Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 3

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Reason for Trip to Holy City

I casted a magical circle and prepared to teleport.
Destination was the Holy City of Sanctum, of course.

Just as stated in its name, Sanctum was a nation with only one city, and it wasn’t affiliated with any other nation.

The Holy City had its own laws, government agencies and was endowed with its own military troops.  It  was a completely independent city. It was to the core,  an inviolable country, because it was the only place that could receive the oracles of the Creator God.

If a nation attempted to wage war against the Holy City, then it would receive punishment from the entire world.

Merdie had never been to Sanctum, so I explained about the Holy City.

“The Creator God…is the deity that is above the Martial God, right, meow? Is it even possible for us to meet such a person, meow?”

“Normally we can’t. Well, it’s already a miracle that we met the Martial God in the first place.”

Just as Leaffa said, even if this was a fantasy world, deities did not appear here and there anytime, apparently.

When the deities spoke — or receiving oracles, in other words, was already great enough that they were handed down generations upon generations. If the deity appeared, then it would become a hot topic in the entire world immediately.

It had been quite terrible when the Martial God appeared in Vestier, the Kingdom of the Beastkin.

High-ranking priests were dispatched from the Holy City to Vestier in order to investigate the reason and details of the Marital God’s manifestation, and Leo contacted me about it.

Leo received a prototype magical tool for long-distance communication from me, but he  looked really worn-out when I saw him in it.

(Those guys don’t want to go home! And yet, they’re just talking and asking about the same things over and over again…)

Leo was mad.

The Martial God had appeared before me when I extinguished the fire in front of his statue. I told Leo about it, but he didn’t readily disseminate that information since he considered my position as the owner of Vestier.

Because Leo hid the fact that the Martial God appeared before me, his explanation must have sounded vague, so the priests continued to question him persistently.

I did something awful to Leo.

If they were to find out that I was involved then…..

They would take me to the Holy City and I would be detained there for a long time.

— That’s how amazing the deities’ manifestations were.

“I also met him once. I only received oracles from time to time after that.”

Hakua received her life from the Creator God and was assigned to become the custodian of the Dungeon Ruins, and yet, she only met him once in her entire life.

I became a bit uneasy.

I wanted to consult the Creator God about something, that waswhy we were going to meet him.

That something was —

“Normally, it’s impossible to meet the Creator God, and yet you’re going there to request and negotiate the management of the dungeon, meow….”

‘Are you serious, meow?’ — that was written all over Merdie’s face as she incredulously stared at me.

The reason I wanted to meet the Creator God was to request that he allow me to manage the dungeon that I captured. 

In my previous life, I also read about Isekai transmigrated heroes in webnovels, so I was interested in managing dungeons.

I could build the dungeon by stationing monsters and treasures, then summoning heroes and converting their emotions into dungeon points.

It was like a cultivation game, and it really seemed fun.

I absolutely wanted to try it.

Hakua, the current Dungeon Master, was with me. Her dungeon was exclusively for heroes, so only they and their comrades could enter there.

By the way, only two groups of people had entered that dungeon since it was built in this world, and I had been there at both times. Both groups also captured the dungeon.

And so, it could also be said that I already mastered Hakua’s dungeon.

Besides, even if it was touted as exclusively for the training of heroes, all the rare items had already been retrieved, and not a single monster remained after I hunted all of them to aid Luna and Ryuka’s leveling.

Hakua’s dungeon had totally become desolate.

If he entrusted it to me, I would turn it into a dungeon bustling with adventurers. 

I had a plan.

Various problems might  arise, but I already thought of  solutions for them.

Based on Hakua’s explanations, the structures of normal dungeons closely resembled the ones I read in webnovels in my previous world.

As for the power to implement that — a huge amount of mana was required to solve almost all of the problems related to that. In that case, there weren’t many people around who were  better suited to manage the dungeon than me.

I already got an unlimited supply of mana, thanks to the curse of the Evil God, after all.

Of course, I planned to structure it so that if a low level hero was born, then he could also cultivate himself inside this dungeon. 

Honestly, I felt it was a waste to reserve a dungeon with that scale for heroes that would only go there once every hundred years or so.

The only problem now was whether the Creator God would manifest, or not.

I had been assuming that taking Hakua with us would increase our chances of meeting him, but then, it might not be as easy as that.

“I’ll do my best with the negotiations, but the Creator God must manifest first. It would be great if he did appear….Well, let’s just go there for the meantime!”

Martial God’s requirements back then were easy to understand. All I had to do was extinguish the fire that was burning below his statue, and we had to do it from afar, without using magic.

It would have been great if Creator God was easy to understand, too.

I stepped into the completed teleportation circle made from magic with these thoughts in my mind.


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