God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 16

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

Bad Explorer


※Bulletin board session

 [Eccentric Weirdo] Yabai Explorer Part1023

1. A Gentleman Passing By 

Yabai Explorer Ranking:

 ① Loincloth knight

 ② Colonel sailor suit

 ③ Japanese old story

 ④ Mr. Balloon

 ⑤ Shinigami-chan

 ⑥ Man who replies in a loud voice

 ⑦ Mr. Troll

 ⑧ Nature

 ⑨ Madam Ashura

 ⑩ Kenshiro

 * Ranking changes from time to time after discussions by gentlemen

2. A Gentleman Passing By 

Thread stand

3. Passing Gentleman 

Good work everyone 

4. Passing Gentleman 

Shinigami-chan, it’s time to move up in the rankings, isn’t it?

 5. Passing Gentleman

Well, because Shinigami-chan is a god. The God of Death.

 6. Passing Gentleman

 No, you’ve never seen Mr. Balloon, right? You’re fighting with balloons on, right?

 7. Passing Gentleman

 Shinigami-chan is usually cute. But her eyes are dangerous. 

 8. Passing Gentleman

She usually hold a scythe in the city. Shinigami-chan. Won’t you get caught? 

 9. Passing Gentleman

 I saw it too! In Shinjuku!

 10. Passing Gentleman

She’s wandering around the middle floor of the Shinjuku Dungeon alone. Shinigami-chan, I want to be friends

 11. Passing Gentleman

 > 10

 Stop it. Seriously head-hunted

 12. Passing Gentleman

 In the top 10, the ones with the worst humanity are Shinigami-chan and Loincloth Knight

 13. Passing Gentleman

 Also, Nature.

 14. Passing Gentleman

 Nature is just naked in the dungeon. He’s not malicious. It’s just his natural attitude.

 15. Passing Gentleman

 No no, he intentionally sleep naked near the transfer stone. Nature is.

 16. Passing Gentleman

Nature, he is going to get mowed down if he run into Shinigami-chan.

 17. A Gentleman Passing By

Nature, I’m glad Sapporo dungeon is your base.

 18. Passing Gentleman


 19. Passing Gentleman


 20. A Gentleman Passing By


 21. Passing Gentleman

 Nature is too loved

 22. Passing Gentleman

There haven’t been any sightings of the top 3 lately.

 23. A Gentleman Passing By

Well, because the top 3 are in the deepest floor.

 24. A Gentleman Passing By

Is there any gentleman who would dive to the deepest floor to see the three of them?

 25. A Gentleman Passing By

No, normally just a top explorer.

 26. A Gentleman Passing By

 Haven’t you found newcomers lately?

 27. A Gentleman Passing By

 Because it’s a small grain these days

 28. A Gentleman Passing By

There was a dangerous guy in the Shinjuku dungeon. He was diving in the dungeon with a cooler box.

 29. A Gentleman Passing By


 30. A Gentleman Passing By


 31. Passing Gentleman


 32. A Gentleman Passing By

 > 28

 Man? woman?

 33. A Gentleman Passing By

 Man. At first glance, he’s handsome. He was wandering around with a huge cooler box on the 4th floor of the Shinjuku Dungeon.

 34. Passing Gentleman

Cooler box. I feel like something is fishy.

 35. Passing Gentleman

 > 28

Did he have a weapon? Only a cooler box?

 36. A Gentleman Passing By

Didn’t have one. Only a cooler box and a backpack. He tried to avoid the public eye.

 37. A Gentleman Passing By

 I saw that guy too! He brought a cooler box to the Shinjuku Dungeon. There was a stamp on his neck that I had never seen before!

 38. A Gentleman Passing By

 A cooler box…Blessing from the God of Fishing?

 39. A Gentleman Passing By

 That blessing is not suitable for an Explorer! You should be a fisherman.

 40. A Gentleman Passing By

 Isn’t it really incidental? In the cooler box, there’s a dismembered…

 41. A Gentleman Passing By


 42. Passing Gentleman


 43. A Gentleman Passing By


 44. Passing Gentleman

 No, it’s too noticeable for that

 45. Passing Gentleman

 That’s right 

 46. ​​A Gentleman Passing By

 Shinjuku-based gentlemen want additional information

 47. A Gentleman Passing By


 48. Passing Gentleman


 49. A Gentleman Passing By


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Translator’s Thought

First Appearance of the bulletin board~ What do you think about it? Its quite interesting and a nice change of pace to have the bulletin board and know what the others are thinking and discussing about. And Negishi is really attracting attention, how funny. Well, Enjoy reading. If you like the story, consider supporting the Author by giving ratings or bookmark. HERE



  1. 25.-28. Posts seem a bit off
    28 has I instead of He based on context
    34 smell the incident? Think that’s a mistranslated slang

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