middle-aged man’s voice said from within my head.


I creased my eyebrows and looked around, but there was nobody.

“Girl, I’m over here!”

I looked around once again, but there still wasn’t anybody.

“Oh boy. Here, over here. Look, ain’t my body so slender and charming!”

Body? You mean that red sword I’d just taken out that looked like it was taken straight out from a middle-schooler’s wild imagination?

I lowered my sights down to the bed and onto the red sword that was inching about like a caterpillar.

“Woah! Gross! Gross! That’s disgusting!!” I shouted.

There was a sentient sword moving about on my bed. I’d never seen anything so creepy.

“Woah, woah, woah. If ya keep disparaging my cute face like that, I’ll……shit. I’m gettin’ real turned on now.”

Its breathing grew heavy the moment it looked(?) at me.

What was this sword? I had no intention of using it. I have a pressing urge to stuff it in concrete and throw it into a volcanic crater.

“Hey, hey, girl. Lookie lookie, abuse me more!”

Yeah, this pervert would definitely be bad for Stella and the others’ development. I’d have to deal with it here.

I wrapped the squirming sword in Explosive Thread,


And lobbed it outside, where it stuck itself into Sagami Co.’s garden and exploded.

Amidst the explosion, I jumped out of the window and approached the center of the crater.

It was rolling about as if its eyes were spinning in its head. It was spitting on the very existence of swords.

“W-wait a moment! I mighta been foolin’ around too much.”


I paid the sword, which was shaking its scabbard left and right, no heed and began walking closer.

“Just look. Look at my cute eyes! There ain’t another sword as fancy as I!” The sword stood itself up and began trembling.

“So you’re taking on a human face now. But it won’t work on me—all I see is an evil sword.”

“L-look, here’s my eyes and here’s my mouth!”

“I don’t see it. And I don’t care to try.”

Once again, I bound the perverted sword with Explosive Thread.

“Forgive me!! Girl, no Young Lady!!”

How much more would it irritate me?

“Let me tell you something.”

“So you’re forgiving me!”

“I, am a guy.”

“Uh……what? You serious?”


I set off all the explosive threads.




“Ya really be going overboard,” the perverted sword noted. Besides, I didn’t want to hear that from a sword that didn’t get a single scratch from that many explosive threads.

“So? What are you?”

“I’m the holy sword, Muramasa. You can call me Mura-kun!”

The hell with holy sword. It must’ve confused itself with a wicked sword. Yup, it was a wicked sword. It fit perfectly.

Still, there was just one problem. All those explosive threads and not a single wound, so it was not like I could dispose of it.

“Are you my enemy?”

“Finally, the connection’s stable. You’re my master.”

“Master? Like I’m your owner?”

That didn’t make me even the slightest bit happy.

“That’s right. You’re the one who made me, in fact.”

I created Mura (the pervert)? Not in my memories, I didn’t. Which meant it was probably an effect of the Human Realm. No, there wasn’t any other possibility.

Was this pervert supposed to be a representation of my subconscious? How idiotic. That was impossible.

“Boss, you okay?” Judo had been sorting through documents on the first floor but came to the garden where he called out to me in concern.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. Sorry for raising a fuss.” I gave him my gratitude and returned to my room with Mura (the pervert) in hand.

“Hey, do ya have any books with naked people in it?” asked Mura (the pervert).

“I don’t have anything like that.”

“That ain’t no good, Master. You’re going through puberty right now; just the time where ya start to enjoy those kinds of books. Ya gotta be more honest with yourself or—”

While being endlessly lectured by Mura (the pervert), I annoyedly tossed several bare swords onto the ground.

“Here, they’re naked. Knock yourself out.”

“No, that ain’t right. Not these lifeless things. I want ones that sparkle just like this—”

I put Mura’s (the pervert’s) dissatisfied ramblings aside and resumed my thoughts.

T/N – Hi there, I’m Listless. The translator of this novel from now.  I might not be the best but I will try my best to meet readers requirement. As you may have noticed or will notice, there are couple of changes in naming different from different translator. I will either put a note down whenever a name I have modified appear or will make a glossary for that. Well then, enjoy reading.

P.s. – haha, I’m embarassed to say guys but I have accidentally added wrong Chapter , though I have fixed it now.  



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