White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 25

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Battle in the Forest

The heavy rain was pouring non-stop, even though it was morning, the sky was still grey and cloudy.

After a long time, a loud trumpet sounded from the fortress of the Skull Crusher Clan, the united sound of war drums overwhelmed the thunder, and a dozen Ogres at the city gate pulled the winch together and opened the heavy black wooden gate.

An army of Ogres gushed out of the city gate, and at the front was the two-headed Ogre Chief Goul-Garu, who carried a thick dark wooden rod on his back, making it difficult to distinguish whether it was a staff or a big stick, or maybe both.

Behind the Ogre Chief was an army of five hundred Ogres. Don’t expect the savage humanoids to march in discipline. The Ogres shoved and yelled at each other as they carried sturdy maces on their shoulders. Goul-Garu raised his head and strode forward, his posture looked like a gangster who was about to fight.

However, on the dragon’s side, no one dared to underestimate this undisciplined team. The Ogres had amazing brutal power. Their weapons didn’t need quality, they only needed weight. If that mace was smashed, it could smash a human knight with heavy armour into a bloody pulp.

After passing through the open space in front of the fortress, the Ogre army entered the forest.

Goul-Garu frowned. After entering the forest, he always felt that someone was following him. He hid his hands behind his back to cover the traces of the spell.

Dust Churning!

The shining spot of light enveloped the Ogre Chief, flashing and passing away.

After casting a spell that could show the stalker, the Ogre chief looked around but found nothing suspicious.

Could it be an illusion?!

Goul-Garu continued to move forward.

Wrong! How can there be a bird in such heavy rain!

Goul-Garu sent out a water arrow at the bird on the branch thirty meters away.

Looking at the water arrow getting bigger and bigger in her sight, Elena hurriedly withdrew the vision sharing spell link.

“Brother, I’ve been spotted.”

“How? Vision link magic energy fluctuations are very weak, how did it find out!”

“Because of the bird’s habit, birds on rainy days usually stay in their nests.”

“This is negligence and carelessness on our part, forget it, there is nothing to lose.”

Amos rubbed his chin and muttered, “Five hundred Ogres.”

“Bucky Darkscale, go and inform Old Blind that they are to retreat to avoid a head-on encounter with the Ogres.” 

In the rear of Amos’ team, a dark scaled Murloc led the order and quickly ran into the forest.

It was the strongest Murloc scout under Amos, with a Professional level of level 12.

“Let’s go too, it’s time to meet our old friends!” Amos smiled wickedly and led the way towards the forest, with the followers following the White Dragon Lord’s lead in the back.

After walking for a while, Amos encountered the retreating Old Blind’s team.

“What’s the harvest?”

“Other than taking out some jackals, there wasn’t much to find.” 

This answer was within Amos expectations, he nodded at Old Blind, “Well, return to the army.”

And then, he added, “Everyone, take rest. Apply poison on the weapons.”

Amos distributed the anesthetic prepared for the Ogres. 

After a short break, Amos led the party forward for another hour and finally met up with the Ogre troops.

The Ogre Chief, Goul-Garu saw the White Dragon Lord at the forefront of the enemy team and his heart exploded with anger.

Sure enough, it was him.

This guy who had teased the Skull Crusher Clan many times in the past. 

Goul-Garu strode forward in the heavy rain, walking to the middle of the two sides, and pounded the dark wooden staff behind him to the ground. 

A loud thud overwhelmed all the noise, as a wave of air pushed the rainstorm away.

Garu said, “Foolish white dragon, standing before you is the son of Gorgasso, the slaughterer of Bano Inferno, the ruler of Skull Crusher Island, the chief of the Skull Crusher Ogres – Goul-Garu, you have repeatedly provoked the Skull Crusher Clan, and dared to step into the territory of the Skull Crusher Clan, state your name. “

Amos’s heart stirred. The Ogre chief claimed to be the descendant of a Barno Inferno slaughterer, which meant that his ancestor, named Gorgasso, had taken out more than one Barno Inferno, and was indeed a tribe that had been passed down from the demon invasion ten thousand years ago.

[ED: Basically, they are descendants of demons]

He raised his guard, but he still uttered contemptuously, “White Dragon – Amos Aldrich, foul Ogre, may your strength be as buff as your name.”  

Goul said, “Your head will become a precious specimen in my collection.”

Garu added, “I will display it in the hall.” 

Goul-Garu both said in unison, “Skull Crusher Ogres crush their heads!”

“War!” Amos yelled, and the four white dragons shook their wings and flew to the sky.

“For the glory of the White Castle!” 

“For the glory of Amos!”

Led by 40 or so strong trolls, the army of Murlocs, jackals and followers shouted battle cry and crashed into the Ogre army.  

Amos hovered on the treetops, staring at the Ogre chief below. The two sides had fought, and knew each other’s power; no one dared to act rashly to avoid revealing flaws.

Goul-Garu was very confident in his Ogre army.

Although the number was only five hundred, they were the elites of the Skull Crusher Clan, when the Ogre army killed the opponent’s followers, the white dragon would be powerful only to flee in defeat, then the victory would belong to the Skull Crushers, so it was not afraid to drag out the time.

Amos flew into the sky and took the initiative to attack. It was well prepared, the Ogre was not in a hurry to do it. Naturally, it only needed to keep an eye on it.

On the battlefield below.

An extraordinarily strong Ogre raised its mace and smashed it at the troll. Unexpectedly, the mace was caught by the branch on its head. The troll seized the opportunity and kicked the ogre on its chest making it fly upside down. The ogres overwhelmed the rear teammates.

At the same time, after the Ogre on one side smashed a Murloc into a meat pulp before it had time to retrieve the mace, the Murloc Tide Hunter took the opportunity to pierce the Ogre’s belly with a spear, and was eaten after breaking through the skin. The thick fat of the human and demon blocked it.

The Ogre was in pain, and kicked towards a Murloc, but was bitten by the bronze-backed snapping turtle on the ground. The ogre’s eyes quickly grew wide as he roared in agony and rage.

Grabbing the bronze-backed snapping turtle’s shell and pulling it hard, it smashed the turtle all around, regardless of the enemy or comrades.

The power of the dual technique was not to be outdone. The Murloc mages formed a square formation and summoned hail the size of a football together, smashing the ogre into a bloody mess.

The scarce number of Ogre magicians summoned out a fireball and exploded it in the Murloc team. The Ogre Shaman beat the drums, giving the ogre warriors more fearless courage.

The three white dragons also stared at by the chief of the ogres and flew into the air to release the magic temporarily avoiding the sharp edge.

The sound of the ogre’s war drums, clashes of weapons, the explosion of magic and the roars of anger, together they sounded magnificent music of war.

The broken spear was soaked in the stagnant water on the ground. The dead bodies of both sides were trampled on the ground by later combatants. The blood flowing out mixed with the stagnant water on the ground and dyed the puddles light red.

Soon, the two-headed Ogre chief discovered that something was wrong. Even if all the Ogres suffered only a small injury, they would soon fall to the ground.

“Despicable White Dragon!”

“What have you done?!”


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