I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 53

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Open Classroom

Miaomiao was a little shorter than Zhou Yuan, but primary school uniforms were normally sewn to be larger, so the uniform still was a perfect fit for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan didn’t realize this double standard. Miaomiao recently donned this uniform, but Zhou Yuan thought it was fine to wear it. It was as if he had a lapse in memory and forgot about what he said about not wearing other people’s vestments.

The principal couldn’t stay for too long since had to take the kids back to school. After Zhou Yuan changed his clothes, they all returned to school.

Deng Feng was the first person to reach their classroom door after their return to school.

The Chinese teacher was already ensconced at her desk. The elementary school also had self- study classes. Today’s self-study class was Chinese.

In an unhappy tone, Teacher Xie said to Deng Feng, who was panting, “You’re late.”

Deng Feng wasn’t actually late, but the teacher’s attitude startled him, so he froze at the door’s threshold.

The teacher unhappily looked at them. There were three troublemakers who sneaked out of school, which caused all sorts of trouble. And the fourth person was the one she wanted to avoid the most.

She was naturally unhappy.

Deng Feng mumbled, “Zhou…Zhou Yuan…”

He wanted to explain that Zhou Yuan forgot to bring his school uniform, so they had to head outside to change his vestments.

Teacher Xie got impatient with the speed of his articulation, “Where are the others? Did they jump over the wall again?”

“No.” The principal held Miaomiao’s hand, traversed through the classroom door, and exuberantly said, “They went out to don their school uniforms. Don’t worry, Teacher Xie, I was with them the entire time.”

He then turned his head and told the four children, “Go back to your seats and study.”

Teacher Xie had nothing more to say.

All four children returned to their seats. During this time, the bell for the morning’s self-study class sounded.

In an instant, the classroom was filled with students reading aloud. Miaomiao also read aloud.

It could’ve been due to Miaomiao’s nervosity since she was going to attend her first open class, but she felt that the morning’s self-study class had passed by quicker than normal.

When class ended, Jingjing and the others looked very calm, whereas Miaomiao was fraught with nervousness and apprehension. This was her first open class.

She didn’t know how open classes were taught, but the teacher’s words from yesterday affected her; therefore, Miaomiao carefully reviewed what the teacher was going to teach again today.

Soon, it was time for their second class to begin. Some strangers entered the classroom one by one, carrying stools, pens, and notebooks.

So many of them…

Nervousness and consternation began to engulf Miaomiao.

Grasping her hand to comfort her, Zhou Yuan whispered, “Two little red flowers.”

When he mentioned the two little red flowers, Miaomiao’s eyes instantly lit up and gleamed with exuberance.

She turned her head to nod at Zhou Yuan, “Don’t worry. We’ll get those two little red flowers.”

As soon as the bell rang, the teacher walked in with a big grin on her face. A stranger followed behind her.

He also clasped a stool in his hand. Upon entering the classroom, he scanned the room and discovered that the back row was full.

He then directed his gaze to the front row. Suddenly, he walked next to Miaomiao’s side, placed the stool down and sat down.

Miaomiao’s body became tense the moment he sat down. She dared not look at him.

Zhou Yuan, who was holding her hand, felt her trepidation instantly. Therefore, he stood up and changed seats with Miaomiao.

Teacher Li was surprised, but since it was something minor, she paid no further attention to it.

She then began to talk about their lesson.

This wasn’t her first open class, but it was the first time she had taught open classes with this particular group of students. Since it wasn’t her first time, she wasn’t nervous.

There were more questions today than the norm since today’s lessons were focused on student interaction and getting the students to think.

Since the questions were agreed upon in advance, they weren’t very difficult. Everyone participated actively.

After sitting in Zhou Yuan’s seat for a while, Miaomiao’s nervosity and disquietude abated.

Miaomiao followed her teacher’s instructions that she gave them beforehand. She sat in front of the class with a proper sitting posture. Her back was straight, and she looked at either the blackboard or at her textbook, demonstrating the spirit befitting a model student.

She focused on listening carefully to the teacher so that she could quickly raise her hand when she needed something to be clarified or to avoid missing something important.

Teacher Li didn’t keep asking the same questions to the same students. Miaomiao only answered one question.

Zhou Yuan also answered one question. Time passed much more quickly than usual. When the bell sounded, Miaomiao felt as if time was ephemeral in this classroom because time had passed by so quickly for her since its start.

After the teacher and the people who had visited their class had left, Miaomiao recovered her spirits and uttered to Zhou Yuan in disbelief, “We answered the questions. We’ll get two little red flowers!”

Zhou Yuan replied, “Yes. We answered the questions.”

Their third class was physical education. Miaomiao filled her pink cat water bottle with water and hung it around her neck.

Jingjing found carrying a water bottle irksome, so she told her, “Miaomiao, we could go to the canteen and purchase a bottle of water later.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, she suddenly realized that their big business schemes and money-making plans were being side-tracked due to the wall jumping incident. After that deed, they never talked about it anymore.

So, she asked, “Miaomiao, when are we going to start making money?”

Miaomiao calmly answered in the same manner her grandmother talked to her great-grandmother, “We’ll start soon. Haste makes waste.”

She had already started learning…

Jingjing said, “We were distracted by Zhouzhou’s illness last time, which wasted too much time; otherwise, we would have made a lot of money by now.”

Zhou Yuan replied sarcastically, “…Yes, it was all my fault that you were all dragged down; otherwise, you would all be millionaires by now.”

Miaomiao’s eyes sparkled when she heard the word ‘millionaire’.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Suddenly, he sensed that her body was full of energy. It was almost as if she was going to dart off the next second.

A feeling of exultation enveloped Miaomiao.

Zhou Yuan is very intelligent. If he said that I could become a millionaire, then that would most likely happen.

After a while, Zhou Yuan realized that Miaomiao still lacked language skills.

It doesn’t matter; she’s still young. Her articulation will slowly improve.

Deng Feng said, “Millions…a lot…a lot of money…”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

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