God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 27

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Wakutsu’s Adventure

*Wakutsu’s POV

 “Oh! They’re nicely gathered.”

 More and more people, actually a lot of people, were moving around the sixth floor. I think there were more than 50 people. Were all these explorers gathered for the hunt notice posted on the bulletin board? What serious enthusiasm they were showing. I myself couldn’t wait.

 “Whoa, it’s Yokochin!”

 The famous explorer YouTober, Yokochin, was equipping himself with a helmet that had an action camera attached. He was good at fighting monsters with his bare hands, this was a famous series of his that he hosted. The video of his fist fight against an ogre without a guard exceeded 10 million views, and I had seen it many times.

 There were staff-like men and women surrounding Yokochin, and Handycams were also around. Apparently, he was really going to record today’s unique hunt. This is getting fun!

 “Everyone! My name is Yumi Tamura, the manager of Yokochin! Today, I would like to commence the subjugation of the Orc King, whom we received information about on this floor! I would like to invite those who can cooperate to a group chat. Please come to me!”

 This! A chance to get acquainted with Yokochin! I wanted to get as close to Mr. Tamura as possible! I hurried to Mr. Tamura’s spot.

 After squeezing through the crowd, Mr. Tamura registered me as a friend on the “Let’s Go for an Adventure!” app, and I was able to join the group chat. Now I can DM Tamura-san at any time!

 “Those who joined the group chat are free to start exploring! However, if you find the Orc King, please send the location information through the group chat! Yokochin will come then! Then we’ll all gather together! Those who find it of course will be paid a reward!”

 Well, giving up a unique monster. Of course, I have to get the reward! I’ll look for it. I’ll find the Orc King myself!

 I starred places where other explorers were not likely to go, and then proceeded forward steadily. I would probably encounter ordinary orcs, but if it was one-on-one, I would not be left behind. I didn’t want to use skills, though. I had to save my skills in case I encountered the Orc King.

 “I’m in good shape today!”

 I went through the dungeon in a short run while defeating some orcs. I would periodically check the status of other explorers through my smartphone, but there was no information on the Orc King in the group chat.

 “Okay! I’ll really find it and become a celebrity!”

Confidently, I went on ahead. Now, come at me, Orc King!

Translator’s Thought

It’s really nice when we read Wakatsu’s POV, it’s quite interesting reading the story from other characters point of view. Yokochin, Youtober, we’re seeing quite new things and people now. :}


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