I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 58

Translator: LazyBee

Editor: Wahnsinniger Herrscher

Little Dance

Mother Hua paused, realizing that she had not drawn anything. She opened the study door and witnessed Miaomiao standing outside holding her grandmother’s hand. 

Seeing her mother coming out, Miaomiao shyly announced, “Mom, I finished all of my homework.”

Mother Hua crouched down and kissed her forehead, “Awesome, I’ll go with you too.”

While Miaomiao didn’t understand much, she was sensitive to people’s emotions. Behind her mother’s smile, she sensed that she was upset.

After dwelling on it, Miaomiao decided to go with Jingjing’s idea. “I’ll dance for mommy,” she announced.

She got down from her mother’s arms, then she began dancing. It was the secret weapon that Jingjing had taught her.

She was wearing a pink coat and her back was turned toward Mother Hua. Miaomiao stuck out her left food and placed her left hand on her hips to strike a pose.

Miaomiao began moving instantly. Jumping around and dancing, she sang an off-tune song, “There is only one mother in the world who is good, and a child with a mother is like treasure. Listen to the mother’s words ~Don’t hurt her~.”

Even though she danced awkwardly, she looked very serious, so the pose at the start of her dance was one of her best.

It was as if she was dancing like a clumsy penguin who tried very hard to wave her wings little by little.

This amused Mother Hua so much that she burst into laughter.

As she watched her mother’s display of effervescence, Miaomiao believed that Jingjing’s idea was very clever. Her knowledge of everything assisted in making her mother laugh.

Miaomiao had no clue that her mother was laughing at her cuteness, whereas Miaomiao thought that her dance performance was very beautiful, which made her mother laugh at her.

Mother Hua lifted her up and said, “Let’s hurry to the park. We can’t delay your and your grandmother’s dancing careers.”

Miaomiao enjoyed performing in the square dances since there was music. She relished dancing to music.

When they reached the park, Mother Hua and great-grandmother sat on a bench, while Miaomiao and grandmother danced with some of the performers.

Mother Hua paused for a moment before pulling out her cell phone in order to record Miaomiao’s dancing.

As she tilted her head to the side, she noticed Zhou Yuan and his mother approaching them.

After they had greeted each other, Mother Zhou looked over to Miaomiao, who was busy square dancing, and she looked very happy.

Then, she cocked her head to Zhou Yuan and said, “You should also go and dance with your classmates.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Mother Hua nodded in assent, “That’s a wonderful idea.”

She then called Miaomiao back and said, “Miaomiao, your classmate is here.”

Miaomiao turned around and saw Zhou Yuan, who was still wearing her school uniform.

Miaomiao darted over quickly, “Are you here to dance with me?”

“No, I can’t dance today,” Zhou Yuan replied hurriedly.

Then, Miaomiao kept staring at him with her big, watery eyes since he didn’t want to dance. He wouldn’t agree to participate in this childish dance…no, it was actually old people dancing.

Even though she didn’t understand his reasoning and why he found it inappropriate to partake in this dance today, Miaomiao wouldn’t be embarrassed by his statement. “Watch me dance then,” she smiled and replied.

Afterwards, she returned to her grandmother and continued to dance.

Mother Zhou had a headache. When they went on their trip last time, out of the four children, her son and Hua family’s daughter were quiet and weren’t as exuberant or energetic as the other two children.

Their daughter was not cute and vivacious, whereas her son still looked like an adult who masqueraded as a child.

She also had a headache since he expressed his desire to go directly to college.

Mother Zhou sighed. It wasn’t because she had never considered allowing him to get a better education. The problem with him attending higher education classes was that he would be separated from his current environment. He would be surrounded by adults. Once that happened, he wouldn’t be able to befriend anyone. They either wouldn’t know how to interact with such a small boy, or they would treat him as a child. He would miss out on so many fun things.

As Mother Zhou turned her head, she saw her son observing the little girl’s square dance. An exuberant smile bloomed on his face.

Mother Zhou: “…”

Mother Hua watched the square dancing, feeling a bit flustered in her heart.

She still hasn’t resolved the matter involving Father Hua. Thinking about it made her feel a tinge of anxiety.

She still didn’t know how to tell Miaomiao about this. She kept telling her that her father was working overtime and hadn’t returned yet…but it definitely couldn’t go on like this.

First, Mother Hua decided to ease Miaomiao into understanding that divorce wasn’t a very serious issue. Aside from her, Miaomiao would also have a grandmother and great-grandmother.

Zhou Yuan and Mother Zhou had already left when the square dance concluded, but Miaomiao still wanted to dance some more.

When Miaomiao returned home, she instantly drifted off to her dreams after taking a bath. It was probably due to her exhaustion from dancing today.

Mother Hua took her daughter, who had fallen asleep, back to her bedroom and rubbed the scar removal cream onto her skin.

The palliative cream has almost run out. Mother Hua took out her phone and set a reminder for noon tomorrow. She needed to go to the hospital to fetch some more.

Afterwards, Mother Hua brushed Miaomiao’s hair. By this time, Miaomiao was fast asleep.

Mother Hua thought that Miaomiao never once mentioned her father.

What was going through her little head? How does she feel about this?

It seemed as though it would have very little effect on her, even if she didn’t have a father.

Father Hua was only able to accompany Miaomiao a few times due to his work obligations.

Mother Hua fell asleep as she held Miaomiao in her arms. There were still a lot of other problems to think about.

The next day, Miaomiao noticed three packages on her desk when she arrived at school.

At first, Miaomiao thought they were snacks, but when she picked them up, she saw a verdant picture. It turned out to be cabbage seeds.

Zhou Yuan told her, “My dad bought it for you.”

Miaomiao’s eyes lit up, but she still remembered what her mother had said, “How much?”

Zhou Yuan was involved in this business, but he didn’t care for social interactions, so he said, “Five yuan per package.”

“Five yuan per package, then three packages…”

Miaomiao quickly produced a pen and calculated, and then she uttered in surprise, “Fifteen yuan. I have that much.”

She was very happy because in comparison to meat, it was so much cheaper.

She had fifteen yuan with her. Every day, Mother Hua handed her ten yuan. However, Miaomiao would place it back inside the change box. After discovering it, Mother Hua began to put the money in Miaomiao’s schoolbag.

Translator’s Thoughts

Miaomiao finally had the chance to show off her dancing skills 😍

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