Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 9

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Holy City and Suspicions

Afterward, several dozens of holy knights came and carried the fallen knights away.

It was decided that we would also accompany one of the troops towards the Holy City, so we rode on the carriage they prepared. Seira, Elmia and Shin were also with us inside.

We introduced ourselves all over again, and that was  how we learned that Elmia was the knight commander of the chivalric order of  Holy knights.

Was that outfit really alright? Considering she was the knight commander…………..

She looked more like a holey knight rather than a holy knight.

Elmia sat across from me, so I actually didn’t know where to look.

Well, I just sneaked glances at her voluptuous chest under the pretense of looking at her straight on.

Oh, right, I read something about this in a web article in my previous world. Women would know if a man was staring at her melons, or something like that.

I casually raised my gaze, and Elmia and my eyes met.

She looked so proud about something.

It was as if she was  saying ‘Go ahead, look all you want at this body that I’m so proud of’.

It left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I averted my eyes.

I succeeded in tearing  my eyes away from Elmia’s chest, but they were glued to her gorgeous legs, instead.

They were really beautiful.

Of course, Tina and Leaffa’s legs were also great, you know?

Still, they usually wore long skirts and robes, so I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to see bare legs in my destinations.

There were limited chances of worshipping such gorgeous legs outside my mansion, so I couldn’t take my eyes off…………..

Elmia absolutely noticed how I ogled at her. She had been sitting properly with her knees close together, but she suddenly crossed her legs.

I-I-I saw her panties for a bit!!!

Ahh, as I thought, if we’re talking about Holy Knights, then it would definitely be white underwear, right.

So she underst—



Cold bloodlust radiated from my left side where Tina sat.


Leaffa was smiling beside me on my right side, but it was extremely icy and scary.

Cold sweat ran down my back.

B, blast it!! Busted!!

Elmia was the one who was mostly — no, it was entirely her fault, though…

Elmia was giggling when I looked at her again

She was enjoying how my wives condemned me.

This gal… I’d definitely make you say “I’ll kill you”, alright?

Yes, I understood that it wasn’t really her fault, at least that’s what my mind said.

Still, deep within my heart — no, my soul was screaming to bully her someday.


We reached the Holy City, and I finally alighted from that unpleasant carriage.

Soldiers donned in a different garb from the holy knights were all lined up just in front of the city gate.

“Saint-sama, we heard that you were attacked by warlocks. We are so relieved that you are safe.”

A man clad in a set of expensive looking robes with a nasty look in his eyes appeared and received Seira and the rest of them.

He said he was ‘relieved’ but his demeanor said otherwise, and I couldn’t feel any sincerity towards Seira in his words.

“Duke Ifel, thank you very much for going out of your way just to receive us.”

Seira respectfully greeted this Ifel guy.

This guy was the duke, so he was the person who dominated this entire Holy City.

Duke Ifel was the one governing the Holy City, but Seira was more popular among the masses and nobility, and she was also the person who could receive oracles from the deity, so the duke could never ignore her words.

The duke didn’t consider it to be a laughing matter, so there were several occasions when he bad-mouthed Seira and the holy knights that protected her.

Shin explained all those things while we journeyed towards the Holy City.

Seira denied it, but it was pretty obvious from the duke’s attitude towards her, so Seira was probably mistaken.

“Saint-sama, who are these people?”

Duke Ifel seemed interested in  our group, since we stepped down  from the same carriage as Seira.

“They are the ones who saved my life.”

“Nice to meet you, I am Halt Ernol, Glendale’s Sage.”

“Oh, you’re already a Sage at such a young age. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to you for saving the Saint of Sanctum at this time.”

Duke Ifel extended his hand, so I took it.

— Hm?

He looked a bit suspicious, so I tried to read his mind, but it was covered in something. I couldn’t grasp his thoughts at all.

Maybe he got some kind of magical tool that would block anything that was trying to pry into his mind?

And there was one more thing that bothered me —

I could feel the aura of the evil god coming from Duke Ifel, although it felt really watered down.

Still, even if it was faint, it was like 1/1000 of the aura I felt from the demon back in Alheim.

There was also a probability that he possessed some kind of item related to the Evil God. 

I decided to think that way.

At the very least, there was no chance that Duke Ifel was connected to the Evil God.

We were already inside the Holy City right now which was protected by the Holy Barrier, after all.

This barrier would obliterate warlocks in the blink of an eye, so there was no way a majin or a demon could enter inside the city disguised as humans.

By the way, I already placed the Divine Barrier Resistance Shield around Youko and Hakua. They didn’t have a problem moving around inside the Holy City.

Youko had manifested all her tails when she fought right before Seira’s eyes, so her nature as a demon was  discovered. I explained about our contract, so she allowed Youko to enter the city.

There were demons who established cordial relationships with humans. Examples would be HobGoblins, who evolved from Goblins, and there were also Kijins, who evolved from Ogres.

There were many of those demons who came to the Holy City to ask for help.

Their demon tribe wouldn’t attack humans, but the Holy Barrier would still repel them. Thus, a magical tool called “Demon Control Talisman” was handed to the demons who wished to enter the Holy City.

They could enter the Holy City as long as they had this Demon Control Talisman if they were demons.

In exchange for that, they would lose their power and magic as demons temporarily, so they could only wield magic at par, or less than that of the humans.

Seira offered to prepare those talismans for Youko and Hakua, but we would be troubled if something happened while their powers were being restricted, so I opted to just use the Divine Barrier Resistance Shield, instead, just as planned.

“Well then, please, do excuse me. Thank you very much for your help this time. If something untoward happens during your sojourn just in case, please do not hesitate to call me anytime.”

We entered the Holy City.

Seira became our guarantor, so we managed to enter smoothly.

“I understand. Your Ladyship, if something happens, then please do the same without any reservations. We will be staying here for a week or so.”

“Yes. In case such an emergency occurs  , then please let me count on you.”

Seira smiled and waved goodbye as she left with  Elmia and the Holy Knights.

I was glad that I managed to form a connection with the Saint, so I was already satisfied. It was worth the trip to the Holy City.

Still, the main event was tomorrow.

The Creator God would manifest hopefully, and I would negotiate with him so that he would leave the management of the Dungeon Ruins in Vestier, the Kingdom of the Beastkin, to me.

It would be a lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous about it.

Still, I already prepared a lot of stuff for this deal.

Alright, it’ll be my first time to negotiate with a deity in my life, so let’s do our best.


T/N : This last line…didn’t he negotiate already with the Goddess of Memory? Ah, but maybe that wasn’t counted ‘coz he wasn’t really considered alive back then. Or maybe he was referring to this second life. But what about the Martial God? Enlighten me with this plot hole, please. LOL.

E/N: Didn’t he talk with the creator and evil god before too….maybe he meant that he hadn’t negotiated for quite a long period of time. Lol. Also why is Halt acting like a pervert now. And does he need to control all the countries of the world.  -_-;

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    1. My thoughts are that it’s his first time initiating a negotiation with a god on his own. The first couple times they came to him, but this time he’s seeking out the creation good on his own.

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