Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 13

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Negotiations for the Dungeon Management

I tried negotiating with Creator God-sama for the management of the Dungeon Ruins in Vestier. 

He had created it for the sake of training the heroes, but then, it wasn’t even sure whether a hero would appear once in a hundred years. Thus, people couldn’t enter the Dungeon Ruins unless they formed a group with a person from another world, whose  level would’ve  been below 100.

It was almost left unused because of that.

The dungeon had been captured two times already, and I was the one who did it both times.

Moreover, Hakua, who was the Dungeon Master, also became part of my family.

Dungeon management required a colossal amount of mana since it was required to give birth to the monsters that would become the heroes’ prey, as well as during expansion.

On the other hand, it would be possible to do great things with it as long as mana was supplied. And I had  that unlimited mana, thanks to the Evil God’s curse.

I could draw the characters of magic circles using mana, and I could also create characters using mana. I could also make them colorful  so that they would be visible to  other people.

Maybe I could even  do illustrations if I practiced more.

I was actually bad at drawing, but I could draw the sceneries and things I imagined by using mana.

To be precise, as long as I could imagine it, then I could turn it into an illustration.

In order to prove my point, I created my materials using mana, projected them in space and presented them to Creator God-sama.

He approved my wish.

“Then I’ll leave the management of Vestier’s dungeon to Halt. Your idea of using it to train people with low levels is brilliant. Please do as you wish, by all means.”

“Thank you very much!”

Creator God-sama praised me.

If a lot of newbie adventurers raised their levels, the mean average for a person’s strength would also rise. This was good news for the Creator God.

If people became stronger, then their life expectancy would also lengthen, so the period of devotion and offering prayers would also increase.

“By the way, how did you project these letters and pictures in space?”

Creator God-sama was interested in my presentation materials.

“I manipulated my mana to write letters in the air.”

I gathered my mana on my fingertip and made the letters of the word ‘hello’ which  floated in the air.

“Usually, I use this to draw my magic circles, but I tried to apply it for making pictures. How is it?”

“Hmm, it’s marvelous, to say the least. It was extremely easy to understand.”

Information in this world was mostly in written form, with some illustrations from time to time.

I attached some illustrations, so it should be easy to follow.

I was really glad that I took that information literacy elective class seriously. I never thought that I would use it in Isekai, though.

At any rate, I received permission from Creator God-sama to manage the dungeon.

“Well then, please let me manage the Dungeon Ruins from now on.”

“Yes, I’ll leave it to your hands. Also, about the condition that I set —”

After my presentation, Creation God-sama sent me a telepathic message, with a voice that nobody else could hear, to set his condition.

“Yes, I will also do something about that.”

I swallowed that condition.

Creator God-sama thought that if it was me, then I could do it, so I probably could — that’s how I felt.

“Is that so? Then, I’ll also entrust that matter to you.”

Creator God-sama vanished after uttering those words.

Suddenly  we  were standing in the Great Shrine’s hallway again.

“Halt-sama, Creator God-sama mentioned a condition at the end, what is it all about?”

“Hmm, can I still keep it a secret for now? I’ll definitely tell you before we return to the magical academy.”

Tina asked me, but I couldn’t tell her, yet.

Failure was unlikely, I thought, but just in case I did fail it, then there was a possibility that it would only turn into an awkward mess.

However, since it also concerned my family, I needed to explain to everyone before we return to the academy, in case I succeed in keeping the conditions set by Creator God-sama.

Everyone seemed to be bothered about Creator God-sama’s terms, but they backed off when I promised that I would definitely explain all about it.

Creator God-sama’s conditions was —

Welcome the Saint of the Holy City of Sanctum into my family — in other words, he wanted me to get married to Seira.

Well, marriage wasn’t really a necessity.

If it could release Seira from the saint position, then that would be fine.

Creator God-sama also wanted Seira to rest since she had been the Saint for two hundred years already.

Actually, Creator God-sama already sent oracles multiple times to Seira to let her know that it was okay to hand the responsibility to another.

However, Seira had refused Creator God-sama’s offer because there was no one who could be a successor that she could confidently entrust the job to, and her sense of responsibility was too strong, so she couldn’t just let it be.

She managed to raise a prospective candidate many times, but because the timing had been bad, given that the Demon King was revived, the  Creator God-sama was unable to send her an oracle at that time.

Raising a candidate took a lot of time, but the period from candidacy to being a full-fledged saint was short.

Only a maiden who reached her sixteenth birthday while still pure could become a saint.

That was the reason why Seira remained a saint for 200 years, all by herself. She was a simple town girl originally, so even Creator God-sama said that she was very mentally resilient.

The girl who had the ability to become a Saint would celebrate her sixteenth birthday within this week.

Because of that timing, Creator God-sama planned to send an oracle. My job was to convince Seira to quit being a saint.

Apparently, I could coax her, or I could also forcefully deflower her.

Still, I would never choose that second option. Creator God-sama also knew that I would never do that, so he showed me the options.

So, what should I do now?


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