God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 23

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Fleur


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“I hope you don’t regret it.”

“I won’t.”

We relocated from Hibiya Park to a hotel near Shinbashi Station.

I would have been fine with a cheap hotel room, but we had to be careful about it.

I touched Mayuzumi, who was still staring at me.


Mayuzumi exhaled a little. I was focusing on her now.

“Here I go.”



The power was sucked out of my body and my vision blurred.


“Have I changed?”

“I didn’t know you’d keep your clothes on.”

“Did you think I’d be naked?”


“Wouldn’t it have been better if you left your old clothes on?” 

I touched the black dress I now wore.

“Not really. I don’t mind being seen in a dress.”


I stood in front of the mirror and observed my whole body.

Black-haired pigtails, black dress, slender limbs. No matter how you looked at it, this figure was Nana Mayuzumi.

“Even my voice changed?”

The high-pitched voice coming out of my mouth made me feel strange.

“I’m here.”  

Mayuzumi looked at me and said, “If it’s just the looks alone, then it’s perfect”, This was her approval.

The skill I got from the skill orb was a [Transformation] skill. According to the appraisal result, it was a skill that allowed you to transform into any creature you touched.

“Can we go back now?”

“I don’t know.”

“No good. I want to return back.”

I was self-conscious of my current image.


My body relaxed and my perspective of the world grew higher. I was back to the original height I was used to.

“I’m glad.”

Mayuzumi looked a little happy.

When I looked at my body, I saw that my original clothes were back on.

“Are you back now?”

“Um. I’m fine.”

My voice was my voice.

“I think you already know this, but don’t tell anyone.”

The Explorer’s Society’s appraisal service was subject to confidentiality laws. Some of the information may be shared, but the fact that I had this skill would never be openly disclosed to the public. If there was a leak, the source would have been Mayuzumi.

“I won’t tell anyone. In exchange…”


“Friend me.”


I pulled out my phone and completed the friend registration through the Explorer app. When I looked closely, I could see a hint of joy glimmer in Mayuzumi’s eyes.

“Does a Shinigami laugh too?”

“I’m not laughing.”

I was struck with a strange feeling as Mayuzumi gazed happily at the screen of her phone.

“Now that you mention it. Do you want to go out for dinner?”

“I’d go out for sure.”

Mayuzumi’s eyes shone even brighter.

Translator’s Thought

Ehehehe. I’m shipping this pair. I think that Negishi and Nana is clicked each other. What do you guys think?

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