Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 6

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First Commission?

The warlock was defeated.

There were two of them here before, but I saw with my own eyes that my family didn’t have any trouble dealing with them, so it was a relief.

Well, I dealt the final blow to the other one, but Youko would had slayed it for sure if she had continued fighting.

The only thing I was worried about was the probability of  Luna encountering  a warlock or a demon when all alone. alone. She was an Auxiliary Enchanter, so it might  be very difficult for her to fight a warlock on her own.

Maybe I should give her a tool with stronger magic rather than the bracelets I handed everyone else.

“Excuse me…Thank you very much for saving us when we were in danger. I will definitely repay you for this.”

Seira bowed her head.

“No need to mind it too much. I just happened to teleport here so I saved Seira.”

“You dare to  address the Saintess by her name. Shameless! Do you wish  to die?”

Ooopsie, Mr. Knight got mad at me.

I spoke out of habit from the past…

Seira herself requested that I call her by name, but then, that was a century ago, when I was still a hero.

I am  just an ordinary person right now, so it was only natural that I got scolded for calling her by name.

“Shin, stop. This person is the comrade of Tina Harivell.”


So Seira remembered who Tina was.

She didn’t recognize me, though —

Well, it couldn’t be helped.

The knight was shocked when he learned that the very young looking elf who saved them was no other than the Heroine Tina.

“Please pardon my knight’s rudeness.”

“Please do not worry about it. I was also rude towards Your Ladyship, so,  I apologize.”

Well, I said sorry in the meantime.

The knight was glaring daggers at me, so I said it politely.

“Seira, it’s been a while. You remembered me.”

“Of course. There’s no way I would forget about Tina Harivell, the person who saved the Holy City and the entire world.”

“Thank you very much. Please, let me just correct one point. I am Tina Ernol.”

“Ernol, don’t tell me —”

“Yes. I’m Halt-sama’s wife.”

“Let me introduce myself. I am Halt Ernol, a Sage dwelling in the Kingdom of Glendale.”

“Sage…Y-you’re so young, and yet…”

Just a Level 1 guy, though.

“Would you like to see my status board?”

“N-no, it’s fine. Your magic earlier was  enough to prove that you are indeed powerful.”

Good job, it was a wise move that I defeated the warlock in front of her since I managed to show off my power.

Alright, she would rely on me in the future, no mistake about that.

I’m waiting for your commission, anytime!

“Ahm, there is a request  I want to ask  of you.”


Oh, a commission already  came.

“What might it be?”

“I would like to request for your help in carrying them back to the Holy City.”

So, she wanted us to help her bring the corpses of the Holy Knights that accompanied  her back to the Holy City, huh.

She could revive them if they were in the city. However, she was already out of time.

“If we return to the Holy City now and ask for help, I won’t be able to save some of them. Please, I beg you. Please lend us your power.”

Seira knelt down on the ground and bowed towards me. The knights who died protecting her were all clad in white armour and were called Holy Knights.

Even though she was a saintess, she was willing to lower her head for the sake of her subordinates.

“P-Please, I also beg of you…Please help us so we can save the seniors!”

Mr. Knight also knelt down beside Seira, bowing  his head. He knew he could probably carry a few of them, but he probably decided that he wouldn’t be able to save all of them by himself, so he also asked us.

I looked around us.

Some of the Holy Knights had their limbs torn off.

There were also some who had their intestines gouged out and scattered.

I was a bit hesitant to carry all of them in this state.

‘Why don’t we just revive them here instead of carrying them to the Holy City. The Saintess can cast [Resurrection], if I am not mistaken.”

I knew about this, since I watched her cast that spell in the past. And I also fully knew why she couldn’t use that spell right now —

“I can do [Resurrection]. However…my mana isn’t sufficient to do this.”

Revival magic required colossal amounts of mana.

Even Ryuka, who had a large amount of mana already, would dragonize whenever she would use revival magic, and she had to raise it further or else she wouldn’t be able to use it.

Seira would pray to the Creation God and offer piety, then he would give her mana. She could store that colossal amount of mana inside a [Vessel], but it didn’t mean she had the ability to raise her own mana levels.

Right now, her mana was almost empty already.

Because of that, she couldn’t use revival magic unless she returned to the Holy City and obtained it from the Creation God.

Regardless, mana was the only thing she lacked.

And, I was here.

So, all the problems were solved.

“I will transfer mana to Your Ladyship, so please use that to cast [Resurrection].”

“T-that’s impossible. Even if you are a sage, you don’t have any idea how much mana is required just to revive a single person—”

“Well, well, please judge him after you receive mana from him, alright.” (Youko)

“That’s right!” (Mai and Mei)

Those three already received mana from me, so they vouched for me and backed me up.

Youko was already in the monster class — well, she IS a monster — and it was also obvious that Mai and Mei were high level spirits. They managed to persuade Seira to receive my mana.

“Alright, here I go.”

“Y-yes. Go ahead, please.”

I started to transfer mana to Seira.

I converted it to one with divine attributes, so that she could easily absorb it.

When we were around one million points —

“P-please! I-I can’t take anymore than this.”

Seira looked a bit pained as she backed away from me, as if she was trying to run away from the mana pouring out of my outstretched hand.

What, so you were fine with just this much, huh.

Unlike Mai and Mei whose existence levelled up after transferring a colossal amount of mana to them, Seira was a human so it would be dangerous for her to receive more mana than she could bear.

“I-impossible…This is —”

Seira’s entire body was glowing faintly.


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  1. By the very definition noone is stronger than Halt in that world. Thanks to the curse his power is limited only by the time it takes to accumulate the mana needed for whatever comes to his mind. The only way someone could go toe to toe with him is if they too had unlimited mana but that would lead to an endless battle as im pretty sure his HP being locked makes him un-killable.

  2. I know the knight did it out of reflex, but seriously, “wish to die”? And who’s going to implement that? The knight that couldn’t deal with the 2 warlocks?

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