White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 27

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The Legendary Staff

Amos looked back at the chaotic battlefield.

The Chief’s escape caused the Ogre army to collapse. The few conscious Ogres had run away and were chased or either killed by the experts of the White Castle.

An army of Murlocs surrounded the violent demented Ogres and stabbed them with spears used to deal with large creatures. The Ogres quickly fell into a coma.

The overall situation was set in stone.

Amos carefully looked at the dark wooden stick in his hand; this was the first time he had seen Legendary equipment.


[Name]: Caucasus’s Battle Staff·Inheritance.

[Introduction]: 13,000 years ago, facing the unrivalled army of the abyss, the continental coalition led by the elves gathered Nordhill’s best craftsmen, and urged them to dedicate weapons for the outstanding warriors. Among all the tailor-made exclusive equipment, one was for the legendary Ogre Chief Caucasus. Caucasus used this staff built by the coalition forces to kill 5 Balo Balo before and later, won the title of Balo Balo Slayer.

[ED: Balo Balo is some creature from the abyss]

Staff comes with magic:

[Bloodlust Technique]: A bloodthirsty art that exerts legendary Bloodlust effects on the staff holder; cooldown time: 3 days.

[Great Dissociation]: Releases a Great Dissociation spell to destroy any creature hit by the staff; Cooldown time: 7 days.

[Summon Spirit]: Summon an ogre spirit of the same level as the spell caster, with the highest strength being legendary; cooldown time: 3 days.

[Legendary Toughness]: The staff will not be easily damaged.

[Bloodline inheritance]: The staff can only be used by descendants of Caucasian blood.

Amos looked at that inheritance staff with disappointment. The enchantment of this equipment was brutal, and it was also of the highest grade in the Legendary equipment. It had two and a half Legendary magics that could be triggered automatically (the summoning of the heroic spirit could only be counted as half.)

But, because of the [Bloodline Inheritance] unless the staff was recast, this legendary equipment was reduced to a wooden stick for street fights.

Amos could use only the passively triggered dissociation technique. This was also the most precious and amazing enchantment for this piece of equipment. The constant level of enchantment was more difficult than most legendary spells.

 [Divine Gift][Constant] and [Legend] were also called the three pinnacles of enchanting skills.

Among them [Divine Gift] was so mysterious that no one knew its specific effects. [Constant] could turn the additional active skills on the equipment into passive triggers, and did not require cooldown time. [Legend] could increase the power of ordinary magic to the Legendary level.

It was with the blessing of the legendary bloodlust technique that Goul-Garu could temporarily suppress the white dragon in terms of strength.

It took a lot of magic power to display the super magic skills, and they were enchanted by the equipment. The difficulty of the craft was even higher than that of ordinary enchantment.

The Ogre spirit disappeared the moment Amos took the staff, and the dragon siblings who had lost their opponents flew over to check the situation.

They landed around Amos, and found the staff in his hand at a glance, swallowing saliva in their mouths, and a look of greed appeared in their eyes, but they quilled it.

Amos nodded secretly, collecting treasures was the nature of dragons. Dragons could be said to have no resistance to Legendary equipment. How the dragon siblings could adjust their mentality so quickly, it was beyond Amos’s expectation.

Amos put away the unused staff.

“Wow, Amos, are you hurt?!”

Elena exclaimed, who had just recovered from the attraction of the legendary equipment.

Felicia and Willy also noticed the broken scales on Amos’ tail. This was the first time they saw their powerful brother wounded.

Amos turned his tail in front of him to take a look. There was a small scale dented and cracked on the side of the tail, and hot blood was leaking out of it. This was the price paid to fight with the Ogre spirits.

Felicia’s hands lit up with a gentle white light.

It was a secondary healing technique commonly used by priests.

Compared with the rapid advancement of Amos Mage’s professional level, the dragon siblings would be much slower. After all, the higher the professional level, the more difficult it was to breakthrough.

In fact, Felicia was also considered a genius among the white dragons. She had risen to level 5 in around eight years. She was currently a level 6 Priest. Elena and Willy were level 3 Druid and level 3 Warrior, respectively.

After receiving Felicia’s treatment, Amos felt an itching in the wound, and the broken scales no longer oozed blood.

Amos nodded to Felicia. This small injury didn’t need treatment, but his sister’s kindness needed to be acknowledged.

He flew over at the end of the battlefield and issued a few stunning spells to deal with the remaining Ogres.

Under the rainstorm in the air, Amos scanned the battlefield, all the Ogres had passed out, lying on the ground, wounded, wailing, and clutching their wounds.

“Scouts! Tie up all the living Ogres, and the others treat the wounded.”

“Old Blind, let the transport team speed up the progress! I want to see the results by noon tomorrow!” 

“Old Jimmy, the trebuchets are ready to go, you lead the team to inform and escort them!”

“Bucky Darkscale, you are responsible for holding prisoners of war and opening their mouths. I want to know all the information about the Skull Crusher Fortress!”

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

While Amos was giving the order, Felicia thoughtfully looked at the severed finger on the ground, picked it up and put it away.

In the afternoon, the heavy rain that lasted for two days finally stopped.

Sunlight sprinkled light beams through the scattered clouds and shone on the vast forest. After the rain, the leaves were verdant, and the moist air was filled with a scent of mud mixed with the fragrance of grass. It was a pity that the tragic battlefield had destroyed this beauty.

On the battlefield highlighted in the green forest, broken trees fell across the scorched grass, traces of blood remained in the soil, and the corpses on the ground had been buried on the spot, forming small bags of soil.

According to the normal evil dragon’s practice, all dead bodies should be used as food for the followers, but due to the influence of his previous life, Amos didn’t like this.

The dragon siblings were also accustomed to Amos’s abnormal behaviour, and others dared not disagree with the decision of the white dragon lord, and could only follow the will of Amos and bury all the corpses.

“Will you confess or not?!”

In the intact woods on the side of the battlefield, Bucky Darkscale was interrogating the Ogre hanging from the tree with a whip in one hand and a candle in the other hand. He was the Ogre-Mage Harker, the top-level expert among the prisoners of war.

Harker turned his head in disdain, the Ogre didn’t care to entertain the Black Scaled Murloc.

Bucky’s face became more gloomy, and he raised his hand and whipped on the Ogre, making a red mark.

The Ogre was furious, swinging left and right, opening his mouth wide, trying to jump forward and bite the nasty Murloc to death.

Bucky raised the whip in his hand and was just about to tidy up the unlawful Ogre and let it face reality.

“This won’t work, let me.”

Hearing the familiar voice coming from behind, Bucky turned to salute.

“Your Royal Highness, why are you here?!”


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