God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 29

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Fleur

Orc King

*Wakutsu’s POV

 “Haa haa haa.”

The man from Yokochin’s staff running next to me was out of breath. Since he is a shooting staff, it’s impossible to track the Orc King as an explorer, right? I thought to myself. But he was desperately trying to keep up with us. Tamura-san might have been a surprisingly scary person to make his staff go this far.


I heard a voice from behind me and turned around to see Yokochin and Tamura-san.

“Honestly, I’m sorry!”

Yokochin apologized gracefully. As expected! So manly!

Yokochin overtook everyone and took the lead, chasing after the Orc King.

“I was completely caught off guard earlier. I thought it was just an ordinary orc and underestimated it.”

One of the staff members recorded Yokochin’s monologue on a Handycam. Yokochin took off his helmet before I knew it. Does this mean he’s in serious mode?

“He’s definitely the strongest I’ve ever fought.”

Yokochin continued to stare straight at the Orc King’s back.

“I’m going to put everything I’ve got into taking him down.”

A man from the staff walked around to face Yokochin.

“And, win!!”

Uwaaaa! That’s so cool! The explorers around me are on top of their game!

“Yokochin! Wait!”

Tamura-san called out.

“Look at the map! It’s straight ahead, and if you turn left, it’s a dead end!”

“So we’re at the end of the road now?”

“Yes. He can’t get away.”

“Okay. Everybody should slow down. We need to replenish our potions and waters and get ready for battle!”

At Yokochin’s words, everyone slowed down and started drinking water or potions. I took out some water too. I was so nervous that I was thirsty.

A staff member was changing the battery of his Handycam. Tamura-san would reprimand him if he ran out of battery at a critical moment!

“All right, guys? If we turn here, he’ll be there. He’s cunning. He might attack us out of nowhere. I think I’ll go in first with the defensive skills team and myself. Is there anyone from that team here?”

Three explorers answered Yokochin’s call. All of them were strong tanks.

“All right! Let’s go!”

Full of energy, Yokochin, the three Explorers, and the staff began running! I’ll be right behind them!

“Eh!” Multiple explorers called out.

Eh, what happened, what happened! The five people ahead of us were frozen in place behind the corner, shouting.

“What’s going on?”

Tamura-san, who had become the actual boss, asked worriedly.

“No, what can I say? It would be faster if you could see it.”

Everyone peeked over the corner as Yokochin spoke.

“Eh!” Multiple explorers called out.

It’s Shinigami-chan! And there’s a guy. I mean, that’s Negishi-paisen! Why are you two here? Why are you having a picnic on a rug?

“I’m sorry to interrupt your picnic. Have you seen any orcs running this way?”

Yokochin, looking confused, asked, but Shinigami-chan ignored him! Paisen was also playing with his phone the whole time.

“He’s an orc with a cloak and a crown, an Orc King.”

“I don’t know.”

“It can’t be! There’s a whole army after him! Where is he?”

Tamura-san started to get angry! I knew he was scary!

“What are you angry about? Are you hungry? Or is it a woman thing?”

Paisen is stirring! It’s usual paisen! It’s him!

“That’s not possible, you know!!”

“Nana. Apparently, everyone is hungry. Do you have any more sandwiches?”

“There’s a lot.”

“Come on, don’t just stand there, sit down, sit down. Nana, hand out the sandwiches to everyone.”


Wait, wait, wait! What’s going on here? And he’s calling her by her first name! Paisen and Shinigami-chan are on good terms!

“No, we’re, the Orc King…”

He was about to say that when Shinigami-chan’s Death-Size snapped around his neck.

“Won’t you eat my sandwich?”


Yokochin sat down on the ground and started eating the sandwich. Everyone else followed suit and started eating sandwiches too. Tamura-san also sat down and ate.

The group chatter surrounding us suddenly became more lively.

“It’s a cutlet sandwich. It’s good.”

“So, Shinigami-chan can cook.”

“Anyway, who is that guy?”

“He’s a senior at my university.”

“What’s his relationship with Shinigami-chan?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen them together before.”

“I mean, what’s this situation?”

“A picnic! LOL.”

“Well, we’re going now. Everyone seems tired, so take your time.”

Paisen called out to everyone. Yokochin stood up.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, are you sure the Orc King didn’t come here?”

“Ah, by the way.”

As he said this, paisen took out a crown from his magic pouch and put it on Yokochin’s head.

“Is this what you’re looking for?”

Paisen and Shinigami-chan quickly walked away with Yokochin consumed by anger.

Translator’s Thought

Negishi here is so badasss. I’m fangirling Negishi! While Wakutsu is fanboying Yokochin so hard, his Paisen make his idol angry lolll XD




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