Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 7

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Revival of the Knights

“Is this much enough already?”

Halt asked that.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

He asked if  the amount was enough— but the mana he was referring to was already much, much more than the amount I normally receive from the Creator God.

I had never been filled with so much mana since the day I became the Saintess.

My mana limit had considerably risen.

When I first got my mana from the Creator God, I checked my status board right away, and —

Mana: 252000/???

That was what it said.

The Creator God didn’t give me fixed amounts of mana per transfer, but it was around 200,000 points.

A high-ranking, Level 90 Magician would have around 5,000 mana, so 200,000 mana was already equivalent to 40 magicians.

What a staggering amount, wasn’t it?

Still, wasn’t I greater, since I could handle all the mana given to me by the Creator God, and there was still a lot of leeway?

Actually, it was my pride.

However, today, I was hit with the reality that there was a limit to the amount of mana I could receive.

I received too much mana from Halt, so I felt nauseous and my entire body felt  hot; my mind was in a daze.

This was probably mana intoxication.

Symptoms of mana intoxication would occur when you receive an amount of mana that was beyond the capacity of your body.

This  would happen  when people receive mana from other people, and it was considered as mana intoxication that way too, but it could be prevented by adjusting the mana’s wavelength to match the receiver’s.

This Sage Halt was truly admirable.

He already matched the wavelength of the mana with mine — it was as if he knew it already even before — and he even changed it to a holy attribute before transferring it to me.

That’s why, I shouldn’t have felt this mana intoxication, but…..

Even though he already gave more than what the Creator God gave, which I knew instinctively, he still continued on, so I was shocked, and I felt my body suddenly burning.

It was the first time to experience mana intoxication since I became the Saintess.

[Resurrection] required 10,000 mana.

The Barrier of the Holy City needed 100,000.

Do you understand now how abnormal it was that Halt handed me a million points of mana?

I was the Saintess, but it couldn’t be helped that I hastily shook his hand off and tried to get away from him, even though he was kind enough to give his mana.

What in the world had just happened? It didn’t matter if he was a sage, how did he have such a monstrous amount of mana —

No, I didn’t have the luxury of thinking about that.

There was not enough time for the knights who gave up their lives in order to protect me. The bond between the souls and bodies was already thinning for some of them.

I needed to hurry up and save them.

Even if Halt had passed on such a colossal amount of mana to me, I couldn’t perform [Resurrection] if their bodies were mutilated.

If it was the rumored Shrine Maiden who lived in the dragonoid’s village — if it was her, she could revive them just by the mana that remained inside their bodies, and she had one day max in order to do it, but….

I had never met the Shrine Maiden of the Dragon before, and it was actually doubtful that such a person existed. I couldn’t rely on her.

That was the reason why I had to somehow revive the knights myself.

I bowed deeply before Halt, then I prepared myself to perform the spell.

[Resurrection] was a spell that would return the soul inside the body, but it didn’t mean that it would heal the wounded or mangled parts. That’s why I had to piece their corpses together first before doing it.

I was about to cast the recovery spell, when —

“Your Ladyship, please reserve your mana for the [Resurrection] spell. I will be the one to heal them.”

Halt said that.

I already received enough mana to revive a hundred people from you…Besides, it was difficult for a person, no matter even if he was a sage, to heal the limbs that had been cut to a thousand pieces, right?

I was about to say that, but Halt had already moved.

He instructed his comrades as well as Shin, my own knight, to gather all the remains of the knights in one place.

Then —


Really, how many times did I doubt if my eyes were still functioning today?

Halt used Heal, no mistake about it.

It was evident from the way the mana flowed.

And yet, the result was totally not like what ‘Heal’ was supposed to do.

It had the same effect as [Bright Heal] — the spell that only the most elite of the physicians specializing in recovery could cast.

And that was what he used.

The horribly mangled and mutilated remains of the knights were all restored in a blink of an eye.

I am a Saintess.

I specialized in receiving oracles from the Creator God, and I could also receive mana from him and use it accordingly.

I could also heal the wounds and illnesses of the people.

I could be considered as the top class among the upper echelons of the physicians in this world.

The number one, even.

Still, compared to my magic, Halt’s magic was way above it.

It was as if he didn’t aid their recovery, it was as if he turned back the time……

“Alright, it’s done. Luna, please support the Saintess so she can use her revival magic more easily.”

“I understand!”

I had been captivated by his Heal, so support magic was already flowing to me before I noticed it.

“T-thank you very much.”

This support magic was anything but normal, too.

She was casting [Concentration Up], an auxiliary magic that increases mental concentration, and also elevates the success rate of casting spells. It could also render the spell more effective in some cases.

An ordinary auxiliary enchanter’s support magic could increase the status by a small percentage, but the one casted on me increased my contraction points several times over. 

This blue haired girl — it was as if she was already over Level 100………..

No, that was impossible.

I never heard about an auxiliary enchanter who reached that level. No matter how many parties they joined in order to defeat monsters, it would be extremely difficult for auxiliary enchanters who couldn’t slay monsters on their own to level up.

She must be using some kind of rare magical equipment to support her magic  –- I decided to settle on that thought.

Okay, time for me to revive these knights!


I casted the spell as usual.

It was supposed to revive the one of the knights before me, who was near his time limit.

However, because Halt had given me a massive amount of mana, and my concentration had been strengthened way beyond what was needed, my revival magic had undergone sublimation to the next level.

The spell that was activated was none other than [Divine Bless] — the ultimate recovery magic that could heal and provide divine protection to all the people that were within its range.


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  1. Is it not possible to feel the aura and guess how strong one is
    Well, to be fair he level 10

    1. Level 10 with a miniscule mana level. His strength is that he can never exhaust the tiny amount, but the trade off is he can only do basic spells and has to build his complex spells in parts.

  2. It is possible to detect someone’s power, but since Halt is fixed at level 1, with 10 mana, if you detect his mana when he’s not using his absurd magics, it’ll always be the 10 mana of a level 1 person.

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