Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 12

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

The Evil God’s Failure

Let us change the setting for a bit.

[Good Luck], the divine protection bestowed by the Creator God, also exerted its influence in this place.


Right after the Evil God reincarnated Haruto —

“Ahh, I ended up using too much power… I’m going to rest for a while. I’ll leave everything to you.”

“Ah! Evil God-sama!!”

“What? Ugh, I’m already at my limit. Just let me sleep.”

“You haven’t decided on that person’s reincarnation destination!”


“If this continues on, that Isekai person’s soul will just drift here in the Divine Realm. If that happens, then the Creator God will find out that you arbitrarily reincarnated a human from another world!”

“Then just go ahead and send him off to be a slave or something.”

“I can’t, I’m just a shikigami. Evil God, you have to be the one to decide where he’s going to reincarnate, because you’re the deity!”

“Blast it…. Got it. Alright, go bring the list over here.


The Shikigami then brought back a circular board and a feathered dart.

“Oy, what’s that?”

“It’s darts, a game from Isekai. Please throw this dart towards the target I’m holding.”

The shikigami handed the dart to the Evil God. She then walked to a place far from him, and raised the dart board high above her head.

“Alright, please go ahead! Just don’t hit me, alright!”

The Evil God had already expended a colossal amount of power just to reincarnate Haruto and cast a spell on him, so he looked like he could fall asleep any moment now.

And so, he didn’t read the words on the target that the shikigami was holding, before throwing his dart.

Deities were fundamentally omnipotent.

Even if he just randomly threw the dart, it would definitely shoot its intended place.

The Evil God didn’t think about it and just aimed at the center of the dartboard.

He was a deity, so naturally, the dart he pierced the bull’s eye that he targeted. 

“Whoa! Congratulations, Evil God! You did it in one fell swo — oopsie……”

The Evil God promptly fainted the moment he released the dart.

He was already fast asleep.

That was alright.

The Evil God would wake up soon enough, even if he was left alone.

However, the destination for Haruto’s reincarnation was the problem.

Actually, 90% of the dartboard was filled with the word “Slave”.

The other 10% was “Commoner” sparsely scattered around the center. And in the dead center of the target, there was a very tiny dot the size of a rice grain, and it had “Noble” written on it.

The Evil God brilliantly hit that grain-sized area.

By the way, the target and the dart were also created using part of the Evil God’s power, so Haruto’s destination was set in stone the moment his dart touched the board.

It would be meaningless even if he tried  again.


The shikigami broke out in cold sweat.

She slowly, timidly peeked at the Evil God.

He was fast asleep, still in the position he took earlier when he threw the dart.

“T-the one who decided on this is you, Evil God, okay!? Besides, that guy’s status is already fixed, so I  won’t be able to do anything! Yeah, yeah, it’ll be perfectly fine!”

The shikigami desperately tried to justify what happened, and hurriedly threw the dart and target away for good after saying those words to the Evil God, who was deep in his slumber.

And so, it was decided that Haruto would be reincarnated as the third son of the Count of Silvery, and he would become part of the House that was considered to be one of the most powerful aristocrats in the Kingdom of Glendale.


T/N: The manga perfectly captured this scene! XD ctto to the manga-ka and manga translator-san 😀

E/N: Why did the shikigami make a 90% slave dart board? Just make it 100%. And if they really wanted Haruto to not be a noble, why did they use a dartboard where noble was in the centre.   -_-

T/N: Fair point 😀 necessary plotty holessss 😀

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