White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 19

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Reward and Punishment

The next day at noon, Amos sent Old Blind back to Tasman Island and leisurely flew to the coastline.

 From a distance, he saw a group of White and Blue Scaled Murlocs cooperating to detain a group of Black Scaled Murlocs.

Amos landed in front of Old Blind who was standing in the front of the line, his large wings flapping and blowing a strong wind; the Murlocs staggered and swayed with the wind.

The Blue Scaled Murlocs and the bound Black Scaled Murlocs saw the magnificent beast in front of them, with their mouths opened wide, frozen as if they were wood, while the White Scaled Murlocs were much calmer and saluted respectfully.

“Supreme Master.”

Old Blind made a fist with his right hand and thumped his chest.

“Well, very good, you haven’t let me down, I’ll give you credit.”

“It’s an honour to serve you,  master.”

Old Blind pointed at the Blue Scaled Murloc next to him and introduced: “Master, this is the chief of the Blue Scale Clan, Jimmy Blue Scale. He is a Murloc Tidecaller. He heard the name of the master and took the initiative to seek refuge with me and subdued the Dark Scale Prophet of the Dark Scale Clan.”

Amos didn’t know how famous he was, but Old Blind knew how to flatter, which was not bad.

“Well, you will get your reward.”

Amos said to the Blue Scaled Murloc on the side and nodded slightly.

“Mho la la la la la la (God will punish you)!”

The Dark Scaled Murloc Prophet who was tied into rice dumplings yelled furiously.

The Prophet was considered sacred among Murloc, and all of them were single-minded, and apart from the gods they believe in, they wouldn’t easily yield to other creatures, and Amos had no intention of taking it slow, nor did he want to establish his power by showing off his might.

There is a saying: living fish are in distress, dead fish are happy.

Then he’d simply send it to the kingdom of God to enjoy the blessing.

As Amos thought about it, he made a quick decision, and his tail sent the Dark Scale Prophet flying.

“This is what happens when you fight against the great dragon!”

Words coordinated with the dark-scale prophet who shot across the sky like a shooting star, and Amos portrayed the ferocity of the dragon with vigour, silencing the Murlocs, and Old Blind became more and more frenzied.

Amos knew the principle of kindness and authority.

“Old blind, this is your reward.”

Amos took out an enchanted spear, and it was attached with only an acute character, and wasn’t something precious. Amos had kept it in the dimensional bag since he got this spear in the Scorpion’s cave. Instead of leaving it to dust, he might as well reward this to his subordinates and strengthen his forces.

In the envious eyes of the Murlocs, Old Blind took the spear, trembling, with both his hands. Iron tools were rare in the Far Islands, let alone enchanted weapons.

“Jimmy, accept my gift.”

Jimmy was thrilled to see Amos taking out one of his dragon scales. He was not a shrewd hunter like Old Blind. He was a wise Murloc Mage who knew the benefits and limitations of a dragon’s scale.

But he had no other choice, as his life was coming to an end, so seeing Old Blind who had transformed into a dragon descendant, he immediately took the initiative to call for peace and decided to take refuge.

In the same way, Amos transformed Jimmy into a dragon descendant.


[Name]: Jimmy Blue Scale

[Level]: Level 8 Murloc Tidecaller

[Strength]: second-order

[Camp]: Chaotic; Neutral 

[Introduction]: The chief of the Blue Scale clan, a rare Murloc Mage, known as the old Jimmy. Whose life is coming to an end, has received the Dragon Vein of the White Dragon Amos, becoming his faithful dependant, and has obtained a longer lifespan, and has seen a drastic increase in strength.

Amos took a different look at this unconcerned Murloc. This old Murloc wasn’t weak and knew about current affairs. These kinds of talented Murlocs were needed for the development of power.

“Old blind, from now on you’ll be the Great Chief of all the Murloc clans, responsible for all Murlocs under my command!”

“Thank you for your trust.”

Amos could see that Old Blind was the most loyal to him, and he wouldn’t betray him after being transformed into a dragon descendant. Of course, the most authoritative position was given to him, at the same time, sent an indirect message to all the Murlocs: loyalty determines your status. 

 “Jimmy, from now on, you’ll be Old Blind’s deputy, and you’ll assist him in managing the clan.”

Then, Amos appointed Jimmy as Old Blind’s deputy; this kind of talent should be used effectively.

Jimmy, who had completed his transformation, replied: “I’ll follow your will.”

“As a Murloc clan, you must work together well in the future, let the clan grow and develop, and achieve my great goal.”

Without waiting for their replay, Amos announced to all the murlocs: “You all are the same. If you contribute, you can also win my gift.”

Thinking of the beast that was killed last night.

“Now you go to the forest. Bring back all the food and start a feast.

“Long live master!

After issuing another order to encourage reproduction, Amos flew back to his nest amidst the cheers of Murlocs.

Early next morning, Amos landed on a platform specially prepared for him at the Murloc Village.

It was a  wooden platform at the centre of Murloc village; one meter above the ground. It was open and spacious enough to gather all the Murlocs together. Now there are more than two thousand Murlocs gathered around Amos. 

“What orders do you have for us, master?”

Amos looked at Old Blind and Old Jimmy who were saluting and said straightforwardly: “Is there enough food for the clan?”

Old Blind: “Thanks to master, the meat we harvested yesterday is enough for us to survive for three days.”

Old Jimmy: “After three days, We’ll hunt in the sea and pick aquatic plants.”

“Well, are there enough resources in the surrounding ocean for you all?”

“I’ve discussed this with Old Blind and will let the clan hunt further away.”

“Then in future, if the number of Murlocs keep increasing, what should you do? Would you go further?”

Old Blind and Old Jimmy looked at each other, not knowing what Amos meant.

Old Blind Eye said stiffly, “We are stupid, please show us, master.”

“Well, murlocs can learn from humans. Like farming, and cultivation.”

“Master, please forgive me, we don’t have the relevant production materials.”

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

A powerful force was bound to consume large amounts of resources, and food was the most fundamental part of that. Without adequate logistical support, everything was just empty talk.

 Amos saw the rich seaweed and fish resources in the sea, he had an idea.

Although he did not understand the relevant technology, he had a system.

He personally went to the bottom of the sea to observe the living environment of the seaweeds, let the system scan and record the data to deduce the cultivation technology of the seaweed.

It concluded that the seaweed grows in moderate-depth waters at low tide. Following the thought, he recorded all the surrounding areas suitable for growing seaweed.

After teaching the technology to Old Jimmy, Amos instructed him to arrange people to start the process.

Amos said to Old Blind, “Go and collect all kinds of sea creatures, if you want to live, give them to me tomorrow.”

He wanted to find economical seafood suitable for farming and build a complete farming ecological chain.

Old Blind Eye and Old Jimmy went away with great vim. They had a hunch that big changes were coming to Murlocs life.


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