Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 8

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

A Female Knight Appeared

Our surroundings were engulfed in a blinding light.

“Is this — Divine Bless?”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Luna apparently knew this spell.

I also read about it in a book before.

It was the ultimate recovery magic, and with the caster at the center, all the allies within a certain range would be revived and healed with a strong therapeutic  spell.

As expected of the Saint.

She probably decided to use it because  not much time was left.

However, I was concerned whether she would run out of mana by forcing herself.

I checked her mana levels with my magical perception.

If it was  not enough, I would have to transfer more to supplement it, so I prepared myself —

Huh? Her mana didn’t decrease?

Seira’s mana level was almost untouched.

Then, maybe [Resurrection] didn’t consume that much?

The fallen knights finally regained their vitality.

What a relief.

It seemed like everyone had been revived.

However, even if life returned to the knights, it would still take some time before they could  wake up. 

After casting the [Resurrection], it would take about a week or two for the spirit, which had abandoned the body, to completely return. 

In short, we still had to carry these unconscious burly guys to the Holy City.

Moreover, the snow white armour they were clad in weighed tons. They probably didn’t notice the heaviness thanks to magic, but the person must be some kind of heavy weight lifter in order to carry all that  stuff. They looked like they were  rare items, too, so there was no way we could  remove and leave them all behind.

In short, it was troublesome.

Should I go with Tina to the Holy City and put a teleportation circle there, or should I use wind magic and just carry them somehow…….

“— Oh!!”

I suddenly felt waves of strong mana rushing towards us with great speed as I contemplated what to do with these fainted guys.

The aura seemed like it was coming from humans, so they were probably allies.

I felt relieved.

Carrying this bunch would be easier now.

“Your Ladyship! Are you alright!?”

A golden-haired female knight appeared.

The armor she was wearing was obviously different from the ones these fallen knights wore.

It was unnecessarily scanty.

Well, it was a feast for the eyes, so I had no problem with that but…………

Still, her getup was enough for me to question it, like “Is that really an armour?”, really.
I knew it was easy to move around wearing that, but her stomach was bare and her belly button was exposed, and her fair, gorgeous thighs were totally out in the open —  I couldn’t help but wonder  whether it could do its job as an armour.

‘You bastard, what are you staring at?”

“Ah, s-sorry.”

She glared at me, and I got scolded.

B-but, you’re also at fault for wearing that lewd armour!!

“Tsk, sleazebag.”

Whoa….what a foul-mouthed person.

Her style was great, and she was gorgeous, but her attitude was the worst.

I wasn’t an M.

It didn’t feel good if you shot daggers and abused me with your eyes.

Rather than that, I was thoroughly tempted by the thought of bullying this arrogant girl to the point of tears. 

I was a big fan of people screaming “Ugh, I’m gonna kill you!”.

Ah, but then, I get  jittery when women cry, so I didn’t want to do  those brutal things.

So, probably a Soft S?

“Elmia, this person saved us from the warlock. Please stop being so rude.”

Seira defended us.

So, this female knight was called Elmia, huh.

“W-warlock!? N-no way, since Shin is there, then he can do something with the likes of a warlock…:”

“Boss, a warlock is impossible, even for me. Not only that, there were two of them, you know. Honestly, we should be dead right now.”

“Two warlocks!? S-so those people repelled them?”

“Rather than repel —”

“They purified them, right.”

“Indeed, there’s not even a fragment of the evil element remaining.”

Elmia was dumbfounded as she stared at me.

“Halt-sama is a Sage, apparently. He possessed the power to counterattack them. Aside from that, the black-haired Elf is the Heroine Tina.”

The color drained from Elmia’s face.

“All your subordinates who are lying here were killed by the warlock. In order to save them, Halt-sama provided the mana needed to revive them.”

“I-I apologize!!!”

Elmia vigorously bowed her head.

Well, I was actually at fault for ogling at her, so she didn’t really have to apologize, but —

Elmia’s chest came into full view, and her voluptuous valley captured my gaze.

I could feel the freezing stares of my family around me except for Shiro.

W-was I the bad one here!?

I couldn’t help it, you know?

I’m also a healthy young man, after all!

So looking was only natural, right?

Given that a beauty with bouncing melons scantily clad in armour was standing right in front of me!!

Well, there was no way I would blurt that out, though —

“No, please do not mind it. Rather than that, we should hurry and bring these men to the Holy City.”

This situation was a lot more dangerous than when we were fighting the two warlocks , so I attempted to ease it up by walking away..

“Thank you very much. The other troops will be here soon. Please do not worry, we can move the men when they arrive.”

Elmia suddenly grabbed my hand.

She suddenly pushed it towards her chest.

“Please pardon my rudeness earlier! I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart! And thank you so much for saving my subordinates!”

She said all that with upturned eyes, but every single word just flew over my head.

My consciousness were entirely taken by the softness of Elmia’s chest—

The freezing stares intensified.

Well, I was already prepared to get a beating later on, so let’s just enjoy the soft sensation of Elmia’s bountiful mountains to the fullest.


T/N: Errrrrr, does she really need to grab a guy’s hand to get a feel of her melons when thanking folks? And she did that after calling him a sleazebag, the nerve. Well, I’m not against her flaunting her curves, she can display it all she wants, be stark naked, I don’t care, it’s her body! It’s just that she’s intentionally seducing him after pointing out how perv he was…double standards much 🙄 And yeah, even if you’re a healthy young man, Halt, don’t you get tired of those things, given that your harem is already amply blessed with them? 😀 Hey, you even sleep beside two sets of those every single night, how blissful. 😀

E/N: She isn’t at fault. Halt was the one staring pervertedly at her. Why are all the women M here. I want a sadistic succubus/vampire that’d teach Halt a lesson. And yeah, having so many women, doesn’t he get tired sometimes. Go touch some grass. 

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