White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 29

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Old Shaman

Amos scanned the battlefield below, and the monster army and trebuchets were ready to go on a rampage.


The sound amplified by magic reached the ears of the murloc commander.

The Old Blind beckoned to the snail trumpeter on the side, and it raised its head and blew the snail horn in its hand.

woo~ woo~ woo~

The monster army immediately started to move. The trolls picked up the heavy stone bullets and put them into the trebuchet’s bullet net. The Jackal man on the side pulled down the launch lever, as the trebuchet shook and suddenly bounced, and the stone bullets were thrown out by inertia.


Twenty trebuchet were launched at the same time, and twenty stone bullets of about 50 kilograms crossed in a parabola, forming a barrage to attack the ogres.

The Ogres hurriedly huddled behind the battlements, half of the stone bullets fell into the city, smashing the earthy huts of Ogres, and a cloud of dust was raised in the city barring the visions of everyone.

Half of the stone bullets hit the castle wall, smashing the spot into a cracked shallow hole, and the Ogres felt that the entire castle was trembling.

A few stone bullets happened to hit the tower, and an ogre couldn’t dodge it. The stone bullet flew over it and hit the battlement, leaving a pool of bloody rotten flesh on the wall.

Woo ~ Woo ~ Woo ~

The trumpets sounded again. 

The caster troops advanced in an orderly manner and walked into the phalanx of Murlocs shield guards. Three shield guards protected one caster, surrounding the caster tightly.

The caster enchanted the shield guards with magic, and the shield guards felt full of power. The surface of the turtle shell shield in their hands was covered with a layer of water, which would weaken the impact on the shield and greatly improve the overall survivability. 

After the preparation, the team began to approach the castle walls.

A steady stream of stone projectiles arrived from the rear, and the attacks of the trebuchet never stopped.

As the caster troops came into range of the Ogres, the Ogre defenders stood up under the risk of being hit by the stone projectiles, roaring and throwing the wooden spears in their hands, forming a dense rain of spears.

The wooden spears were thrown by the brute force of the ogres, and the impact force was no less than 100 mph. They hit the shields in the hands of the shield guards, breaking the water, and slid to the side by the sleek turtle shell falling on the ground. The shield guards steadied themselves, and continued to advance.

But the O Awwwgres on the walls were hit by stone bullets, one or two that didn’t die were missing arms or legs, and blood kept spurting out from their wounds, staining the ground, as they wailed in pain.

After hardly resisting two rounds of attacks, the castle wall was finally within the magic range. The shield guards lifted their shields diagonally next to each other to form an airtight shield wall. The caster was protected by the shield wall and sent out waves of magic at the wall.

The high-ranking professionals among the Ogres could not sit still, and five or six particularly strong ogres stood up, picked up their spears and threw them down at the shield guards.

The power of high-level professionals and ordinary Ogres was worlds apart. The shield guards’ arms were numb, struggling to hold on.

Some shield guards’ defenses were broken by the powerful impact force and they lost their combat effectiveness. The shield guards at the rear hurried forward to fill the vacancy and drag the wounded to the rear for treatment.

The Ogre Chief raised a large rock and smashed it against the murloc shield wall with all his strength. An icy arrow flew in the sky, intercepting the rock in the air.

Ghoul-Garu raised his head to meet Amos’s cold eyes, knowing that this white dragon would not let himself destroy the shield wall, and simply stared at Amos.

At that time, a stone bullet fell towards Ghoul-Garu. The Ogre Chief was extremely depressed, and raised his hand with an axe to split the stone bullet in half, and the stone bullet fell weakly from the wall.

The Ogre Chief raised the axe in his hand, waving provocatively at Amos, and turned to walk below the wall.

Amos narrowed his eyes. This ogre’s IQ was not low. He inferred that it had already understood its strategic purpose and had seen through the consumption plan of the monster army, so it dared to go downstairs.

‘But, I haven’t even rested yet, so how can I let you go?’

Amos gave a nasty smile. He hurriedly muttered some inaudible words, and the water vapor around him condensed into four ice balls with a diameter of 2 meters, and smashed at the ogre on the castle wall.

Ice Blast!

Ghoul-Garu walked halfway downstairs, and suddenly felt a strong wave of magical energy in the air. He roared and jumped up the city wall from the stairs.

It just saw four ice bombs coming in and quickly casted a spell to intercept two ice bombs. For the remaining two, one was intercepted by other ogres, and the other was too far away. Ghoul-Garu could only watch it fall.

The ice ball hit the tower and exploded, scattering large chunks of ice, which were embedded in the body of the ogres within 5 meters.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the injured people who fell to the ground. Even if they were not dead, they had lost their combat powers. It roared and cursed at Amos in anger.

Amos looked at the ogre jumping with anger, flicked the dragon’s horns with his dragon claws, and happily flew in the sky, singing pop music of the earth, and continued to molest the ogre chief.

I like the way you don’t like me.

But I can’t get rid of my appearance.

Ghoul’s eyes were red with anger, and his nostrils were breathing heavily. Garu also enchanted himself with a flying technique, and desperately wanted to fight the dragon in the sky.

Seeing Ghoul-Garu was about to fall into the trap of the white dragon, a white magical energy shooted out from behind, and hit it. As soon as the Ogre Chief left the ground, its flying skills were dispelled by the white light, and it fell to the ground embarrassingly, almost falling down.

Amos’s pupils shrank, and he looked at the back of the Ogre Chief solemnly.

An old Ogre walked up to the city wall tremblingly. Its dry body barely had any flesh. It was wearing a gray cloak made of bird feathers. It had a pale skull wand in its hand, and it also carried a string of small skull necklaces around its neck.

This was an old Ogre Shaman who was half step into heaven. It exuded strong magical energy fluctuations. In the eyes of Amos, the magical elements gathered around it were as bright as light bulbs. Although it had not reached the legendary level, It was not that far.

But looking at its current appearance, it was estimated that there would be no chance to break through the legend realm in its whole life.

Ghoul-Garu turned to see the old Shaman, his anger subsided, and it nodded to the old shaman.

“Your Excellency Shaman, why are you here?”

The old Shaman didn’t say anything, and continued to move forward. When passing by the injured ogres, a burst of milky white magical energy gushed from the skeleton staff in his hand, flowing between the injured ogres, and the bleeding wounds healed quickly. Some who were slightly injured even stood up directly.

Facing the flying stone bullets, the old shaman formed a powerful magic field, and the stone bullets within 10 meters around it were directly bounced off.

It walked to the forefront of the city wall step by step, looking at the white dragon in the sky without sorrow or joy, like a wise man who saw through everything.

Amos frowned upon seeing it, this old Shaman was very dangerous.


The monster army began to retreat, retreating to the edge of the forest, and the white dragons looked at each other.

“We will have to think long and hard about this.”

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