God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 28

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Discovery of Wakutsu

*Wakutsu’s POV

After I walked around the dungeon for about two hours, there was a change in the group chat. ‘I found an Orc King-like creature! But it escaped!’ was what most messages were conveying.

 Looking at the attached map information, there were multiple sightings indicated at points not so far from where I was. It looked like Yokochin was also moving closer to my location because this area was so suspicious. I might really be able to become friends with Yokochin!


 I felt an unpleasant feeling from behind. This wasn’t really a skill per se, but it was something more like an instinct to an explorer like me. Looking back while hiding behind a rock, I could see a shadow moving in the distance.

 I took out a pair of binoculars from my magic pouch and zoned in on the shadow: it was an orc. But! However! It wasn’t an ordinary orc! A cloak and crown! It was the Orc King! Let’s go!

 I stopped myself from screaming and quickly pulled out my smartphone to notify the group chat:

 Discovered the Orc King! Its location is here!

   It really appeared! It’s the orc king!

 Are you still there?

 I’m still there! I’m moving slowly. Everyone should come quickly!

  We’ll arrive soon!

 Explorers began gathering while still chatting. Everyone was quiet so that the Orc King wouldn’t notice. And then the main character appeared. Yokochin! My forehead began sweating, maybe it was because I had moved a lot. The male staff and Mr. Tamura had also arrived.

  (Mr. Tamura) Leave it to Yokochin now! But please help if it 

becomes dangerous! Lol

 After Mr. Tamura sent that message, Yokochin went to stand in front of everyone. Mr. Tamura took out a bow from his magic pouch and aimed it at the Orc King. The Orc King was still about 200 meters away, but if the bow just served to attract its attention, then there was no problem.


 A modest voice echoed, and the next moment, the Orc King turned to us. I didn’t know if the arrow hit it, but I was sure it noticed us.

 “Everyone get ready for battle!”

 Yokochin raised his voice! I readied my short spear to fight! Yokochin was in the front, with about 15 explorers behind as backup. The dungeon walkway was full of explorers.


 By the time Yokochin shouted, the Orc King was just around the corner. Even though it was just an orc, it was really fast! What’s going on?

 “Come on!”

 Yokochin bumped his gloves and threatened the Orc King! Dangerous! This was a familiar scene I’ve seen in one of his videos! This is really it!

 The Orc King wielded his sword and threw it.


 Yokochin dodged the sword thrown by the Orc King, but the Orc King attacked him once again while he was distracted! Yokochin was easily blown away!

 While the explorers around him were taken aback by the unexpected development, the Orc King rushed toward them without hesitation.

 “Take this!”

 A powerful-looking explorer wielding a mace attacked it, but the Orc King easily dodged while twisting his body and hit the explorer with a back blow.


 Two nearby explorers were knocked out by the blown-out mace explorer, furthering the damage spread.

 The Orc King lightly held both legs of the fallen Yokochin and started spinning him on the spot. It was a giant swing. Then, he threw Yokochin at the other explorers.

 About five explorers were blown away by the huge body of Yokochin. It’s already messed up! Our siege completely failed.

 After glancing at the Handycam of a male staff member, the Orc King ran away leisurely.

 “Everyone, chase after it! Yokochin will be okay! I’ll let him follow you after drinking a potion! Please! Chase the Orc King!”

 Alright! This time I’m chasing you, Orc King!

Translator’s Thought

Filling in for Apple. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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