I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 52

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School Uniform

Miaomiao was very excited about tomorrow’s open class. She turned to Zhou Yuan and said with excitement in her voice, “We’ll receive two little red roses!”

As her excitement ebbed away, she started to think in her heart, ‘We need to each answer at least one question.’

Miaomiao brought back another box of chocolates from school during the afternoon. Mother Hua noticed the chocolates when she checked her schoolbag and asked, “Did Jingjing give you more chocolates again?”

Miaomiao replied in a tone tinctured with embarrassment, “It’s from Zhouzhou.”

Miaomiao then presented the stately chocolates to her great-grandmother.

The next day, Miaomiao rushed to her textbooks in order to review them as soon as she woke up. Then, she slipped into her school uniform.

When she arrived at school, she noticed that every student from her class was donning a school uniform. Among this group of people, Zhou Yuan, who chose not to wear his school uniform, looked particularly conspicuous.

Miaomiao hurried to her seat and asked him, “Zhouzhou, why didn’t you wear your uniform today…?”

The teacher announced that everyone must wear their school uniform.

Zhou Yuan forgot this matter actually. He only remembered after his arrival at school. When he noticed concern for him, Zhou Yuan declared, “It’s okay.”

They heard Jingjing’s voice from behind them, “You should’ve worn your school uniform today. This time, the Education Bureau is carrying out a routine inspection at this school.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Deng Feng commented, “But…but…it’s too late…to go back…”

“Agreed. It’s too late now for you to head back home and change your clothes,” Jingjing continued. “Or how about I head to the classroom next door and borrow one? I know a girl from the classroom next door.”

The uniform was the same for both boys and girls, blue and white sportswear.

Zhou Yuan instantly shook his head, “No.”

It was impossible for him to wear someone else’s raiments, especially a girl’s.

It was at this point that Teacher Li stepped into the classroom to look at everyone. Scanning through the room, Zhou Yuan, who wasn’t wearing his uniform, immediately caught her eye.

“Zhou Yuan, did you forget to bring your uniform? I’ll go next door to borrow one for you.”

Teacher Li’s words coincided with Jingjing’s.

Zhou Yuan refused again.

Teacher Li couldn’t force him to do anything; therefore, she could only helplessly reply, “Alright then.”

When Teacher Li departed from the room, Miaomiao conjectured that Teacher Li had to be very upset. She took the time to remind everybody to bring their uniforms and wear them.

In Miaomiao’s opinion, Teacher Li was also a very good person.

After musing for some time, Miaomiao told Zhou Yuan, “How about we go to my house, pick up one of my school uniforms so that you could wear it? My house is near this school. Don’t worry; it’s clean.”

Miaomiao had two sets of uniforms. One was crafted and sewn by Mother Hua, using fabric that she bought herself. While the uniform made by Mother Hua possessed the same color and style as the other one, it was more comfortable to wear. The school provided the other set.

Miaomiao wore the school uniform that Mother Hua had sewn today, so she still had her other uniform at home.

Miaomiao peered at him with big, watery eyes. They were filled with anticipation, and Zhou Yuan heard her say, “I think Teacher Li really wants you to wear your school uniform.”

Jingjing replied, “Yes, let’s all go. We haven’t been to Miaomiao’s house before.”

They were still in their morning’s self-study class, so they had plenty of time to visit Miaomiao’s house.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t able to refuse. In the end, he surrendered and said, “All right.”

The four children ran out of the classroom together as they clasped each other’s hands.

At this point, there were multitudes of parents who dropped off their children to school. As a result, there were throngs of people on campus.

The four children ran very quickly; their faces emanated their excitement.

When they reached the school gates, a security guard halted them. Then, he asked, “Where are you all going?”

After the wall jumping incident, every security guard was cognizant of these four children.

When the security guard caught sight of them walking outside the school, he felt an immense headache.

An on-duty teacher asked them in a serious tone, “Where are you going? School will begin in a few minutes. Go back to your classroom.”

A moment later, the principal, who was standing outside the gate, trotted over and asked, “What’s wrong with the children?”

All four children were panting due to running too much.

No one knew whether Miaomiao desperately desired Zhou Yuan to don the uniform or if she liked the principal, and therefore no longer feared him, she boldly said, “We’re going to my house to pick up my spare school uniform for Zhou Yuan. We have an open class today, and everyone must wear their uniform.”

In response, the principal suggested, “How about borrowing a uniform from another student?”

Only a few classrooms were selected for open classes. They could simply borrow a uniform from another student who wasn’t in an open class.

His words made Miaomiao a little uneasy, “Can’t we go back and change?”

She was too ashamed to admit that Zhou Yuan felt discomfort at the thought of wearing other people’s uniforms. She was afraid of people scolding and reproaching him for that.

Except for Zhou Yuan who was the main person involved, Miaomiao, Jingjing, and Deng Feng peered at the principal eagerly, hoping that he would agree to their request.

However, their goals were different. While Miaomiao simply wanted to go home to pick up her spare uniform for Zhou Yuan, Jingjing and Deng Feng wanted to visit Miaomiao’s house.

The principal mulled on this for a while before finally answering, “Okay, but I’ll accompany you.”

Miaomiao was elated, “Thank you, principal.”

All four children were holding hands as they left their school. Miaomiao was standing on the side, so the principal held her and walked.

Since the principal agreed to their request, both the security guard and the on-duty teacher allowed them passage.

“You have an open class today. Are you nervous?” the principal asked.

Miaomiao nodded nervously.

Jingjing chimed in, “I’m not nervous at all. I don’t care how many people come. I’ll just treat them like radishes.”

Deng Feng said, “I’m…a little…nervous.”

The principal said with a laugh, “Your teacher must be much more nervous than you.”

The main street was located right outside the entrance to the school. On the side of the street was a traffic signal. The principal waited for the lights to turn green with the children.

“You can only walk when the light is green,” Miaomiao said.

“Yes, Miaomiao is pretty smart,” the principal responded.

As soon as the light turned green, they all strode forward.

Miaomiao remembered where her family lived after passing through her community, so they soon reached her home.

She raised her feet on top of a step and rang the doorbell.

As soon as she opened the door, her grandmother saw four children and the principal standing in front of the house. When she dropped Miaomiao off to school, she had seen the principal a few times, so she recognized him.

Grandmother was a little surprised, “Principal. What are you doing here?”

Grandmother allowed everyone into the house, and everyone crossed the threshold.

Miaomiao had already taken Zhou Yuan to her room to get the uniform. Meanwhile, the principal spoke to Miaomiao’s grandmother about why they had come to visit.

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