White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 28

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The next morning.

Looking at the scared, drooling Ogre with a weird smile on the ground, and at the triumphant Felicia holding a whip next to him, the White Dragon Lord had a strange expression, and his head turned to the restless Bucky Darkscale.

“What happened?”

Bucky glanced timidly at Felicia, and explained, “Master …”

After Bucky’s explanation, Amos learned that this Ogre was a hard one, and was destroyed by Felicia’s use of chaotic ways (confusing people’s minds), keen senses, healing skills, and whip.

Amos: “Emmm …”

Under Felicia’s severe torture, Hucker the Ogre confessed to everything. Amos was not surprised. Tiamat, the mother of the evil dragon who chastised the evil camp, was cruel and cunning. And it was known to thousands of planes. Felicia was her priest and her interrogation method needed no explanation.

Looking at Felicia who had gone away humming a sweet song, Amos was a little worried. 

This big sister wouldn’t just awaken some strange hobby, right?!

Amos glanced at the abandoned Ogre Mage on the ground with pity and sympathized with his misfortune.

“Find a Priest to treat him.


At noon.

Willy looked at the Skull Crusher Fortress at the end of the passage, then glanced at the passage full of wooden stakes, and it frowned.

It was easy to cut trees, but digging the roots was very troublesome.

“Amos, trebuchets can not pass on such a road.”

Amos looked back at the trebuchet outside the forest, and said faintly, “Leave it to me.”

The White Dragon Lord flew over the army, with his expressionless face, and looked at the Skull Crusher Fortress at the end of the passage, and enchanted himself with a series of buffs.

Light body spell!

Elemental affinity!

Advanced agility!

The lightness made Amos feel that even if he stopped flapping his wings, he would not fall from the mid-air.

It’s time!

The White Dragon Lord blessed himself with sound-enhancing magic and roared.

“My servants!”

“We are invincible!”

His huge nostrils violently sucked air into the lungs, forming two white streams in the sky. Amos’s chest expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his lungs were filled with air.

Amos fiercely sprayed an icy blue dragon’s breath into the passage below, while flapping his wings at the same time, and a cone-shaped air appeared on his head filled with sound, as an explosion sounded into the ears of the monster army. Amos’ speed had broken through the sound barrier.

He exhaled and flew, covering the passage with a thick layer of ice, and the trees on both sides were also covered with a layer of frost, and bursts of white smoke filled it.

After a short while, the surrounding trees swayed like a tumbler under the airwave driven by the dragon’s wings.

At the city gate, the Ogre watching the enemy’s situation saw the white dragon from far to near in the blink of an eye and fled in panic.

Before the aggressive Amos hit the city gate, he swept across the city gate spewing dragon breath, freezing the dark wooden gate, and at the same time swept a few unlucky ogres on the wall. Their time was frozen forever in a moment of flight.

The panicked expression on their faces and the foot they lifted while escaping were like the masterpieces of the most brilliant lifelike ice sculptures. They were fixed on the frozen city wall, exuding a strong chill, freezing people’s hearts.

The words of White Dragon Lord still echoed in their ears, and the army looked dumbfoundedly at the ice sculptures created by Amos, and it took a long time for them to regain their wits as they burst into enthusiastic cheers.

A Murloc jumped onto the tall rock and blew the conch in his hand.

In the clear and loud horns, the Murloc army formed a square formation and walked neatly on the ice road. Two trolls were in a group, pulling the trebuchet with a rope to walk in the middle of the team. The pace of the army was not fast but they were all unwavering.

The Ogre on the city wall looked at their comrades wrapped in ice in front of them, and the monster army approaching in the distance. They became desperate, and fear spread rapidly like a plague.

At that time, Ghoul-Garu took firm steps, slowly, step by step up to the city wall, his fingers had recovered, holding a battle-axe in one hand, and a staff in the other, looking around the wall with a solemn expression. There was a pin drop silence, and no Ogre dared to look at each other under the fierce aura of the Chief.

Garu: “Glory! Heirs of the Caucasus!”

Garu: “Now is the moment of life and death for the Skull Crusher Clan!”

Garu: “We cannot sit around and Wait!”

Goul roared: “No!”

Garu: “What are we going to do?!”

Gul: “Crush them!”

Garu roared, “Shut up! I didn’t let you answer! You idiot!”

Goul: “?? (◣д◢)??.”

Garu: “#*&#$¥!”

Amos hovered in the air in front of Skull Crusher Fortress. He saw the two heads of the two-headed Ogre Chief arguing with black lines all over his head.

Goul-Garu happened to look at the scene, and stopped arguing,

It kicked on the ass of the ogre watching the excitement.

“Hurry up, all of you go prepare stones and throw spears! You idiots!”

Facing the furious Chief, the Ogres crawled down the wall to prepare supplies.

Bundles of sharpened wooden sticks and large stones were carried up the city wall in an orderly manner.

Amos looked at the busy Ogres below, thinking that even if the elite troops were annihilated in the jungle, the more than a thousand Ogres remaining should not be underestimated.

Ogres, no matter men or women, young or old, were strong warriors when they picked up weapons. Ogre women had no secondary sexual characteristics. They all wore loin-clothes, and one couldn’t distinguish men and women from their appearance. Adding up all the Ogres in the fortress, their combat effectiveness was even stronger than that of the elite troops.

Moreover, after yesterday’s battle, the monster army suffered heavy losses, and the followers’ army alone nearly had a casualty of hundred.

Except for the transcendental combat power, the ordinary combat power of the white dragon side was not dominant, so to prevent the Ogres from going out of the city desperately, Amos deliberately sealed the only gates of the fortress.

Amos planned to adopt a strategy to siege the city. With top battle force blocking the city gates, and ordinary troops attacking the fortress without breaking the gate, it would consume the Ogre’s physical strength and supplies.

Even if the Ogres knew the white dragon’s strategic intentions, there was nothing they could do with the white dragon blocking the gate.

In this way, the losses in this battle are minimized and the benefits were maximized.

After some time passed, and the monster army had set up a battle beyond the range of the Ogres. Rows of Murloc shield guards stood at the forefront of the team, holding the bronze-backed turtle shells to act as shields.

Behind them was a fragile force of Spellcasters, and two rows of twenty trebuchets. Each trebuchet stood beside a troll. A group of 3 Murlocs worked together to roll the stone bullets to the trebuchet while the troll stacked it into a pyramid shape.

On the twenty-meter-high city wall, the Ogre and a few wolves held wooden spears together, watching the monster army nervously.

Four white dragons flew in the air, as ordinary Ogres couldn’t jump over the walls without hurting themselves, but this did not hinder the strong Ogres. To prevent the strong Ogres from jumping over the wall and looking for opportunities to destroy the trebuchets, the white dragons had to stay vigilant.

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