God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 24

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

 Misato Gojo’s Adventure

* Misato Gojo’s POV


When I activated my [Pierce] skill and thrust the rapier into the orc’s throat, the sword tip easily pierced it’s neck. I quickly sheathed the rapier and stepped back.

 Mr. Kubota, who played the role of a tank, held his large shield to cover me. Orcs are monsters with strong vitality. Kubota was very alert.

Blood seeped from the orc’s neck. The orc collapsed, and after a while, it turned into smoke, leaving behind some magic stones.

“Gojo-san, nice!”

“Misato did it!”

Kubota and Sakura cheered for me. It was kind of embarrassing. It was the two of us who set this strategy up, even though I was the one chosen to pierce it. This was by no means a one-person victory.

We were now challenging the sixth floor. We cleared the fifth floor last weekend, and as a result, each of us learned the skill we obtained from the dropped skill orbs. I had acquired a [piercing] skill, Sakura a [hitting] skill, and Kubota a [sturdy] skill.

Originally, in our party, Kubota played the role of a tank, I played the attacker, and Sakura played the rearguard, so I didn’t complain about the type of skill orb I obtained. It was a formation in which the skills that suited each person complemented the others.

It wasn’t until that time when I almost died on the second floor that I started venturing into dungeons with a party. Prior to that, I was always overconfident in the power of my blessing and thought of dungeons as a simple place. I thought it was okay for me to go alone, and I didn’t even think of bringing a spare weapon. In other words, I was a fool.

Suddenly, that man came to my mind. These days, he only asked for a potion purchase request or made calls to me that didn’t make sense.


“I’m sorry. I was thinking about my skills for a moment.”

“These skills are amazing. If it’s within 20 meters, I’ll never miss the target.”

Sakura said, tugging on the string of her short bow lightly.

“It only hurts a little if you get hit by an orc!”

Kubota seemed to be shy for some reason. Kubota-kun looked very kind but he was also powerful, just like a tank.

“Misato, how much do you want to do today?”

“Do I look tired?”

“That’s not the case, but obviously Misato has used her skills a lot already, so…”

“Hey, hey. Even if you view me like that, I still have a blessing!”

“Ah, that’s right! From an indoor god.”

“No more of this! I will never help you study for the exam!”

“Both of you! We’re inside a dungeon right now!”

Kubota reminded us lightly.

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

It was a lot of fun to challenge a dungeon with this party. I felt like I could move on with them.

Translator’s Thought

Filling in for Apple. I just want to inform you guys that this novel actually has many POV. Aside, from the main character, I also like their story as a side characters a lot. Well, I find it funny in some advanced chapters. We will creating a Patreon soon, so stay tuned! 😀

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