The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 65

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 Katariona Receives a New Title

TL Correction Note: I finally realized that the Dragon King Princess, Sylphy-sama, is a god. I’m guessing their entire clan (or dragon population) is? Or perhaps I’m wrong. It just seems like, amongst the dragon gods, the Dragon King clan is the highest rank. 

After waving her off until she was out of sight, I suddenly had a question I wanted to ask Leon.

“Hey, Leon. Aren’t reverse scales precious? If I remove them every time she grows a new one, wouldn’t that put too much of a burden on Sylphy-sama?”

“The Dragon King Clan’s source of power is that egg-shaped thing. They possess tremendous amounts of magical power. Therefore, they need to regularly release their magical power. It’s said that the reverse scale is the place where they release their magical power. At least that’s what the dragon king princess said last night.”

“So the reverse scale is the dumpster for magical power? That’s go…….bgh!”

Kikuno-sama shoved a rice ball into Tojurou-san’s mouth.

“Any more than this would be disrespectful to the gods, Hikoshirou.”

I could vaguely guess what Tojurou-san was about to say. However, as Kikuno mentioned, it would be disrespectful to say so aloud.

“Do you think it would be okay to modify the scales so that they’d be smaller pieces?”

I stared at the scales Sylphy-sama gave me. 

“Of course.”

I settled on processing the scales into accessories.

“By the way, Leon. It seems we’ve earned the title of Dragon Slayer.”

When I had tried to appraise the dragon we had defeated with Flare-sama’s bracelet, the appraisal of Tojruou-san, who happened to be by my side, appeared.

The appraisal’s result was: 

  • Magic Attribute: Wind, Barrier Magic?
  • Skill: Foodie
  • Title: Member of the Wind God

I also appraised Chris and Brother, and found that they had a new title, “Dragon Slayer”. I can’t appraise myself, but I’m pretty sure I’m the same.

“Isn’t that good? The title of Dragon Slayer is reserved for those who slay dragons, which doesn’t happen very often.”

“I don’t think it is.”

Even though it was an act of forced Majeure, I felt sorry for the dragon. 

(TL: force majeure basically means it was something unexpected/out of her control, and that she had to comply. In this case, it was because it was willed by a god)

I think I’d feel sorry for him even if he was taken by Sylphy……

“It was the dragon who attacked you first. You just defended yourself. So don’t worry about it.”

“That’s right. Plus, dragons make good materials. Lots of people want them.”

Chris and Tojurou-san chimed without hesitation, justifying the act of killing the dragon.

“Anyway! Now that it’s over and done with, we have to split up the loot. However, there’s a problem!” 

I said, wiping Leon’s mouth, which was covered with grains of rice.

“What problem?”

“When we enroll into the Magic Academy, we’ll have to go through the magic attribute test again. What am I supposed to do with a title like this?”

“Oh yeah, you’re right. If my idiot brother sees me with this title, he’ll take notice of me.”

Chris and I puzzled over this. My older brother, who had yet to enter the Magic Academy, also thought about it.

“What, don’t worry about it! All you have to do is hide the title part.”

“You can do that?”

I was surprised because I had an idea.

The other day, I had learned “Hidden Talents”, which is a Sacred Magic skill that allows you to hide your own skills.

When I told Chris about it, she looked surprised.

“Sacred Magic can do that? That’s awesome!”

“As long as we get Rio to hide our title, there won’t be any problems.”

“However, the problem is only solved for the time being.”

Brother patted his chest, his face returning to his peaceful expression.

“Speaking of which, do you think we should mourn for that dragon?”

When I suggested this, Tojurou-san made a face asking “what?”.

“Mourn? We did just kill the dragon. Let’s collect it.”

“That’s a good idea. If we leave the dragon there, it will turn into an undead creature, which will be troublesome to deal with. I’ll ask the God of Time to carry it away.”

As Leon tried to call the God of Time, I tried to stop him.

“Wait a minute! Is it okay if we cremate him properly?”

“The world is a world where the strong prey on the weak. This is the natural order of things, Rio.”

Leon tapped me on the shoulder, sighing. The touch of his paws is comforting.

“……I’ll leave it to you.”

Is this what the natural order of things is? I was strangely convinced by Leon’s words.

It can’t be helped then. Silently I prayed, “Dragon-san, riding the belt of reincarnation, I pray that you will be reborn as one of the dragon species and that you won’t be hunted by humans next time.”


The day after we defeated the dragon, Chris, Leon, and I decided to go to Sandorion. We planned to consult with Laura about having the scale, given by Sylphy, turned into accessories.

“The snow is pretty deep, isn’t it? How are we going to get to the town?”

Since Chris isn’t used to walking on snow, we can’t walk to the town as it’s winter.

“We’ll be going on the reindeer sleigh I showed you before.”

Waiting at the entrance, the sled came out after a while.

“Wow, it’s a reindeer. What’s that jingling?”

“It’s a bell. The winter weather is very volatile. Sometimes, there are blizzards that obstruct our view. The bells are used to let us know that a sled is coming.”

We have a rule in our territory, that if you encounter a snowstorm, stop and let it pass. However, when you’re in a situation where you must drive, the bells must keep ringing at all times. For example, when we had a person become ill and had to take them to the doctor. 

Chris curiously looked at the reindeer. Our reindeers are very friendly. This is because I occasionally visit the stables and love to visit the reindeer and horses.

“Your Highness, Milady, Leon-sama, please come aboard.”

The head butler opened the sleigh door. 

“Thank you, Head Butler. I’m off.”

“Have a safe trip.”

I sat side by side with Chris facing forward, and Leon sat on the other side.

“It’s not as comfortable as riding a carriage, so you’ll have to bear with it.”

“I’ve never ridden a sleigh before, so this should be interesting.”

When the door was closed, the sleigh began to move slowly. It was a little different from the rocking of a carriage because it was on snow.

Today Leon was dressed as a boy. Chris stared at Leon, who sat on the other side of the carriage.

“Looking again, Fluffy-kun’s human figure is beautiful. Aren’t your odd-eyes particularly noticeable?”

“Don’t say the same thing as Rio and Marie. I don’t know about human beauty or ugliness, but I wear tinted glasses when I’m out in public.”

Saying so, he took out his tinted glasses from his pocket and put them on.

“You don’t stand out then. But it’s problematic that you can’t see the beauty or ugliness in human beings.”

“What’s the problem? A person with a beautiful soul should also be beautiful in appearance.”

Chris jabbed her finger at Leon.

“When Rio grows up and dresses up, she will be beautiful. How are you going to compliment her?”

Chris, who always compliments me, is still a beautiful girl, but when grows up, she’ll become even more beautiful. 

“Rio is pretty no matter what she wears.”

Leon may have said that casually, but I was shy being praised as pretty by the god I loved in my previous life. 

“Forget it.”

Chris waved her hand dismissively. It seemed that she had given up trying to explain human beauty and ugliness to Leon. Besides, human beauty is not only about appearance.

When we arrived at the Sandorion, Laura greeted us out front. I had made an appointment in advance for today.

“Rio, Her Royal Highness, Leon, welcome. It’s been a long time.”

Laura, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, was as bewitchingly beautiful as ever.

“You can call me by my name, too. You’re the Goddess of Fire, aren’t you?”

“Then I’ll call you Chris. Right now, I’m the owner of the Sandorion, so you can call me Laura.”

Chris nodded, indicating she understood.

“It’s cold outside. Please come in.”

Laura said, ushering us to her office, passing the parlor.

“As for the accessories you inquired about in your letter, they can be processed.”

Laura got right to the point.

“Thank you very much. These are the scales I would like you to process.”

Saying so, I placed the scales we received from Sylphy-sama on the table.

“Is this a dragon scale? It’s not just any dragon.”

“This is the reverse scale of the Dragon King Princess.”

Leon answered Laura’s question for her, also informing her how we got the scales.

“What a rare experience that must have been. It’s a once-in-a-thousand-year occurrence to meet a member of the Dragon King clan.”

We were very lucky to have encountered this once-in-a-thousand-years event.

“I want you to process these scales into accessories. It can be as simple as you like.”

“It is certainly too large to wear, but with this size, I can only make enough for two people.”

“That’s fine because there are only two people who need to wear it urgently.”

Laura happily agreed. She said it would be completed in a week, and then she’ll deliver it to us.


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