White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 30

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The Head of the Caucasus


In the forest outside the Skull Crusher Fortress, an army of monsters was preparing dinner.

The animals seized in the Jackal Village were slaughtered from head by the murlocs, cut into pieces and were put in a pot filled with boiling water, or on a grill to roast them.

The white dragons gathered together for a meeting.

Willy said, “Where did this old guy come from?”

Amos was also very puzzled.

“I have been to Skull Crusher fortress dozens of times, and I have never seen it.”

“Bucky Darkscale! Bring that ogre mage here! He actually concealed such important information!”

Felicia thought it was concealed by the ogre named Huck. She raised her tail, smashing the ground into a shallow hole, and snarled loudly, “I’m going to tear it!”

Elena looked at the frenzied eldest sister, shrinking her neck, lowering her sense of existence.

“Anger can’t solve the problem, my sister.”

Amos put his wings on Felicia’s back, and said in a gentle voice to calm her, “The long river of fate is incomprehensible, and even the gods can’t predict the direction of tomorrow.”

“Thank you, brother, but that ogre should be able to answer our doubts.”

Amos nodded solemnly.

Soon, Bucky Darkscale brought the tied up Ogre Mage.

Felicia saw the ogre mage Huck, and couldn’t suppress her violent rage. She raised her hand to condense a divine powered whip, hitting the Ogre without mercy.

It’s painful!

The ogre rolled on the ground in pain.

Looking at the whipping silhouette flying in the air, Amos’s eyelids jumped.

The first step in the evil dragon interrogation was usually to beat the prisoner half to death, and then ask the questions. As for whether the prisoner could speak after the severe sentence, sorry, this was not within the scope of consideration.

Amos stopped his sister from continuing to fight.

“Say! What are you hiding?!”

Huck cried, and his face was covered in snots and tears, “I’m wronged! Lord Bailong! You used the charm technique during the interrogation. In that state, how could I lie!”

Amos frowned. In the state of charm, it was indeed impossible to tell a lie, unless it was blessed with the same level of magic in advance, but it had no chance to do so.

“Then, how do you explain this? Don’t tell me, you don’t know who it is!”

Felicia said viciously, and at the same time used a Image technique to show the old shaman’s appearance in the air.

Huck saw the image of the old shaman, and he was taken aback for a moment.

 “Great shaman, isn’t it dead?!”

Amos raised his brows, there was a scheme here.

“What happened?”

“This is the great shaman of the previous generation of our clan, who fell ill two years ago and was bedridden. After passing the throne to the new generation of shaman, the chief announced its death. I always thought it had died.”

Amos couldn’t understand why a shaman who had died a long time ago suddenly appeared out of nowhere. On a whim, he enchanted himself with lie detecting skill, and asked, “How many legendary equipment does the Skull Crusher have?”

“Two pieces.”


General small forces had a piece of legendary equipment.. Amos never thought that the Skull Crusher clan had another piece of legendary equipment. Therefore, Felicia, who had the same idea, didn’t ask about this topic.

“What equipment is that?”

 “What’s the effect?”

“How powerful is it?”


Huck looked at the four dragon heads that covered its vision with their bright eyes, and hurriedly said, “It is the head of the Caucasus. After the ancestor Caucasus died in battle more than 10,000 years ago, the people brought back its head. Shamans enshrined it for generations, and it is now a legendary equipment.”

After a while, he said nervously, “As for the specific situation of the equipment, I don’t know. This equipment has always been in charge of the Clan Shaman, and I just heard the Chief accidentally talk about it.”

The Lie Detecting Skill did not respond, proving Amos that what Huck said was true.

The pressure of the legendary equipment with unknown information was like a mountain pressing on the hearts of the white dragons, and the atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

After all, the unknown was the most terrifying.

If they knew the specific information of the Caucasus Skull, the white dragons could be prepared in advance, then they still had the confidence to win, but now….

After a long time, Willy said, “Brother, no matter how powerful you are now, you can’t deal with the old Shaman and Goal-Garu holding legendary equipment at the same time.”

After a pause, Willy said with difficulty, “Let’s retreat. When we all reach the young dragon stage, none of them can run away!”

Giant dragons had very strong self-esteem. It’s okay if they did’t instigate anything. However, after taking action, if they still couldn’t conquer the lowly race in their eyes, but run away desperately, this would become a shame in their hearts for a lifetime.

Amos was silent.

At this time, the murlocs brought the cooked barbecue over, interrupting Amos’s thoughts.

“Advanced dining bar.”

The delicious barbecue in the past was now like chewing wax.

After eating, Amos made a decision and was about to announce his retreat.

“Brother! I thought of a way.”


At night.

Skull Crusher Fortress.

The most central altar in the city.

The altar was a place where the ogres usually paid homage to their ancestors, but no one knew that there was a secret room under the altar, and there was a small altar in the secret room.

In the secret room, the old Shaman and the Ogre Chief stood together, looking up at the altar, a flaming skull with a brazier on each side, and the swaying fire light projected the shadows of the two on the wall.

Ghoul-Garu took the lead in breaking the silence.

“The White Dragon’s army is still stationed outside the city.”

“You failed to scare them away.”

“The battle can not be avoided.”

“Can your body still support a fight?”

The old Shaman sighed, avoiding Ghoul-Garu’s topic.

“Tomorrow, I will fight alongside you.”

The old Shaman expressed his attitude in one sentence.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the dry body of the old Shaman, opened his mouth, but did not speak, and strode towards the door of the secret room.

“Tonight, I will take someone to sneak attack on the siege equipment. If we succeed, you won’t have to die, Great Shaman.”

“Actually, I prefer another name.”

Ghoul-Garu who put his hand on the door was taken aback.

“May the ancestors watch over you.”

“Maon (Grandpa).”

After finishing speaking, he walked out of the door without looking back, leaving the old Shaman alone in the secret room.

The corners of the old Shaman’s mouth raised a gleeful arc.

“Ghoul-Garu, my excellent grandson, you are another two-headed ogre in the Skull Crusher Clan for two hundred years. You are the hope of Skull Crushers to rise again. I will not allow anyone to hurt you.”

At this moment, the faith in the old Shaman’s heart was extremely firm.

It first bowed down to the skull on the altar and then stood up, slowly walking up the altar step by step, respectfully holding the skull in both hands.

“Ancestors! Please shelter us again.”

The old Shaman remembered the white dragon he saw during the day. They were obviously young dragons. The magical energy fluctuations emitted by the leading white dragon was much stronger than his brothers and sisters.


After a long time, he sighed and made up his mind.

“Let’s prepare.”

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