White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 26

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Facing the worsening situation of the battle, Ghoul-Garu couldn’t remain calm anymore, and Garu quickly chanted a spell.

Berserk Crowd Technique!

The Ogres on the battlefield were like chickens waiting to be slaughtered, with bloodshot eyes, bulging muscles, and some even spurting blood. They were more powerful and attacked even more frantically.

At the same time, Amos in the sky spit out the dragon breath, and watched Gul manipulate his body to avoid his assault, cursing in his heart: damn dual-core processors!

One had to say that the Ogre chief had two heads that were very advantageous in the battle. One head controlled the body to fight and the other cast spells. Just like before, if Goul hadn’t been staring at the white dragon while Garu was casting the spells, Amor’s dragon breath surely would have taken its breath away.

However, Amos was not an ordinary white dragon.

“Turn on the wartime assist mode.”

The system transferred the scanned information to Amos’s mind, and his world suddenly became clearer by dozens of times, even the sweat oozing from the surface of a Murloc in the battle became visible.

Amos looked at Goul-Garu who was dodging and inferred its next move from his trembling muscles. He pushed his wings towards the sky, accelerated and dived towards Goul-Garu, spewing another dragon breath in mid-air.

This time, Ghoul-Garu did not evade. After a slurred spell, an earth-coloured shield blocked the dragon’s breath and Amos’s vision. The swooping Amos hesitated for a moment and decided to continue facing the shield rushing towards it, but suddenly he felt something was wrong.

“Dangerous energy fluctuations are detected in front, evade immediately.”

Amos twisted to the side with flexibility that was unbelievable with its huge body, just dodging Goul-Garu by a hair’s breadth, who jumped and smashed on the empty ground

Goul-Garu’s arms were covered with a dark wooden stick surrounded by a green magical aura but failed to hit Amos, and instead cleaved the leaves on the branches, turning the whole tree into powder, as it melted under the rain.

During the rapid dive, the forcible diversion made Amos lose balance, and his body crashed into a small tree.

Amos endured the painful muscles and struggled to stand up, looking at the big hole left by the roots of the tree on the ground with lingering fear. This was the only trace that could prove the existence of the big tree.

The Great Cracking Spell!

Only this terrifying legendary spell can cause this kind of destruction silently.

Amos stared at the dark wooden stick in the hands of the Ogre Chief. He had long thought this stick was weird, but he never expected that it would be a piece of rare legendary equipment.

This was Legendary equipment!

Legendary equipment that even Legendary professionals could only dream of. According to the statistics of the Nordhill Continental Mage Professional Association, only one-tenth of Legendary professionals had Legendary equipment.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the panting white dragon and felt trepidation in his heart.

The real masters usually go through two stages of probing and formal fighting. In the probing stage, both sides used conventional means to test the strength and weaknesses and fighting habits of the other side and wait for the other side to reveal its flaws.

After the trial, they entered the formal battle phase. At this time, the two sides would expose part of their trump cards and try to kill the other party.

In short, a master’s trick is a process in which both sides fight with all they have got.

 The tactic like the one Goul-Garu used, making a big move as soon as he attacked, meant that if the opponent wasn’t killed in a single blow, he would fall into a disadvantage.

Now, Ghoul-Garu’s strongest trump card had been used up, and he had lost confidence in winning.

So, Amos didn’t intend to let him go so easily.

He shook his wings on both sides of his body and rushed towards Goul-Garu like a cheetah hunting for food.

Thinking of the berserk Ogres on the battlefield, Ghoul-Garu was caught in a dilemma. If he escaped, all the elite of the Skull Crusher Ogres would be killed, so it could only bite the bullet and rush towards Amos.

Amos stretched his neck, as the sharp dragon teeth bit at the head of the Ogre Chief. Ghoul-Garu moved aside to avoid Amos’s head and greeted the white dragon with a stick.

However, Amos’ dragon wings pierced the air faster than the stick, and Goul-Garu hurriedly propped up a magic shield but was knocked off the ground by the powerful force of the dragon wing.


Leaving the ground during close combat means that he couldn’t move freely and became a living target. Amos seized the fleeting opportunity.

His dragon tail swayed, pulling Gulgaru’s head, but he held back his strength when he was about to hit it. Ghoul-Garu was still dizzy and fell to the ground.

Amos took the opportunity to squeeze the fallen Goul-Garu under his claws, restricting his actions. After all, he wanted the ogre chief to be his follower, and his aim was not to kill him.

In the beginning, Amos displayed silence, limiting Goul-Garu’s ability to cast spells, and then a long series of dragon words quickly popped out of his mouth.

Super Magic Technique-Stunning Technique-Max effect!

Super magic technique was a special technique that provided extra magic power to strengthen magic. The common ones were [Strong Effect] [Multiple Casting] and [Concealment]. Among which [Concealment] could shield the magical energy fluctuations during casting to achieve the purpose of a sneak attack.

When Amos finished the last spell, Ghoul-Garu, who was limited in his ability to cast spells, awoke from the blow of the dragon’s tail, and the dark staff in his hand flashed with a red light.

Ghoul-Garu’s eyes were red, he roared like a beast, and his hands also glowed with a blood-red magical aura. Gul was immune to Amos’ stunning spell, and Garu entered a stunned state again.


Amos looked incredulously at the Ogre under his claws, which power suddenly increased, forcibly lifting Amos’s dragon claws little by little.

Tiamat blesses! A white dragon actually lost to an ogre in terms of strength!?

After propping up the dragon’s claws to a certain height, the ogre’s feet also joined in, using both hands and feet to hold the dragon’s claws up and up. Seeing this, the dragon siblings in the air hurriedly flew down to help their brother suppress the terrifying ogre chief.

At that time, Garu also woke up, and a white magic light flashed on the wooden stick in his hand, as a group of white light spots condensed into an Ogre heroic spirit, rushing to appear beside Amos before the dragon siblings could react, it punched Amos. His relatively fragile neck was attacked.

Amos quickly stepped back and dodged, Ghoul-Garu lying on the ground quickly recited a weird spell.

A faint white light flashed, and Goul-Garu appeared 30 meters away, and then he quickly stood up.


Ghoul-Garu gave the retreat command and turned around to run away. It was scared.

The prey that nearly reached his mouth flew away, and Amos let out an angry roar. Using his tail to take a punch from the Ogre spirit, he flew into the sky to chase Goul-Garu.

The dragon siblings who arrived, joined forces to intercept the Ogre spirits who had no opponent.

Running was not as fast as flying.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the white dragon that was catching up, and gritted his teeth while pulling out an ancient magic scroll and tore it. Suddenly, a portal appeared in front of it, and it hurried over.

At that instant, Amos also chased up to it, grabbing the end of the dark staff in the hands of the Ogre Chief, and tried to pull out the Ogre who had half-length entered the portal. Ghoul-Garu, who was being pulled backwards, made a decisive decision to let go of the staff, but still couldn’t get away in one piece.


Ghoul-Garu’s figure disappeared into the portal, leaving only a cry of pain and half a finger. The magic of Amos destroyed the stability of the portal, causing the portal to collapse, and Gulgaru had no time to retreat. His fingers were cut off, and the blood-stained half finger rolled down into the stagnant water on the ground.

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  1. I didn’t really like the sound of super magic technique, but I wasn’t sure what to call it either. Since this is a D&D based world, I looked up what that mechanic is actually called.

    The art of augmenting magic in different ways like that is called metamagic. A spell with metamagic applied to it is simply called a metamagic spell, although that form isn’t used that much compared to just saying the specific enhancement applied.

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