White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 23

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The Jackal Village

In the sky, the clouds were as dark as ink intending to press down, and there was a sign of impending rainstorm in heaven and earth.

Under the black clouds, the waves were surging, and a huge shark was cleaving through the waves on the surface of the sea. On the head of the shark stood a one-eyed Murloc with a black eye patch, and the Murloc was holding a spear full of spirit. It was followed by an army of tortoises with bronze shells.

The turtles had a shell diameter of 20 meters. Their shells were loaded with trebuchets and other siege equipment, and some trolls and wolves couldn’t swim. The whole team moved along the waves.

Compared with the rough sea surface, there was no such big movement under the sea. The four white dragons were swimming leisurely in the sea, and 500 Murloc underlings followed behind them.

These were the followers that the white dragons had accumulated in the past few years. It was impossible to unlimitedly transform followers. After all, the scales shed a limited number of scales, and there were still some more powerful followers who could be transformed.

The marching army arrived at their destination.

The four white dragons gradually emerged from the sea, as a bolt of lightning flashed across the gloomy sky in the distance, and the rainstorm arrived as expected.

Boom boom boom!!!

A few seconds later, the thunder blasted in the Murlocs’ ears.

The rain showered on the heads of the Elite Murlocs half exposed to the surface of the sea. The Murlocs turned a blind eye to the rainstorm and followed their masters to move on.

On the beach, the Murlocs swam ahead and left the turtles, leaving behind some of the Murlocs to guard the Kamos giant turtles and siege equipment that could not go ashore. The army continued to move forward and gathered on the land.

They would launch a raid to cut off the Jackals’ village outside the Ogre clan.

Amos also thought about going straight to fight the ogres’ king but to deal with the outer walls of the Ogre clan, siege equipment would be used. The transportation conditions for the huge and fragile siege equipment were very harsh.

The Ogre tribe was located at the centre of the island. It was surrounded by a forest. There was no channel for the siege equipment to pass directly. To prevent the siege equipment from being harassed by the jackals outside, Amos decided to kill them first for a steady advance.

The island was very large. In addition to the ogre tribe, there were four jackal villages. The villages were the food supply base of the Ogre clan. The savage jackals under the oppression of the more savage ogres, hardened into farmers who cultivate the land and grazing herdsmen.

Except for the forest in the centre of the island, they cut down all the trees on the periphery of the island and cultivated them into farmland or pasture. On the island surrounded by the vast ocean, the sad jackals had nowhere to escape, they could only accept their fate.

Amos pointed to the map and said to the dragon siblings.

“Felicia, the three of you are in charge of a village each.”

Even though the strength of the four white dragons was not enough to fight their way into the Ogre tribe and come victorious, it was more than enough to deal with the jackal villages outside.

“Yes, Lord brother.”

Regardless of how they fought in private, dragon siblings would still give Amos face in public.

“Old Blind, Old Jimmy, let me see your progress.”

The two responded in unison, “Yes, master.”

The army continued to advance.

The target village of Murlocs was located in a mountain valley, which blocked the sea breeze and also the sight of the jackals.

By the time the jackals spotted the Murloc army, the village was already surrounded.

Although the jackal village was said to be a village, it didn’t even have a decent house. The dilapidated earthen house was considered the best building. It was more of a sanctuary made of miscellaneous animal leather and wood providing a shelter. Most of the leather had been damp and mouldy exuding a rancid smell.

The road that was already muddy due to the heavy rain, was mixed with the excrement of the jackals, turning into black mud, and stuck to the panic-stricken jackals’ paws.

After being surrounded by the Murlocs, the jackals also reacted. They took agricultural tools and charged towards the murlocs under the leadership of the five Ogres stationed in the village.

“Tide Hunters, prepare for a long-range strike.”

Murloc hunters guided the well-trained bronze-shelled turtles neatly into three rows, and the heads of the turtles were raised at a certain angle.


The turtles that were guided by the tide hunters sprayed water arrows at the same time, and the arrows shot in a parabolic line towards the enemy 100 meters away.



After three rounds of water arrows, the enemy’s population was nearly decreased by half through halfway. They finally rushed to the front of the Murloc team 20 meters ahead.

At that time, five Trolls who were one head taller than the ogres stood up and rushed towards the enemy with the Murlocs. The ogres had thick skin and good magic resistance and only suffered minor injuries. Stimulated by the pain, the ogre went mad, and its combat effectiveness increased instead of decreasing.

Both parties were bulky large humanoid creatures. They met on the battlefield and waved their hideous clubs made by wolf tooths to greet each other.

The huge size brought great power, and both sides were bloodthirsty, but the Troll was a creature with more than just great power. People were surprised by its unbelievable regeneration ability, even if its head was cut off, it could grow a new one.

The Trolls soon recovered as before, while the Ogres did not have this ability, and the Ogres who lost their minds were soon finished off by the trolls in exchange for some minor wounds.

The jackals who were fighting with the Murlocs were also quickly resolved.

This was meant to be an unfair battle. The Murlocs brought by Amos were all Elite Fishmen of at least Level 3 in their profession and well-equipped to deal with a group of skinny-boned jackal farmers without any effort at all.  

At that time, an extraordinarily tall troll took out a small knife from his waist and cut off the head of the strongest Ogre. It hurriedly walked through the Murlocs crowd up to Amos, kneeling on one knee with his head hanging low, and holding the Ogre’s head high above his head with both hands.

This was an ancient ritual – the head offering – where the most powerful warrior of his side presents the most valuable trophy of the first battle to the noblest being of the army, after the victory of the first battle.

Lightning danced like twisted silver snakes on the inky clouds, and the world lit up.

Amos took the ogre’s head under the wild eyes of the Murlocs, jackals and Trolls, and crushed it with one claw, raising it high amidst the deafening thunder.  

“We shall crush the enemy!” 




The crowd of followers raised their weapons in their hands and fervently chanted the name of the White Dragon Lord.

It took a long time before the clamour stopped. 

“River Boar Claw!” 

A strong jackal from his army stepped forward, it was the leader of the jackals, and it knelt on one knee in front of the White Dragon Lord.

“These jackals are in your hands.”

“It is my honour to serve you! Great Master!”  

The jackal bent down and kissed the ground where the White Dragon Lord had once stepped, and turned towards the captured jackals.

“Keep going!”


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