God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 21

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Her Intentions

“What is your intention?”

I sat next to the scythe girl and asked her flatly. If she had malicious motives, she would have used another approach. The timing wasn’t right to cause any trouble.


 I didn’t think she’d answer easily.

“How did you see me yesterday?”

“With my very own eyes.”

She replied playfully. You mean you’re not going to answer properly?

“If you’ve seen it, you’ll already know. In my case, I just summoned a goblin with a summoning orb.”

“I didn’t come here to threaten you.”

She spoke in such a mature way, opposite of how she looked. It could even be said to be cold.

“Then what?”

“My type.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just followed because you looked like my type.”

What was this girl talking about?

“When did you first see me?”

“At the front of the floor boss’s room.”

“You shouldn’t have even been there.”

“Well, I was there. You just couldn’t see me.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain.”

Saying that, the girl began explaining.


Nana Mayuzumi, as the girl supposedly introduced herself, started talking about her blessing and special abilities. The god who gave her her blessing was the God of Death. The engraving on her neck was quite distinguishable as being from the God of Death, as it was a skull.

Her special ability in question was a rather ridiculous ability. In exchange for a creature’s head, she is able to almost completely erase her appearance. You can’t see her, hear her, or even smell her. It’s such an unfair ability!

“How long can you disappear for?”

“It depends on the type of creature that gave its head. For example, one second for a goblin.”

“Can you activate it freely? What is its ability?”

“I can. I can save time, activate, and stop it freely.”

“It seems that yesterday you used it for a long time.”

“I was inspired. I have to save more heads to use them again.” 

The scary part of this ability was that it didn’t matter if the sacrificed head was from a living being. In other words, it didn’t have to be a dungeon monster. Maybe humans were fine.

 “Can you be killed while invisible?”

“That’s not possible. You can’t do anything to me unless I appear visible again.”

 “Still, you can pass as an almost perfect assassin. Can you tell me this at least?”

“There is no problem because you’re my type.”

“Don’t you want me to talk about my blessing?”

“It’s fine. I think I have an idea of what yours is.”

“Tell me then.”

“Is it the God of Happiness? Maybe you have a special ability to correct drop items.”

“Why did you think so?”

“Because summoning orbs are rare drops. It’s not sold on the market and you can’t get it unless you obtain it as a drop yourself.”


“I’ve never seen a skill orb dropped by a floor boss. It’s pretty rare.”

“So, is that why you were persistently watching me in front of the association?”


“Don’t look closely.”

“It’s because you’re my type.”

At this time, my smartphone vibrated. Upon checking, it seemed that the appraisal result came out.

“The appraisal is over.”

“How fun.”

Did she have the intention to follow me?

Translator’s Thought

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