God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 19

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Floor boss

 About 15 minutes elapsed from the time the last party entered the large room to when the entrance reopened.

 Again, the inside was empty. I think the previous party may have advanced forward. Nothing remained, so at least they weren’t wiped out.

 When an explorer dies in a dungeon, their body becomes smoke and disappears, leaving only their belongings behind. It’s the same as when monsters die.

 “Well, should I go in?”

 I deliberately raised my voice and entered the large room. Was this room about 30 square meters in size?

 There was the sound of the entrance closing behind me.

 The floor started shimmering and what appeared to be magic circles emerged.There were six in total. Only, one was obviously larger than the others.

 “Guga, gaga!”

 One High Goblin with a muscular build and five other goblins surrounding it appeared as the light converged.

 The High Goblin looked at me and laughed in amusement.

 “What are you happy about? Dirty scum.”

 “Gaga, gaga!”

 When the High Goblin responded, the surrounding goblins also began laughing.

 “Since I’m alone, you aren’t even considering me worthy as an enemy.”

 The High Goblin laughed even harder, holding his stomach, to my words.

 “But I’ve prepared for this day.”

 The surrounding goblins also started laughing harder while holding their stomachs.

 “Let’s fight evenly in numbers.”

 I took a handful of summoning orbs out of my magic pouch and pondered on a goblin name.

 “Gobu corps, come out!”

 The summoning orbs shone and five goblins appeared. However, it was not enough. I took out another handful of summoning orbs and thought again.

 “Gobi corps, come out!”

 The summoning orbs shone and another five goblins appeared. Again, it was still not enough. So, I took out another handful of summoning orbs and pondered about the name again.

 “Goba corps, come out!”

 The summoning orbs shone and five more goblins appeared.

 A total of 15 goblins received metal bats from me and glared at the High Goblin.

 “What’s wrong? Why did you stop laughing? Dirty scum.”

 The expression on the High Goblin’s face fell.

 “Hahaha! What’s with that face! Where did your enthusiasm from earlier go?”

 “Guga, gaga!”

 The High Goblin gave some instructions to the surrounding goblins, but the surrounding goblins only looked at one another and didn’t move.

 “Goga, goga, goga!”

 The High Goblin yelled at me this time, but the surrounding goblins still didn’t move.

 “Hey, you followers. If you come to this side, it won’t be so bad. What are you gonna do?”

 One of the surrounding goblins ran over to my side and then pointed it’s rusty sword at the High Goblin.

 “Goga? Goga, goga, goga?”

 “Haha! What a masterpiece! What about you remaining goblins?”

 The remaining four goblins also ran over and directed their blades towards the High Goblin.

 “Gegyo, gegyo, gegyo!”

 “Ok, do it!”

 “Gi, gi, gi!”

 The goblins all charged simultaneously, and then they started attacking the High Goblin with their metal bats and swords.

 The High Goblin attempted a counterattack, but since it was getting hit from all angles, it did no decent damage.

 “More! Make sure to do it thoroughly!”

 “Gi, gi, gi!”

 The High Goblin was quickly knocked down to the ground. I couldn’t gage it’s condition, and I only heard a scream, so it was probably still alive.

 “Ok! Enough, that’s good! Leave it!”

 The goblins heard my command and pulled away all at once. What was left after that was the High Goblin, barely moving.

 “This is unsightly. Really, these goblins viciously defeated this High Goblin.”

 I slowly approached the High Goblin and finished it off.

Translator’s Thought

Negishi amazingly always enter prepared, having his tactics in mind. Wow…He’s literally trying out every vicious move that comes to his mind, and he really knows how to make use of the people and things around him. He’s a bit cool though :> Enjoy reading, and consider supporting the Author by giving ratings or bookmark. HERE


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