Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 63

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro

Spring Break(2)

It was the first day of hunting duty since Cecile’s brother Mihai came back for spring break. In March, the magical beasts are more active. So, it’s time to bring home more meat.

I hunted my quota of Goblins until about three o’clock.

Allen was now looking for the meat of the magical beast to bring back. The Big Toad’s leg, as requested by the Head Chef, was tied to a sturdy stick. He carried this stick on his shoulder and brought it home. On another stick, there were five horned rabbits hanging in the air. The magical beasts were hung from the sticks and taken back to the mansion.

(Eagle, there’s a bird that runs on the ground called an Abaredori. Go find as many of them as you can, as close as you can.)

Allen instructed his summons to look for a magical beast called Abaredori. 4 E-rank birds fly in the sky. Recently, the number of E-rank birds was reduced from six to four.

(Oh, you found one already.)

One Eagle seemed to have found the Abaredori. He carried the magical beasts he had already captured on his shoulders and started running.

He hadn’t traveled more than a kilometer when he saw one Abaredori flying by. It looked like a muscular chicken.


Using his arm strength, Allen threw an iron ball at the temple of the flying bird. It was killed instantly. It collapsed without any resistance.

 My level has risen, and I can now kill most D-rank magical beasts with a single blow.

(Hmm, maybe it’s time to move deeper into the forest.)

I cut the head of the Abaredori I killed instantly with a dagger to drain the blood.

It seems that if I move my hunting area closer to the White Dragon Mountains, there will be more C-ranked magical beasts. I wonder if it would be more efficient to change my hunting area.

(It’s a waste of magic stones if the balls are enough, and around here most of the beasts are mainly D-rank.)

Allen used iron balls to kill prey that is hunted for their meat, whereas used his E-rank summons to hunt other beasts such as Goblins. Since he can summon his summons anywhere within a range of 50 meters, it was easier and more efficient than the iron ball method.

(For now, let’s just Strengthen them. Once I do, I’ll challenge a C-rank magical beast.)

When I was in Kurena Village, I didn’t have many opportunities to hunt. That’s why I was raising Create, Synthesis, and Strengthening evenly. This is because the Summon level rises faster and I receive better blessings.

 However, right now, the benefit of increased status through leveling up is huge. I want to prioritize leveling up the skills of Strengthening and strengthen my summons.

An E-rank summoned beast can be defeated by Goblins. If I go hunting C-rank magical beasts at this point, I will definitely lose and consume all of my E-rank magic stones.

Thinking that he would need to level up his Strengthening skill to 5 before sparring against C-rank magical beasts, he checked on the Abaredori.

 The blood seemed to have drained out of it, so I tied it to the third stick, carried it on my shoulders, and ran toward the city.

I dragged a large number of magical beasts on a stick and passed through the gate. The gatekeeper was surprised at first, but recently he didn’t say anything.

I go through the inner district and aim for the mansion. The back gate of the mansion is not that big, so when I return, I enter through the front gate.

(Phew, I hope this much is enough.)

Under Cecile’s order, I caught quite a lot of magical beasts today. She told me to catch a lot of them for Mihai.

At the end of the garden, there is a board for placing magical beasts for Allen’s exclusive use. According to the gardener’s instructions, the magical beast must be placed there.

Ding, ding, ding.

As I was placing the magical beast, I heard sword clashing sounds coming from the yard.

I looked over to see Mihai and the Knight Commander sparring. Baron Granvelle, the Baroness, Thomas, and Cecile were observing the scene.

This reminds me of the Knight game I used to play with Kurena. I forget to call the Head Chef and continue watching them.

(Oh! Isn’t Mihai moving quite well? Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the Knight Commander wield a sword before.)

“Hmm, that’s it. Young Master Mihai. You’ve improved.”

“Thank you, but I think it’s time you stopped treating me like a little boy.”

“Hahaha”, hearing that everyone laughed. Everyone seemed to be confirming Mihai’s growth after his long leave.

The spar was over, so I went to report to the Head Chef that I had returned. It’s already past five o’clock, so this is the busiest time of the day. The Head Chef always tells me that he wants me to come home a little earlier. I just told him that I have a quota of goblin hunting to do as well, so I’ll be back as soon as possible.

“Hmm?, Allen, you’re back? That’s great, you’ve caught a lot.”

I look at Cecile, feeling like I haven’t been praised in a long time. Everyone’s eyes then gather on Allen.

“I’m back.”

He met her gaze, bowed lightly, and turned to return to the kitchen.

“Wow, I can’t believe you caught that many. How about sparing me, Allen?”

(Hmm? Me?)

As I was wondering what to do, the Knight Commander handed me his sword. It seems that he wants us to have a match too.

(Oh! That’s the Knight Commander’s Mithril sword, cool. Sword spar, but  I’m in hunting mode right now, is that okay?)

I check the status just to be sure.

[Name] Allen

[Age] 8

[Talent] Summoner

[Level] 20

[Strength] 412(515)+130

[Mana] 30 (780) + 200

[Attack Power] 220 (276) + 130

[Endurance] 220 (276) + 20

[Agility] 415 (519) +60

[Intelligence] 600 (750) + 40

[Luck] 415 (519) + 200

Skills: Summoning <4>, Create <4>, Synthesis <4>, Strengthening <4>, Grimoire Expansion <3>, Inventory, Delete, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>

[Experience] 126,470/200,000

Skill level

[Summon] 4

[Create] 4

[Synthesis] 4

[Strengthening] 4

Skill experience

[Create] 94,730/1,000,000.

[Synthesis] 96,610/1,000,000

[Strengthening] 310,560/1,000,000

Summons that can be obtained

[Insect] EFGH

[Beast] EFGH

[Bird] EFG

[Grass] EF

[Stone] E


[Insect] 2 F-rank, 1 E-rank

[Beast] 13 E-rank

[Bird] 4 E-rank

[Grass] 20 E-rank


The dagger gets in the way, so I move it to the side. I am allowed to wear a sword on the days I am on hunting duty. I carry it with me on the days I go hunting because it is unnatural to keep it in my storage.

Grasping the Mithril sword borrowed from the Knight Commander, I faced Mihai at a certain distance.

With everyone staring.

“Oh, my God, Mihai’s going to get hurt.”

The Baroness began to worry. He’s dealing with Allen, who can catch a C-rank magical beast all by himself. He might not know how to take it easy. The Baroness clutched her hands to her chest, looking worried.

“Then I’ll give you the signal.”

Knight Commander continued ignoring the Baroness’ words.

“Both sides ready.”

Allen and Mihai hold up their swords.


Right on signal, Allen using his [Agility], which exceeded 400, approached Mihai. Swords clashed with each other, making a sound.

(Huh? Isn’t he pretty strong? What?)

Immediately, Allen noticed something strange. Mihai’s slash was much heavier than his. Mihai was also faster. It seems that he is not an opponent he could go easy on.

Noticing this Allen swung his sword down using both his hands with [Attack Power] of 370.

(Gee, with just one hand.)

Mihai took Allen’s slash with one hand. After that, Allen’s inferiority continued.

“Don’t worry, Miss.”

The Knight Commander spoke to the Baroness who was watching the spar.


“Young Master Mihai made it through a year in the Academy without being expelled. He can’t lose to someone who hasn’t even been to the Academy.”

The Knight Commander assured the Baroness of Mihai’s victory.

Allen’s sword was flicked away and Mihai’s sword tip closed in on Allen’s throat.

“I give up.”

“Amazing! You are so strong at your age!”

( Uh! He’s so strong. I couldn’t do anything against him at all.)

“No, you are stronger, Young Master Mihai. Thank you for sparing me.”

I bow deeply.

(Well, he did say that he conquered a dungeon for his summer vacation project.)

He must have increased his level in the Dungeon.

(This is the strength of a Talented person who has raised his level to a high level?)

I’ve heard that this Academy has a three-year session. He has only been there for a year and he is still this strong. I’m sure he must have improved his level by conquering Dungeons for his summer vacation project.

It seems that the level just increases 100 times faster in Normal mode compared to my Hell mode. It’s very hard to compete with.

Mihai reached out his hand to Allen.

“As expected of Cecile’s manservant. Take care of my sister.”


Allen answered Mihai with a handshake. His first match against a Talented person in Normal Mode ended in a complete defeat.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Maybe now they will let allen play knight with knight comander and mihai

  2. I think that although he would have lost either way if he changed his summons, he would at least do a little more

  3. Strange… If Allen is weaker than Mihai and the commander, they should be able to hunt e.g. the deers solo as well right? That’s also what the knights do, hunting… Then why are there mobs that are not hunted because they are strong? Mihai is only 14! “Strength inflation” is what it feels like…

    1. Imagine a mage fighting a swordsman without being able to use magic. That. I doubt that Mihal, were Allen to swarm him with beasts cleverly used on top of attacking him directly would stand a chance. Said condition being, by the way, what those he hunts are under. Allen gets buffs from his beasts but at the same time, a summoner is not a close combat class and its stat growths reflect this. Not only that but Allens training in using a sword is minimal to say the least. It’s not as though he’s swinging his own sword around all day long rather, while his fighting style does involve swordsmanship to an extent, beasts play a much bigger role. All of which culminates out to “if Mihal, a person whose stat growths specialise in swordsmanship and who is thrown into areas where monsters are most likely minutes away from each other, then Allen winning in a contest of swordsmanship would be bullshit even if they can’t hunt monsters.”

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