Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 18

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Mixed Baths, Kiss and Summoning

“Master~! We made you wait!!”

The door opened with a bang, and Youko entered the spacious bathhouse. She was stark naked, but she didn’t even attempt to hide her body.

Ah, no, I wasn’t waiting for you though….

She was brazenly flaunting her voluptuous curves, and I unwittingly saw them, but for some reason, I wasn’t even remotely aroused.

As I thought, modesty was still important, right?

“Please excuse us!” ( Mai and Mei)

“Fufu, I also came.” (Leaffa)

“Uwu, sorry Halt-sama. They found out…”

Tina apologetically entered behind Mai, Mei and Leaffa. 

These four were covering their bodies with towels, but they were loosely guarded, so I could see the important parts as they walked towards me. They perfected the art of letting someone peep!!

Leaffa and the rest of them had returned as Tina was preparing, and they found out that she would take a bath with me, so they all tagged along.

“Come now, Luna, hurry up and enter, meow!”

“No, Merdie, I can’t do this, as I thought.”

“Give up, Luna. Here we go!”

“ — Kyahh!”

Merdie was pulling Luna’s hand, but she didn’t want to move, so Hakua pushed her from behind.

Even if she was going easy on Luna, that was still a dragon’s push. Luna was really light, so she was blown away towards me.

I stood up and used wind magic to soften her impact as I caught her.

“Hakua! That’s dangerous!”


“You should apologize properly to Luna, too.”

“Luna, sorry.”


Luna’s voice tapered off.

She had been pushed with that much of a force, so I was worried that she might have hurt her back, so I looked down at her as I carried her princess style in my arms —

Luna hastily tried to cover her globes and lady parts with a crimson face. She seemed fine.

So she was the type to look slender when covered in clothes, huh…

Her melons were not as huge as Leaffa’s, but they looked really soft as they peeked underneath Luna’s hand.

“Halt, I’ll take care of Luna, she’s really shy.”

Merdie took Luna from my arms. Merdie was also in the nude, of course. There was no way she could hide her privates while carrying Luna.

Merdie’s tanned skin had a healthy glow in it, and her twin peaks and butt were not big but firm and shapely.

 Everybody came to take a bath, so I also submerged my body once again.

Yeah, now that I think about it, it was the first time that I saw Luna’s bare body — and I had hugged her while both of us were in the nude.

It was just a moment, so I didn’t really remembered it, but I had a feeling that her body was super soft.

“Please excuse me.” (Tina)

“Master’s right side is mine! Early bird takes the worm!”

“Ah, that’s so sneaky of you, Youko!”

Tina, Leaffa and Youko finished washing their bodies, so they entered the bath.

Tina clung to my left arm.

Youko was on my right.

“Is it fine if we join, too?” (Mai and Mei)

“You can just stick to whatever is vacant.” (Youko)

“Hey, why are you deciding things on your —” (Halt)

Mai and Mei also entered, and Youko just arbitrarily gave them permission, so Mai went to a spot diagonally on my right, behind me, while Mei took the left spot.

I was surrounded by five gorgeous girls and women.

Soft things pushed on my arms and back.

Urk, so…soft…. Feels heaven…

“E-excuse me.” (Luna)

“I’ll also enter, meow~” (Merdie)

“Ah, it’s a bit hot!” (Hakua)

The last three girls also entered.

The hot water was a little bit opaque, so Luna decided that it was less embarrassing to enter than stay outside.

She went to a spot a bit farther from us, and submerged her body up to her shoulders.

The bathtub was huge, so Luna could also stretched her body without sticking to me, and I envy her a bit.

Well, there’s no way I wasn’t happy that beauties were sticking to me, of course.

“Luna, we’re already here, so better come here with us, meow!”

“Yup yup!”

“Ah, no, I….”

Merdie and Hakua pulled Luna and forcefully pushed her towards me.

These guys didn’t learn their lesson earlier, it seemed.

I was about to warn them, but Luna inched towards me voluntarily.

“…Halt, you don’t dislike this?”

“Clinging to me? No, it’s fine.”

Heavenly, even.

“Is that so, then…”

Luna went in front of me and circled her arms on my neck.

Eh, w-what, why so suddenly!?

I was shocked when Luna suddenly became so daring.

“Ah! That’s cheating, meow!” (Merdie)

“Stick, stick!” (Hakua)

“Luna, please change with me afterward, okay.” (Leaffa)

“We also want to be in front!” (Mai and Mei)

Merdie and Hakua also hugged me the same way as Luna. Leaffa, Mai and Mei clung to me closer, too.

Ugh, this is bad..major bad.

My little Halt that I’ve been controlling with magic was on the verge of going on a rampage.


There was a bit of space between Luna and me, and she was staring at me with bedroom eyes. 

It seemed like she was asking for a kiss.

“Ah, that’s a no. I, the legal wife, must be first!”

Tina pulled Luna’s arm and separated her from me.

“Then, I’m the second, since I also married Halt.” (Leaffa)

“Then I’ll be the next after that.” (Youko)

Eh, did this mean I would kiss everyone…


“Hm? What is it?” (Youko)

“I’m the first one to befriend Halt among the class!” 

Luna usually kept her opinions to herself, but she protested this time around to what Youko said.

“Master, is that true?”

“Yup, I became friends with Luna before I became acquainted with everyone.”

Tina and Leaffa were the only ones I legally married, so I didn’t have any plans of favoring anyone among the rest.

If we’re going to kiss by following the order of becoming friends, then Luna should be the third.

“Hmpf, then I’m fourth.” 

“I’m fifth, and” 

“I’m sixth, okay.”

Youko was fourth, Mai fifth, and Mei sixth.

“I’m seventh, meow!”

“I’m eight!”

Hakua nonchalantly declared that, but I never kissed her before. Hey, did she know what she’s talking about?

Hakua looked like a five-year old kid, but she was already a more than a hundred-year old dragon.

So there should be no problem.

…None, right?

“The order has already been decided, so I will go first —”

Tina tucked her hair behind her ears and closed her eyes as she puckered those luscious lips towards me.

It was embarrassing being watched by everyone, given this proximity, but….

I could only kiss her, right?

My heart was racing faster than ever as I inched closer to kiss Tina.


A sudden tugging sensation flowed within me, as if my body was forcibly being pulled. The teleportation that I attached to Seira was trying to summon me.

In short, Seira was in a tough spot!

“Sorry, everyone! Seira is in danger!!”


Seira supposedly left the Holy City, and something might have happened.

At any rate, it was a fact that she was asking for help!

I hurriedly stood up from the bath and strode towards the dressing room. I didn’t manage to respond immediately to the summons, so a flaming knight should be there right now, trying to buy me some time.

However, it was a situation where Seira had to ask for help despite being with Elmia, the captain of the holy knights, so I couldn’t let my guard down.

I hastily put on my clothes then teleported to where Seira was.

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