White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 24

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The Killing Machine in the Forest

The army continued to march forward. On the way, the dragon siblings returned one after another. The army did not reach the Ogre tribe until late in the evening.

Amos saw the sign of the Ogre tribe at the edge of the forest: a pile of heads placed in a pyramid, which was a common way for savage humanoid creatures to mark their territory. The heads of their enemies were used to warn visitors that the territory of the Ogre clan was ahead.

Generally speaking, the strength of the clan could be roughly inferred from the number and type of heads, but the pile of heads in front of him was badly withered and seems to have existed for a long time.

With a flap of Amos’s dragon wings, the pyramid of heads was beaten into powder and blown away. It meant that the white dragon was looking for trouble.

The rain continued to fall, dripping on the white dragon, sliding down his scales, and he looked solemnly at the forest in front of him.

The Ogre tribe had a long history. It was very likely that it has existed here since 10,000 years ago. For such a long time,  only ghosts knew how many traps were set up in the forest.

“The first team, the second team of scouts! Find the path!”

“Yes! Master.”

Two teams of 20 Murlocs walked towards the forest; the Black Scaled Murlocs were the best scouts among the Murloc race.

They were also the best hunters in the dark. They were familiar with all kinds of poisons and traps. They had superb combat skills. They were the first choice for scouts. This occupation had the highest mortality rate, and the number of followers who had contributed to white dragons was also the largest. Out of white dragon’s 500 followers, at least half of them were scouts.

The scouts went to explore the way ahead, and Amos flew up to the sky to determine the direction of the Ogre tribe and ordered the Murlocs to cut down the trees to create a passage for the siege equipment to pass through.

Amos watched the progress of the Murlocs cutting down the trees and roughly calculated that it would take two days to get through the passage.

Felicia suggested, “Why don’t you wait for the rain to stop and then burn it down.”

Amos shook his head.

“There are many great experts on the main island.”

Amos didn’t want to attract the attention of the Legends on the main island. In case some bored entity was attracted by the fire on the island, then it could completely ruin his plans. Before stepping into the Legend Realm, it was better to keep a low profile.

Time passed slowly while waiting.

A Murloc scout scurried out of the forest and ran to the white dragon lord, kneeling on one knee.

“Master, we were ambushed by jackals on the way; we request your support.”


Amos remembered the jackals occasionally seen in the Ogre tribe. They were different from the “wild wolves” in the outlying villages. They were the real jackals, and it seemed that the ogres were not complete fools, selecting strong jackals as their subordinates.

“Old Blind, you bring two teams of scouts and two teams of Tide Hunters to support them, continue to move forward, clear the lagging obstacles.”


After Amos gave the order, he lowered his head and asked the scout who was asking for help, “How are the traps lined up?”

“We found three traps, but they are all ineffective due to age.”

Amos frowned. He hadn’t expected this, but he was quickly relieved thinking that he had fallen into a misunderstanding.

According to Amos’s character, he would never give up without turning his lair into a brick wall in ten thousand years. These Ogres were on an isolated island in the sea, and they had no opponents for a long time, so they had long lost what the evil race should have … vigilance.

But, Amos would not look down on the Ogres because of this. They stood tall for such a long time, and it would be strange that there were no cards hidden under their sleeves.

At the moment, we can only see what we can do.

“Old Jimmy, send more people to speed up the progress of the passage.”


“Elena, manipulate the animals to monitor every move of the Ogres at all times.”

“Okay, Brother.”

As a Level 3 Druid, Elena easily manipulated some small animals such as flying birds, and the Ogres would have never imagined that there would be a Druid in the dragon’s team.

Boom Boom Boom.

Night was falling, Amos looked up at the gloomy sky. The lightning and thunder never stopped. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, splintering on the leaves, and accumulating in the low-areas of the forest.

Tomorrow was destined to be a day of bloodshed.

“What? Murloc? Intruders?”

“Yes, chief, a jackal guard reported it.”

In the most central stone fort of the Ogre tribe, the two-headed Ogre chief sat on the throne of animal skins, listening to the reports of his ogre subordinates.

The chief of the Ogre clan with two eyes and two heads said angrily, “Where did these Murlocs get the courage to offend the noble Skull Crusher Clan?!”

One of the heads with single-eye and a single horn roared, “Goul is going to crush them!”

“Shut up! Goul! Your yelling makes my ears hurt!”

One-eyed head embarrassedly touched his one-horn, and smiled, “Okay, Garu.”

Garu said gruffly, “Ah! Huck, bring in the jackal who reported!”

“Yes, Chief.”

Huck, walked out carrying his staff, and soon returned with a jackal.

As soon as the jackal entered the house, he knelt on the ground and quickly climbed to the feet of the Ogre chief.

Its tail swayed like a dog as he kissed the steps at the feet of the Ogre chief, “The Jackal Mosshide salutes you! Noble Chief Skull Crusher! Mighty master!”

“Hahaha!” Goul was coaxed with the flattery from the jackal and laughed facing the sky.

Garu said with a scary smile on his face, “Very well, humble jackal, tell me the information you brought.”

“Our jackal squad was stationed in a camp in the forest, and a group of Murlocs came out of nowhere, and attacked us. The rest of the squad died, but I was the only one who managed to escape.”

Before the jackal could finish, the ogre chief kicked the Jackal away.

“Waste! You lost to Murlocs?! Were you guys eating shit?!”

Jackal said with difficulty, “Chief, those Murlocs were different, they would sneak attack, and they all had iron daggers.”


The Chief and Ogre Mages present in the hall all exclaimed.

The Ogre tribe had a long heritage. They had enslaved the kobolds to dig ore to forge weapons. They knew what it meant for all members to hold iron tools.

Now, they were targeted by an equally powerful force.

Goul-Garu looked solemn.


The Jackal was relieved for a while, and said with a lingering fear, “Those Murlocs were well-trained and cooperated very well with each other. They were ruthless and tricky, and their moves all target vital organs. If I didn’t run fast, I couldn’t have explained where I was and how I escaped. Later, I reported to the captain, and then I hurried to report to you, master.”

After speaking, the Jackal looked at Goul-Garu with a flattering smile.

“Very well, you did a good job. I exempt you from being a slave. From now on, you will be my servant. Huck, take it down.”

“Praise you! Great Master!”

The jackal quickly knelt and kissed the cold stone slab warmly.

Huck dragged the happy jackal’s hind legs and walked out.

The two-headed Ogre chief stayed alone in the empty hall. He folded his hands on the chins of both heads, leaned back on the throne with animal skin and muttered to himself for a long time.

“White Dragon?!”


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