The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 68

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Katariona Enjoys a Night Flight with Leon

By the time we entered the Marquis de Grandeur territory, it was already well into the night. The sky was cold with hints of winter still lingering, and yet the air was clear and pleasant.

Flare-sama and Leon’s competition was ultimately a tie. After having given up, the two gods slowed down once they entered the Marquis de Grandeur territory. That must’ve been exhausting, as they were competing in the skies above the Kingdom of Findalia instead of heading straight home. It’s a relief that we didn’t encounter any tamers riding their phantom or holy beast on the way. 

I’m not tired as I dozed off while buried in Leon’s fluff. Leon must’ve guarded me well as I wasn’t shaken off. 

“Rio, look up at the sky.”

At Leon’s prompt, I looked up at the sky and saw an expanse full of stars. The stars were twinkling like jewels.

“Wow! It’s beautiful!”

“The stars in the wintertime are beautiful because the air is so clear.”

Each star was shining as if to assert itself. And tonight there was a beautiful full moon. The moon tonight was beautiful, accentuating Flare-sama’s and Leon’s beauty who were illuminated by the moonlight. I wanted to gaze at this beautiful sight for a while longer, but I could see the lord’s house of the Marquis de Grandeur just up ahead.

We couldn’t get off directly at the lord’s mansion, so we landed in the forest first and then returned to the mansion.

Marie was waiting in front of the entrance for my return.

“Welcome back, milady. You came back late today. Where did you go?”

“I’m back, Marie. We went a little far, but thanks to that, I got to see some very nice things.”

A night flight with my favorite gods will be an unforgettable memory I won’t forget for the rest of my life.

“I see. Thank you all very much. Milady seems to be having fun.”

“I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it.”

Daaku-sama raised his hand, emerging from Marie’s shadow.

“Rio, Leon, welcome back. What about sis?”

“I believe Flare-sama has already gone back to my room first.”

Daaku-sama nodded saying, “I see,” and then went back into the shadows. Perhaps he’s going to see Flare-sama.

“I have good news for you, milady. I’ve heard that Tojurou-san and his friends will be back here shortly in about five days.”

“Is that so! Will Chris be coming back to visit?”

Marie nodded smilingly.

“Yes. Her Highness Princess Christina will be accompanying them.”

The day after asking Sandorion to process the scales, Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama set out to the royal capital to convey Hinoshima’s request for diplomatic relations with our country. It seems that Kikuno-sama has already applied for an audience with His Majesty the King.

Needless to say, she dragged a reluctant Tojurou-san along as the representative of the king.

Chris also left with them, saying that she wanted to show her face to her parents from time to time.

I’m glad Chris will be here too! She said she would come to visit again, but I didn’t think that His Majesty the King would allow the princess who had been away for a long time to leave the royal capital so quickly.

His Majesty the King loves Chris very much. He dotes on her since she is the only princess he has. Her Royal Highness probably persuaded him to let her travel by declaring, “Such a cute and lovely child such as her should be allowed to travel.” I think she said that in my previous life, too.

“Good for you, Rio. You’ll be able to learn and train with Chris again.”

“Yeah. I’ll have to train hard with Chris under the supervision of our demon trainer, Tojurou-san.”

The long winter was coming to an end, and the snow on the streets had begun to melt. Our garden, which had been covered with snow was beginning to grow some plants as if announcing the coming of spring.

“Rio! We’re starting a sparring practice!”

My brother called out to me from the garden. Until Tojurou-san returns, my brother will be training me. It seems that Brother is about to become a fully certified trainer of the wind swordsman. 

“Yes, Brother! I’m coming!”

Big brother diligently trained with Tojurou-san during the winter, and his skills improved rapidly. Chris and I also gained strength and improved our sword skills, but we were still far from becoming fully certified swordsmen.

“Rio, your skills have improved. I can’t believe you’re a ten-year-old girl.”

“Eh? Really?”

While practicing with my brother in the garden, I wasn’t able to catch my breath even as we talked.

In the beginning, when I practiced fighting with my brother after basic physical training, I would quickly run out of breath and my master would call me out.

“If you keep practicing like this until you reach adulthood, I think you can become good enough to join the Knights.

“A female knight? Un! That’d be cool.”

There are a few female knights in our country’s knightly order.

By the way, Leon was lying on the garden table, looking at our sparring practice with a sideways glance. His fur was shining silvery-white in the mild sunlight.

“Shall we finish our session now?”

“Yes. Thank you, big brother.”

Marie came out with a towel and lemon water, so I took a seat across from my brother to take a break.

“Brother. Are you free sometime today?”

“I don’t have any classes today, so I’m free.”

While drinking a glass of lemon water, I posed a request to my brother, who smiled at me.

“I need your help with something.”

“Okay. What can I help you with?”

It’s almost time for the flowers to bloom. I want to start preparing the forest garden soon. I want to ask Big Brother to help out too. Not as a laborer, by any means.


TL: Tiny note to my patreon friends, I realized I misunderstood the comment regarding the Queen’s persuasion of letting Chris travel. Even though I translated the correct person, my brain somehow didn’t make the connection that since the Queen was the person stated, that she most likely would’ve been the one who said the little quote, too. Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s chapter~!

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