White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 21

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White Castle

White Castle, a sacred place in the hearts of Murlocs, was located in the middle of Tasman Island above the hill.

The White Castle was designed by White Dragon Felicia herself. The building materials were all large blocks of marble mined from the deep sea. The little female dragon brainstormed, and the whole castle was built in the sky.

She used the power of magic to flatten the mountain and use 108 thick marble pillars as the base to support a huge square platform. The Gothic-style castle on the platform was extremely luxurious.

High above the sky on the vaulted ceiling, the four white dragon statues with wings spreading out symbolised the four siblings each guarding each side. Just below the statue, the Murlocs coming out of the four huge elevators could look up to the majestic dragons.

Originally, Amos was opposed to building such a luxurious residence. Throughout the ages, there have been countless dragons slaughtered because the dragon’s nest was too dazzling, but after thinking about the faraway overseas, and there was no human activity here, he agreed.

Though, just to be on the safe side, a large illusion magic array was deployed around the castle. If one doesn’t check closely, it would not find a luxurious castle on the island.

In the master bedroom on the second floor of the castle, Amos was lying on a special velvet mattress with a plate of fruit in front of him. Occasionally, he would pick up a bunch of grapes and threw them into his mouth.

In recent years, the lives of Murlocs had undergone earth-shaking changes, and not to mention the living standards of Amos.

This picky white dragon disliked Murlocs’ rudimentary cooking, and even personally flew to the continent. He asked Philia to help offer a large number of pearls and then bought a few halfling slaves as chefs in addition to a large number of ironware and household supplies.  

That day onwards, he bade farewell to the days of eating raw meat.  

Amos grabbed a handful of miracle fruit and threw it into his mouth, savouring the deliciousness of the fruit while remembering the cavemen who grew these fruits.  

Well, those guys really are ugly …  

In the past few years, the four white dragons had conquered all the small and medium-sized islands around Tasman Island.

Some islands were inhabited by human-like creatures, including cavemen. Those cavemen were physically weak, and even a weak Murloc could fight three of them, but they had rare talent in terms of planting.  

However, what impressed the dragon most was the cavemen’s out of the world ugly appearance.  

Amos remembered the cavemen’s ugly facial features and hunched bodies and smacked his lips in disgust. He thought that even though the cavemen were ugly to such an extent, the cavemen also had dragon blood. Amos felt the whole dragon race was no good.  

How did those former big brothers get their hands on it?!

Thinking about it, Amos suddenly lost his appetite. 

Why not go out and have some fun?

A nasty smile appeared on Amos’ face.

He stood up, stretched out, and walked towards the huge balcony.

Standing on the balcony, Amos looked down on the landscape below. The trees around the mountain where the White Castle was located were cut down, and the soil was hollowed out to bring in the seawater as a moat, or more appropriately called a circular lake. The inner side of the moat also served as a place for the four White Dragon’s Murloc followers to live. 

Felicia did not allow Murlocs to live in her well-designed castle.  

Amos leapt from the balcony. After falling a few dozen meters, he suddenly spread his wings and began to glide forward. The wind pressure cleaved a ripple through the moat’s water.

After gliding above the forest for a certain distance, Amos’ wings shook, and he spiralled up into the sky, straight into the clouds, and flew away into the distance.  

Amos flew above the only large island around Tasman Island, and below was a huge Ogre fortress called Skull Breaking Fortress. The walls were made of huge logs just like White Scale Castle, and inside the walls were densely packed Ogre earthen huts.

Not far from the city wall, various creatures’ bones piled up like a mountain. With the excellent vision of the dragon, Amos was able to see all kinds of insects feeding on the bones.

The ogre also spotted the dragon in the sky and ran to the open ground and yelled at the sky. Individuals grumpily picked up the object at hand and threw it at the dragon in the sky.

It was a pity that even the Ogres with amazing brute force couldn’t reach the white dragon high in the sky. The falling objects hurt their people instead, causing the ogres to jump around in commotion.

Amos looked at the Ogres jumping below and smiled contemptuously. The surrounding water vapour condensed into a huge block of ice and smashed it towards the Ogres below.

At that time, in the huge stone fortress at the centre, a majestic two-headed Ogre could not sit still, and walked out, sending three crimson fireballs to the falling ice.

Boom Boom

The fireball blasted the ice blocks into firework-like fragments in the air. The high temperature of the explosion instantly heated the ice blocks into boiling water, which fell like rain, burning a group of Ogres dancing around.

Amos ridiculed loudly, looking at the double-headed Ogre below, who was spitting fire with his eyes, wishing to pull this goddamn dragon off to roast and eat it.

After laughing for a while, Amos lost his interest, and scornfully looked at the two-headed Ogre who had recovered his composure, and flew away.

This was not the first time he had done this. Since learning about the Ogre Tribe, Amos had been collecting information on the Ogre Tribe. In addition to sending Murloc Assasins to spy on them, he would also occasionally sneak in at night to spy.

Until one time when he got too close, and was spotted by the wo-headed Ogre Chief and fought. Amos discovered that the two-headed ogre was the strongest opponent he had encountered so far.

It had three professional levels: Level 12 Ogre, Level 13 Warrior, and Level 11 Mage. Its comprehensive strength was Tier 4.

The ogres were very powerful, but Amos was not a weak one either. After a fight, it came out as a draw, and they retreated, but the grudges of the two sides were not easily reconciled.

Now that he had been discovered, Amos was no longer sneaked around. No matter if he was busy or not, he would take out some time to visit the old Ogre friend in an open and upright manner.

He was also very polite and would leave behind a small gift every time he came. For example, falling objects from a high altitude, making the ogres dance happily every time they see them.

Amos also knew that this would not do much damage to the Ogres, but it felt good to annoy the opponent. Anyway, he was just idle and doing nothing, so might as well come out and have some fun.

Every time, after leaving the gloomy Ogres, the evil Amos flew away happily.

It’s wasn’t like the ogres did not try to fight back. They ordered the slaves to build some low-quality canoes, and they naively tried to visit the white dragon.

However, the scheming Amos has long mobilized 500 Elite murlocs and stationed them around the ogre island for a long time. The canoes were sunk by the murlocs before it was one kilometre out of the island.

On the shore, an Ogre could hang a hundred murlocs. But, in the water, let alone those ogres who were still being held in the White Castle underground prison, occasionally brought out as free labourers.

The Ogres who lost their wives and their armies never stepped into the ocean again.

Amos was not in a hurry, the Ogres were already a turtle in the jar, and he would only get stronger with time.

And now, he already had the confidence that he could take down the Ogre.

Amos checked his information.

 [Name]: Amos Aldridge

 [Level]: Level 14 Dragon (Level 12 Mage)

 [Strength]: Tier 4

[Faction]: Lawful; Neutral

[Introduction]: You are a male white dragon cub with a soul from another world, causing the white dragon bloodline to undergo deep-level mutations, resulting in an ancestral phenomenon. Your body is stronger than an average dragon cub and your scales are more durable. Your lifeforce is abundant. With your current strength, it would be nice if you do not bully others.


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