White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 20

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Fessy’s day

Four years later.

Early morning.

Murloc Fessy opened his eyes.

“Ah, it’s dawn.”

Fessy stretched and rose from the waterbed accompanied by the sound of lapping water.

A long time ago, Murloc wise men invented waterbeds and led their clan members ashore in order to not be carried away by the flowing sea while sleeping. Once again, the Murloc lives saw radical changes.

Fessy went out. He still felt that his present life was like a dream. He didn’t have to worry about what to eat the next day, he wouldn’t be attacked by sea predators when he went out for food, and there was no need to learn combat techniques.

“Morning, Moka.”

“Good morning, Fessy.”

Fessy greeted his little friend who was studying together with him.


“No, I brought dried fish.”

“Hehe, me too, and I also brought mud turtle eggs.”

The two ate and chatted as they walked to the central square of the Murloc, they saw the marble statue of the white dragon, Fessy gazed at it with admiration.

“In fact, every time you walk up here, you look at the Lord’s statue. Why?”

Fessy scratched his head embarrassingly: “You know, I am a Dark Scaled Murloc. If it weren’t for the lord, I would be a slave now, so I have always been grateful.”

Four years ago, Amos, concerned with stability, only killed stubborn loyalists and pardoned ordinary Dark Scale Murlocs who should have been slaves.

“Yes, we should indeed be grateful, if not for the Lord, we would not have the life we have today.”

The adult Murloc who walked around heard the conversation of two little ones, and smiling kindly, apparently agreeing with them.

“Let’s go, we’ll be late.”

Fessy and Moka walked to a large round wooden house, a fishbone dagger was hung at the door of the wooden house.

Next to it was a row of large wooden houses that were similar in style. But the things hanging at the door were different, including spears, staffs, shields …

Fessy and Moka walked up the steps and greeted their Murloc classmates in the room, who all had chosen Nightwalker as their profession, and the two of them casually found two seats and sat down.

A short time later, an adult Murloc with two daggers around his waist came in and closed the door.

“All right, students, let’s begin our lesson …”

At noon, a group of Murloc emerged from wooden houses, converging into a stream of people in the passageways, and then scattered and went back to their homes.

“See you, Fessy.”

“See you later.”

Fessy returned home and had lunch with his roommates, who were also a group of half-grown murlocs.

Murlocs were oviparous creatures. They didn’t know who their parents were when they are born. All underage murlocs were grouped by age and gender, and they were raised by the clan.

“Wow, Aunt Puli, what day is it today? There is rabbit meat.”

Although their life had changed drastically, meat on land was still a rare sight.

“Ha ha ha, today is …”

After a hearty lunch, Fessy wiped the oil on his mouth.

“Aunt Puli, see you tonight.”

With that, he trotted out of the door.

Arriving at the meeting place, seeing his companions had arrived early, Fessy was embarrassed to greet them.

“Good morning, friends, and you, Cade,” said Fessy and touched the smooth shell of the copper-backed snapping turtle Cade: “Here ~ have some small dried fish.”

Cade the copper-backed snapping turtle was an underage animal companion of the hunters. As an adult, he was more than two meters long. He was a first-order Extraordinary Creature. He could spray water arrows with his mouth open. The bronze turtle shell had amazing defences, many second-order Extraordinary Creatures were unable to take it. He was a right-hand man of Murloc hunters.

The hunter companion said: “Fessy, you like snapping turtles so much, why don’t you be a Tide Hunter and apply for one from the clan instead of being a Nightwalker.”

“Don’t you think Nightwalkers are cool? And Nightwalkers always take on the most dangerous tasks and have the easiest way to gain credit, and that way they will earn the blessing from the Lord and become a member of the White Castle.”

“Come on, it’s not so easy. The Nightwalker’s death rate is also the highest.”

“Have you heard? There’s going to be a new town on a new island.”

“Yes, that island was brought down by Lord Willy himself!” A Murloc with inside information says, triumphantly.

“How do you know?”

“Uncle Lock, who was next door to mine, participated in that battle, and he also said that those Murlocs who had done a great job were going to enter the White Castle today and were summoned by the Lord.”

“I wish we could all become members of White Castle,” as he spoke, his half-big fish-like face was full of hope.

“Well, friends, let’s not dally, what is our task today?”

“Our task is to harvest mature seaweed.”

“Let’s go, then.”

A group of little Murlocs ran past them.

Lord Amos had been encouraging childbirth and the number of small murlocs has increased more and more in the clan over the past two years. The labour force was unable to keep up with an expanding population. Therefore, half-grown Murlocs could only attend half a day of class every day. In the afternoon, they would take on the tasks assigned by the clan.

There were many different tasks, but none of them were dangerous. Most of them were harvesting seaweed, feeding mud turtles, or inspecting sea turtles, fish, shrimp, mussel shells, and other breeding bases in the sea.

The most dangerous task was simply to go to a training ground to feed or clean the animal pens of fighting pets like copper-backed snapping turtles, giant tooth sharks, large pincer crabs, etc.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, could you tell me how to get to the Government Affairs Hall.”

Fessy showed the way to the foreign Murlocs, and he felt a sense of superiority. We are residents of the main city of Murloc – White Scale City.

“Recently, there are more and more vagrant Murlocs coming to join us.”

“Yes, and most of them are coming from far away.”

Fessy and his companions walked out of the wooden gates and looked back proudly at the magnificent walls of White Scale City.

“Every time I look at the city wall, I feel magnificent.”

The walls of White Scale City were made of logs soaked in a special potion, in addition to being exceptionally hard, they also had the effect of insect and fire protection, with one end of the 8-meter-long log sharpened, and three rows of logs nailed into the ground. The gaps between the logs were filled with mud.

Around the entire city, the walls of the White Scale City are five steps a post, and ten steps a guard. Only four sides of the four gates could be used to enter the city, I heard that this construction method was also adopted from the Ogres.

There are various breeding bases scattered around the beaches outside the city and the offshore shellfish, and many Murlocs were busy inside.

Fessy and his team headed straight to their destination.

In the evening, Fessy and his team handed over the task to the logistics department, and then it was free time.

But Fessy wouldn’t relax, he came to the training ground, holding a fishbone dagger against the dummy to train his combat skills learned during the day.

Around it, a group of murlocs regardless of age were training alone or in pairs, half of the sunset on the horizon stretching their dancing silhouettes, a thriving scene indeed.

-Author’s Note-

[ PS: I thought for a long time about how to show the readers the achievements of the protagonist’s plan, and finally felt that it could be described more vividly through the perspective of the beneficiary, the Murlocs, and also laid a lot of foreshadowing.]


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