White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 22

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Preparation Before the Big Battle

After returning to the White Castle, Amos landed on the specially designed dragon pad for landing, and the Murloc guards who were guarding the area hurriedly saluted the White Dragon Lord.  

“Go, call Old Blind and Old Jimmy.”  


Amos walked into the hall of the White Fort.

The first floor of the White Castle was a rectangular hall. On both sides, there was a huge area supported by marble pillars carved with gorgeous patterns; the four white dragons would not feel crowded when playing in it.  

At the end of the rectangular hall was a crystal throne 30 meters long and 20 meters wide. The backrest was made of a sharp end of raw crystal shaped in the form of a peacock, and a crystal armrest with a carved dragon head, which looked even more magnificent under the ray of light falling from the dome.  

This was the exclusive throne of the White Dragon Lord, Amos. He was willing to share everything with the dragon siblings, but some things had to be set straight from the beginning.

There was an archway beside the throne, behind which was a staircase leading to the living area on the second floor. This was the private forbidden abode of the white dragons, and the followers were stopped at the hall.

Amos lay down on a throne built according to its adult size standards.

After a while, Old Blind and Old Jimmy came together, walking to the centre of the hall, and bowed to the white dragon on the throne.

“Salute to you, Great Lord!”

Amos nodded and said, “What is your opinion on the current development of the White Castle?”

Over the years, both Old blind and Old Jimmy knew Amos’ personality very well and now looked forward to the upcoming future.

Old Blind said, “The islands within 500 kilometres of Tasman have been taken into the territory by us. Except for the island where the Ogre tribe is located, which is a hard bone.”

Old Jimmy organized his thoughts, and then said, “If we want to continue expanding the White Castle’s sphere of influence, we currently have only two choices. The first is to avoid the Ogre islands for the time being and seek further development.”

“But then, we must leave a part of our elites behind to guard against Ogres sneak attacks from the rear, making them unable to succeed, and I have some concerns that if the supply line is stretched too long, it will cause problems.”  

“The second is to take down the Ogre island, but facing the two thousand Ogres on the island, our strength does not have an absolute advantage. The strong offensive will inevitably result in great casualties, requiring a period of recuperation, which will hinder the pace of the master’s expansion.”  

Amos nodded, basically satisfied with the two men’s answer.

“It seems that you two usually work very attentively.”  

Amos first affirmed the work of the two, and then habitually asked, “So what do you think is going to happen?”  

Old Blind opened his mouth and spoke, “All up to the master to decide, the murlocs are always ready to become a sharp blade in the master’s hand.” 

“Very well, I have decided to take the Ogres first, and the war will start in a month, so go down and prepare first.”  

“We will follow your will!”

War was not simply a matter of two parties making an appointment at a given time. It also involved logistic supplies, battle formations, and tactics.

As the offensive party this time, the Murlocs had to prepare enough food to prevent the shortage during war, and also prepare magic equipment. The sea transportation of this thing was a hassle.

However, these were Old Blind and Old Jimmy’s headaches. Amos came to the prison below the white castle, ready to start his experiment.

The Prison was built under the white castle, guarded by the family members of the Murlocs. There were enemies with a certain value in it. As for the worthless, there was no need to bring them back.

Now the prison was still very empty, with only a dozen Ogres in custody.

After the Ogres were arrested, Amos thought for a while and imprisoned them here, planning to conquer the Ogre tribe, and then accept them together as subordinates. After all, the ogres were amazingly powerful, and they were qualified to be under the command of the white dragon’s main combat unit.

Yes, Amos intended to conquer the entire Ogre tribe, so he had not attacked the Ogre island. After all, in his eyes, the Ogres would be his own powerful fighters sooner or later, and the dead or injured of both sides were his own people. It was uneconomical.

The upcoming experiment was the most critical part of his plan. It was not a simple task to develop a poison that could make the ogres unconscious.

These ogres had high anti-venom abilities. In order to develop a venom that would not be deadly poisonous but also effective, Amos collected the data of the ogres and asked the followers to collect all the plants in the territory and analyze their medicinal properties.

With the help of the System, Amos finally analyzed the poison against the ogres and configured the finished product. Now, he would start the experiment.

Amos used shape-shifting techniques to reduce his size and reached the bottom of the prison.

The ogre detained in the cell on the side saw it, as if it had seen an undead, it quickly turned around and buried its head under its crotch to make an ostrich shape, shivering, and at the same time prayed in a low voice to the ogre god Gruul, “Hope he can’t see me, can’t see me.”

When these ogres were first caught, their tempers were not small. They yelled in the jail every day when nothing happened. They often attacked the Murloc jailers who delivered the food. They had thick skin and were not afraid of being beaten, and they could not be killed directly. For these reasons, Old Blind always complained to Amos.

Until one day, Amos couldn’t stand the presumptuous behaviour of the ogres. He personally caught all the Ogres, tied them up, covered their mouths and let the Murloc torment them all day and night.

Since then, the rebellious Ogres had become good babies, and the behavior of Amos had left a serious psychological shadow on the Ogres so that the grumpy ogres always looked like this every time they saw him. 

Amos watched the ogres in the cell and chose the strongest one.

“Open the prison door.”

The Murloc jailer on the side took a bunch of keys from his waist and opened the cell door.

The ogre looked at Amos with weak legs and was about to kneel.

“Drink it down.”

Amos took out a test tube containing a dark green liquid.

Under the malevolent gaze of Amos, the Ogres did not dare to resist, closed his eyes and bit the bullet, pouring the liquid which was obviously not some good beverage.

One minute passed.

There was nothing wrong with the ogre.

 Is the dose of medicine insufficient?

“Here, drink again.”

The ogre drank without hesitation and even licked his mouth.

Another minute passed.

“Is there any more? Goga still wants to drink.”

Amos had black lines all over his face, these ogres were really fools with such big heads.

“System, what’s the matter, are you sure this was poison, not a vitamin supplement?”

After analyzing for a while, the system came up with the following conclusion: The strong stomach acid of the ogre destroyed the potency of the poison.

Amos put a bit of poison on his nail and poked it into the ogre’s arm.

Goga, the ogre didn’t respond to this little injury at all.

After 30 seconds, the ogre began to stand unstable.

“Goga’s head is dizzy.”

The ogre Goga swayed like he was drunk, and fell to the ground in a moment.

After half an hour, he woke up leisurely.

Seeing the results of the experiment came out, Amos left the cell immediately.

“It seems that the secretly poisoning plan will not work …

“Fight it is!!”


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