Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 11

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Family Introduction(?)

The Creation God stood before me.

He didn’t change a bit from the last time I saw him. He was still the kind old man that I remember.

“It’s been a while, Creation God-sama. I returned to this world by reincarnation.”

“Yeah, that’s right…my child gave you grief, huh.”

“Creation God-sama’s child? Are you referring to the Evil God?”

‘Yeah, that’s right. That kid forced you to reincarnate, right?”

I died in a car accident when I attempted to save a girl. That girl was a phantom sent by the Evil God to kill me.

Yeah, I hated the Evil God at first.

“Dying was scary. Still, I no longer resent the Evil God. Actually, I’m grateful that I came back to this world.”

“Hoh…Is that related to the people behind you?”

I turned around at the Creation God-sama’s words.

Tina, Leaffa, Youko, Mai, Mei, Merdie, Luna and Hakua were staring back at me.

“Yes! These are my family that I’m proud of!”

“So you have a family now, huh…So, that means you’re going to continue living in this world?”

“That’s the plan.”

Well, it was  not like I didn’t  want to return to my previous world, but I was already cremated back there, and a funeral service had already been held for me, pretty sure of it.

Besides, I was living a  good  life now that I could be with Tina again.

A lot of things happened, so aside from Tina, the members of my family increased. Still, I really loved everyone. That’s why I wanted to be with them forever.

I already decided that I would live in this world right from the start.

“Still, Haruto, your family…ahm, isn’t it too peculiar?”

“Hmm, really?”

“Well, the two Elven daughters and the Beastkin daughter are still okay. Recently, there has been an increase in the cases of elves, beastkin and humans that marry for life. I’m surprised that you still ended up with Tina, though.”

Creation God-sama had remembered my declaration that I would return and fall in love with Tina again.

Creation God-sama then went to Youko.

“You, aren’t you a Nine-Tailed Fox? And I can see that you already achieved the perfect body, and yet, why aren’t you going on a rampage?”

“Yup, my name is Youko. I didn’t go on a rampage thanks to Master and Shiro, because they gave me mana that was free from malice.”

Youko had been filling her tails up with mana, and she was a demon that was supposed to  go on a rampage once the  perfect form was achieved.

Creation God-sama would also summon heroes in order to subjugate the nine-tailed fox, because this monster was considered to be at par with the demon king, and was also treated as a natural disaster.

“Shiro…Perhaps, this Shiro is —”

“It’s me, Lord Creator.”

Shiro was this small wolf cub sitting on my shoulder because this was his favorite spot, and was considered to be my family’s pet. However, his true identity was the Divine Beast Fenrir.

“Fenrir…why are you awake?”

Originally, divine beasts were considered as the messenger of the deities, and they would remain in slumber in the human realm until such time that the Creator God would summon them. They would arise and work for the deities then.

“Halt woke me up. Ah, and also, Halt named me Shiro, so please address me as Shiro from now on.”

Shiro had complained about the name that I gave him before, but now, he was telling Creation God-sama to use that name to call him, so I was a bit happy.

“I see, that name suits you well. Good for you eh, Shiro.”

“Yes! And another thing…ahm, I want to stay in Halt’s family for a longer while.”

Shiro had been worried that Creation God-sama would put him back to sleep when we’d meet him.

“Well, if Shiro wants to, then it’s all good.”

“Thank you very much, Lord Creator.”

Creation God-sama gave his permission and also addressed Fenrir as Shiro, so the little guy was beside himself with glee.

“So, I’m actually surprised that you even brought my Divine Beast into your family, but…Young ladies, aren’t you Spirit King’s  daughters? Are you also part of Haruto’s family? Besides, I haven’t heard about  you two  taking over the positions of the Spirit King, too.”

Creation God-sama was shocked with Mai and Mei’s existence.

“We are also part of Halt-sama’s family.”

Mai and Mei simultaneously replied.

“They will not replace the current Spirit Kings. Ahm, how should I say it, I gave them too much mana, so their status rose up.”

“I can’t believe that a spirit rose to the level of a Spirit King just from receiving a single human’s mana…So that’s also the effect of that guy’s curse, huh.”

‘That guy’ was the Evil God, of course.

“Yes. The Evil God bestowed the [Static Status] curse on me, so I have infinite mana thanks to that.”

I decided to ask Creation God-sama what I had always wanted to confirm.

“I think that the Evil God gave me the wrong type of curse because of the divine protection that Creation God-sama bestowed on me, but am I mistaken?’

After the heroes and I saved this world, Creation God-sama had bestowed a divine protection on me when I declared that I would return here.”

“The protection I bestowed on Haruto was [Good Luck]. Well, it’s a common divine protection bestowed by deities, but…in your case, it had been activated in the most critical moment in the most favorable way possible, apparently.”

Creator God-sama says that the level of the curse was so high that even the Evil God himself could never lift it.

It was totally unbelievable that the Evil God would make a mistake when he casted such a powerful curse, but the [Good Luck] that Creator God-sama bestowed as a divine protection to me caused that impossible mistake to happen.

And now I’m here, thanks to that.

“I can see that you are just an ordinary human, but…the glow of your soul is different from those who belong to my world. Are you a reincarnator?”

Creator God-sama then moved on to Luna.

“Yes. I came from the same world as Halt. I am Luna.”

“Hmm. Luna, I heard that you can read the letters written in the Divine Language. Perhaps the one who reincarnated you is the god governing wisdom back in your previous world?”

“Yes. The Goddess reincarnated me, and bestowed a skill called Language Comprehension to me.”

Thanks to that skill, Luna managed to decipher the characters engraved on the stone monument back in the Dungeon Ruins, and I was able to regain my memory.

“We also have that Language Comprehension skill here, but it cannot decipher the Divine Language. The goddess in your world is very powerful, it seems.”

Heh, so that’s how it was. 

Well, there were around 7 billion people in that world, with different kinds of languages, so it wouldn’t be that odd if the goddess did have that power.

Anyway, Luna’s skill was valuable in this world, it seemed.

“Alright. The last thing that bothers me is you, Hakua. Why are you together with Haruto? You won’t tell me that you became Haruto’s family member, too, right?”

“I will become Halt’s bride!”


I unwittingly sputtered.

Hakua had been sticking around us even after we returned from the dungeon ruins back to my mansion at the academy.

I thought she would return soon, since she still needed to manage the dungeon, but she had been with us until today. She never said a word about becoming my bride the entire time, though….

“If I became Halt’s bride, I can eat Tina’s dishes forever! That’s happiness!”

Ahh, so that’s how it was.

So, she wanted to become my bride not because she liked me, apparently. Oh, right, there were  also folks in my family that had been drawn to Tina’s food.

The cat-type beastkin girl Merdie, and the Divine Beast Shiro.

Those two had been attracted to Tina’s curry, and they had freeloaded in my home until they eventually became part of my family.

Tina had the maid (extreme) skill, so even the other races and divine beast were captivated by the dishes she made.

Even the dragon Hakua didn’t win against her food’s charm.

“The Heroine who saved the world, Elven royalty, Beastkin royalty, Demon considered to be at a disaster level, a reincarnator who has a cheat, a high ranking Dragon, and a Beastkin… Haruto, I already watched over this world for the longest time, but this is the first time I saw a person that managed to gather such power.”

I didn’t even plan to ‘gather’ them, though. Somehow, it just naturally…

Still, Creator God-sama himself already acknowledged it, so I guess maybe it was quite amazing.

I had been immersed in that thought, when Creator God-sama drew nearer to me —

“You already gathered different people. It wouldn’t hurt to add just one more, right?”


Creator God-sama whispered to my ear, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

‘Actually, I wanted to force — no, I wanted to entrust someone to you. Can you please accept her as your bride, too?”

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