The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 72

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Katariona Unveils the Flowering Tea

I said hello to the three of them who have returned.

“I’m glad you’re back safely. Thank you all for the souvenirs.”

I guess saying, “Thank you for coming back,” would be the most appropriate thing to say, but for some reason, I couldn’t help saying, “Welcome home.” I wonder if it’s because I feel as close as a sister to her.

“It seems that the God of Time has delivered the goods. They’re as fresh as the moment I bought them.”

Chris said, looking at the sweets and nodding in satisfaction. 

I told the three of them that the God of Time had given me magic and that I had named him Ryu. 

“From now on, you can use Space Magic. Then if you increase the amount of your magical power a little more, you will be able to use Transfer Magic as well.”

“Transfer Magic requires a huge amount of magical power, right?”

I asked, a little skeptical of Kikuno-sama’s unexpected words. Marion-san was able to use Transfer Magic. That’s probably because her magical power was close to that of a god. I may be the reincarnation of Marion-san, but I’m not confident that I could use the same power as her.

“Compared to other magic, that might be so. In time, the God of Time himself will give you a test.”

A trial from Ryu-sama? It’s not surprising, since he gave me magic. 

“By the way, what is it that you want to show us?”

That’s right, I haven’t made my tea yet. Marie had said I would prepare the tea, but she gave me the role of presenting the Flowering tea myself.

“I’ll show you now.”

I put the flowering tea into a glass pot and poured hot water over it. The tea leaves opened and a red rose softly blossomed. 

“Oh my, it’s beautiful!”

Chris who sat on the sofa leaned forward and stared at the glass pot. 

“It’s called Flowering Tea.”

“Oh? It’s similar to the flower tea of the Eschen Empire.”

“Do they have the same kind of tea in Eschen?”

“Yes. It is mainly made from Marigold and Lotus flowers. I have never seen it made of rose flowers before.”

“Kikuno-sama looked at the glass pot with great interest.”

I poured the Flowering Tea I had struggled to make into glass cups and handed it out to everyone.

“En. The flavor is different from the flower tea I drank at my sister’s place.”

After taking a sip of the Flowering tea, the corners of Tojurou-san’s mouth curved up.

“How does it taste?”

“It’s delicious!”

Chris smiled like a blooming flower. Kikuno-sama nodded showing she was satisfied.

“I’ve prepared edible flower cakes and the sweets you cave us as a souvenir to go along with your tea.”

Marie took care of the cake.

“I’m glad to see that the flowers bloomed well.”

Before they left for the capital, Kikuno-sama, Chris, and I cultivated the edible flowers in the greenhouse.

Sooner or later, the edible flowers will be cultivated in our territory and shipped to the market.

After blossoming into idle conversation, Tojurou-san informed us about the events in the royal capital.

It seems Her Royal Highness the Queen and the Crown Prince were also preset at their audience with His Royal Majesty the King. As diplomatic relations were involved, my uncle, the Prime Minister, also attended the audience. 

(TL: Audience as in the meeting) 

His Majesty the King was very surprised to learn that Tojurou-san, the famous Sword Saint of the Wind was the son of the Lord of Hinoshima. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and my uncle knew the identity of Tojurou-san but had not reported it to the King. 

(TL: *gasp* treason?) 

A messenger had come from the distant lands of Hinoshima, and after their audience, they were invited to a banquet where they were treated to a grand reception. 

“The king has a gentle personality, doesn’t he.”

“Yes, he does. The queen is a very down-to-earth woman, too.”

His Majesty the King of our country is an excellent ruler. He has a gentle personality, but also the sternness of a king, and he rules well. Her Royal Highness, as Kikuno-sama said, is a very down-to-earth person. She regularly visits orphanages and hospitals and is highly supported by the people. 

“Did you also attend the audience, Chris?”

“I was only with them for dinner. I wasn’t allowed to attend the audience, so I watched through the hidden window.”

Ah, the hidden window above the throne room.

At first glance, it’s just a decoration, but it’s actually a hidden window that gives a panoramic view of the audience room. I know the location of it because Chris led me to it in my previous life. It’s a secret place only known to the royal family. 

“As for the diplomatic relations, it was officially approved as a viable way of establishing a relationship between the two countries.”

“The Queen was also in favor of it.”

Her Royal Highness was a former duchess and daughter of the former Prime Minister. She is the same age as my mother, and the two of them had been close since they were children. They were as close as Chris and I are now. …… They had talked about the possibility of marrying each other’s children in the future. In my previous life, I became the fiancée of the Crown Prince, and His Majesty the King and Her Royal Highness the Queen loved me like a daughter.

“My brother had an indescribable look on his face, but he couldn’t say anything.”

Chris said with playfulness at her amusement of seeing her brother’s funny expression.

“My, I would’ve liked to have seen the face of Dumbcrap…..His Royal Highness at that moment.”

Maire smiled, looking a little bit wicked. She probably remembered the warning by the butler to not call him Prince Dumbcrap.

“Marie, you’re being rude in front of Chris, his sister.”

“Oh, it’s fine. He really is a stupid brother of mine.”

Chris said, waving her hand at Marie’s reluctance.

“Oi! Don’t change the subject. Let’s talk about the diplomatic relations. First of all, it’s been decided that Kikuno and I will become teachers at the Magic Academy three years from now.”

Tojurou-san seemed unhappy that the conversation went down a rabbit hole and turned into the topic of the Crown Prince. 

“Eh!? That’s the year Chris and I will enter the Magic Academy, right?”

“Hou. Does that mean they will welcome you, people from another country, to the Magic Academy?”

Leon, who had been silent until then, broke his silence. I thought he was preoccupied with eating, but he seemed to have listened carefully. 

“I don’t want to be a teacher either, but it’s a matter involving national interests. So it can’t be helped.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

In the Kingdom of Findalia, there has never been a precedent of employing a person from another country in a national institution. That just goes to show how much effort they want to put into diplomatic relations with Hinoshima. 

“I see. Will this be officially approved by the government? Won’t this be convenient for us?”

Having so many allies was certainly reassuring. If Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama are teachers at the Magic Academy, then when Charlotte takes action, we can respond quickly. 

“Even so, Kikuno-sama is amazing. You are so young, and yet you are doing a splendid job of handling the diplomatic affairs.”

“In Hinoshima, whether you’re a child or an adult, if you’re capable, you’ll be given a job. Kikuno was the same age as Yurie when she started helping with diplomatic work.”

It seems that Kikuno-sama played a role in the marriage between the emperor of the Eschen Empire and Toujurou-san’s sister. Even if you deduct the fact that she is a former god, Kikuno-sama is excellent.

“That’s amazing. After graduating from the Magic Academy, our country is also a meritocratic society, but I doubt anyone has been working since childhood. Well, of the nobles, that is……”

If your family has a business, or if you are a farmer’s child, you might help out with the family business. The children of noble families however do not belong to any government institution until they graduate from the Magic Academy.

“Oh? Yurie is collaborating with Laura and is also working with Chris on the crops with me, right? You’re doing a great job.”

“It’s because of the help and cooperation of adults like Kikuno-sama and Laura.”

I’m happy to receive Kikuno-sama’s praise, but I’m still a child now. I can’t work without the help of adults.

“Yurie is very humble, isn’t she?”

“When someone praises you, you can just be honest, and be happy like a child.”

“Let’s just be happy right now.”

Chris said, forcefully grabbed my hand, and raised her hands saying, “Wow!” Is it okay for me to be happy?


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