The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 69

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 Katariona Studies the Flowering Tea 

After a long time, I went to the rose garden in the forest and found that the rose seedlings were neatly arranged as if the dryad maidens had been taking care of them.

“This place. The rose seedlings have been neatly arranged. Did you create this rose garden in the forest? It’s really impressive.”

My brother, who was looking at the rose garden in admiration, nodded his head in approval.

“By the way, why didn’t Lyle-sama go with Tojurou-san?”

For some reason, Lyle-sama did not follow Tojurou-san and remained here.

“I was asked by Hikoshirou. ‘Please go and help with Sieg’s training while I’m not there’.”

Isn’t Tojurou-san a member of Lyle-sama’s genus? Shouldn’t you be with him? When I asked Lyle-sama that, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Just because you’re a member of the god’s family genus, you don’t have to stay together. Because even if apart, we’re connected on a deeper level.”

“Eh? Is that so? But Leon always stays with me.” 

Leon and my brother were discussing what to do with the garden. As for me, I have been preparing the strawberry seedlings for the coming strawberry season.

“Leon is…….well, that.”


What do you mean by that? When I tilted my head, Lyle placed his hand on my head.

“You’ll understand soon enough. Well, let’s just say that we gods like Rio herself.”

I still haven’t a clue. After that, Lyle-sama kept quiet and helped me arrange the strawberry seedlings.

The garden seedlings, gazebos, and fountains were guarded by the dryad maidens, so it didn’t take much effort to get them ready.

When the roses are in season, we’ll all have a tea party. We may need to make the gazebo a little bigger.

That night, Flare-sama came to visit me while I was drawing the blueprints for the gazebo with Leon on my lap. Daaku-sama was nowhere to be seen.

Daaku-sama, the Dark God, who is inextricably linked to the Light Goddess, has been spending a lot of time with Marie lately, so it seems he’s not always with Flare-sama. He may still be hanging out in Marie’s shadow.

“Rio! It’s been a while!”

“Flare-sama. Welcome.”

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Flare-sama, but it hasn’t been that long ago. It’s just that Chris and I have been having girls’ nights out together often.

“You’re showing your face way too much, you know that?”

Leon snorted. I guess he’s made progress, as he didn’t just ask her to leave like he used to?

“Rio is also my student!”

“I can’t imagine what you were like just a few years ago, hiding away in the Divine Realm.”

Flare-sama took the form of a cute golden-haired cat and put her hand on my knee as if to compete with Leon.

“I don’t need to hear it from Leon, who’s been cooped up in the woods!”

“I just couldn’t get out even if I wanted to.”

Leon was on my lap and delivered a cat punch to Flare-sama.

The day after I went to see Therese-san, a new routine was added to my life. After training with my brother, I take a hot bath and then retire to my private kitchen.

When my father found out that I enjoyed cooking, he built me my own kitchen. (TL: Lucky~!)

“What are you going to make this time, milady?”

“Flowering tea.”

I liked the flowering tea that I had enjoyed at Therese-san’s place, and I wanted to try making it myself. Marie has been helping me out whenever I make something new. I’ve been working on it alone in secret since it was still in the experimental stage, but from today on, I’m going to ask Marie to help me.

“Flowering Tea? What’s that?”

Rather than explaining it with words, it would be quicker to let her see it, so I prepared the flowering tea that Therese-san had given to me as a souvenir.

I put a clump of flowering tea into a glass pot and poured hot water into it. Then, the roundly wrapped tea leaves opened and the flowers gently started to float. The flower that filled the pot was a lovely white flower.

“This is the flowering tea.”

“My, it’s beautiful. It smells nice, too. It’s an Arabian Jasmine huh.”

Therese-san’s flowering tea is made with Arabian Jasmine. The flower was imported from the Eschen Kingdom.

In the Duchy of Lioness, where crops don’t grow well, the only plant that has been successfully cultivated is the Arabian Jasmine flower, which has been marketed as a fragrance in our country. It is a valuable source of income for the Dukedom of Lioness. Since it is under the direct control of the royal family, the livelihood of its citizens is guaranteed by the state.

“This is something that Therese-san made. I liked it so much that I wanted to try my hand at making it myself, so I took some as a sample.”

“She’s the one who can use Light Magic, right.”

On the day I went to see Therese-san, I told Marie all about my talk with Therese-san and my night flight with Leon and Flare-sama. Marie seemed to be interested in the night flight and mentioned that Daaku-sama would take her for a ride next time.

“When we first met, Rio only knew the name of one flower, the sunflower, but now she’s grown up and knows much more”

Leon chuckled at the memory. Whenever we were cooking in the kitchen, he would help us in his boy form.

“It’s been almost three years since I met Leon, right?”

If I hadn’t met Leon three years ago, I would have gone back in time to the age of seven, and my life would have repeated itself all over again. (TL: Shock…it’s been so long) 

“That’s right. It’s been almost three years since we met Leon-sama. Shall we have a party to celebrate our third anniversary?”

“Oh? That’s a good suggestion, Marie.”

“You’re being dramatic. Aren’t parties supposed to be for celebrations?”

Our family usually holds informal parties on family birthdays and my parents’ wedding anniversary. For me, meeting Leon was cause enough for celebration.

“It’s a cause worth celebrating for me. I’ll have to start planning the party as soon as possible.

“Milady. The name of the party should be called….”

Marie and I locked eyes and faced each other before pointing at Leon.

“ “Fluffy Party!” ”

“The dress code has to be fluffy, right?”

That sounds like a great idea! Maybe we should have all participants come in costume……

Arabian jasmine | plant | Britannica
Arabian Jasmine Picture~


TL: I’d love to see the sight of the fluffy party (and be in it…)! Also, I was trying to figure out if the flower was Arabian Jasmine or Arabian Marigold, but it seems Arabian Marigold isn’t a thing. So, Arabian Jasmine it is~! And it’s super pretty!

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