I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 50

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Little Gift

The water bottle that Miaomiao used was a cute, little portable bottle that Mother Hua had purchased for her. It was designed for elementary school students. It could be worn around the neck. When the lid was opened, there was a suction nozzle, which one could use ideally to drink water. 

Mother Hua thought, ‘No wonder why Miaomiao always remembered to bring her water bottle every day.’

Mother Hua was touched and was sad at the same time, “Miaomiao, you don’t have to do this.”

Would the other children ridicule her daughter for bringing a water bottle? After all, the children in her P.E. class went to the store to buy their own material water instead of bringing their own water bottle.

Mother Hua squatted down, “You can occasionally buy some food with your classmates.”

Miaomiao believed that she didn’t need to buy food if she wasn’t hungry. However, she wasn’t able to expound this clearly to Mother Hua.

The next day, Mother Hua put a ten yuan bill into Miaomiao’s schoolbag. “If you don’t want to use it, you can keep it for later.”

Miaomiao replied, “Okay.”

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan was worried about his finances since the price of the chocolates was 455 yuan. It wasn’t a particularly exorbitant price for him, but his savings were running out.

He considered it for a while, but he still wished to find other ways of making money.

Then, he remembered Miaomiao squinting her eyes with delight as she ate her chocolates.

He then made an order. Furthermore, he chose the fastest delivery option available when he placed his order.

The bank card, which Zhou Yuan used, was under Father Zhou’s name, and his cell phone number was also entered into the section that requested his contact information. If any money was deducted, Father Zhou received an alert.

Father Zhou was watching television in the living, and then suddenly he received an alert. After digesting the text message, he went to the study to find Zhou Yuan.

“Big Brother Zhou, did you finally buy some stocks from overseas?” he asked.

Zhou Yuan peered at his father and replied, “No.”

Glancing at the computer, Father Zhou walked to the entrance of the study and looked into the kitchen. After ensuring that Mother Zhou was too busy cooking in the kitchen, he went back to the computer table and asked, “Boss Zhou. Do you have any plans to buy any stocks?”

As Zhou Yuan furrowed his eyebrows, he replied, “There isn’t enough data.”

“I asked my colleague to find out information about some stocks. I’ll present you with the information right away.” As soon as Father Zhou uttered this, he immediately sat in front of the computer cheerfully as he opened the files.

Zhou Yuan: “…” How long have you been waiting for this moment?

While Father Zhou sat at the computer, he didn’t forget to check what Zhou Yuan had just bought. He saw that he had bought…chocolate?

Father Zhou patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, “The boss indulges in some very sumptuous chocolates in comparison to me. During my youth, I ate some chocolate that cost only two cents. You just bought some very opulent chocolate. For this price, you could use it to buy a ton of the cheap chocolates that I ate when I was young. Boss’s behavior is completely different from ours.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

“By the way, you didn’t buy this chocolate for your little tablemate, did you?”

Then, Zhou Yuan interjected, “Are you going to keep talking ceaselessly? Or are you going to show me the stocks?”

Father Zhou immediately ceased speaking.

The little tablemate that Father Zhou had mentioned raced quickly to school. Since she had much better balance than before, she wouldn’t fall down while she ran.

She was also holding something in her hands.

Zhou Yuan saw Miaomiao panting as she ran, and he noticed the gift box in her arms. A bow was tied on top of the box; therefore, he knew with certainty that it was a gift box.

Zhou Yuan also touched his own gift box that he placed under the desk, and then he smiled.

Miaomiao sat down into her seat, placed the gift box on top of the table, and then she took her water bottle off her neck and put it on the table as well.

She turned to greet Zhouzhou, “Good morning, Zhouzhou.”

Zhou Yuan greeted her back, “Good morning, Miaomiao.”

Miaomiao was still a little worried. After all, this was the first time she was going to give such a stately present to somebody.

Zhou Yuan grinned as he asked Miaomiao, “Why didn’t Miaomiao do her homework during the video call yesterday?”

“I was shopping for presents with my mom,” Miaomiao explained.

Yesterday, she sauntered around several streets before finding a gift that she liked very much.

Looking at her sincere expression, Zhou Yuan’s smile became even more evident.

As he touched his own gift box, he thought about watching Miaomiao as she cheerfully ate a manifold amount of marvelous chocolates with glee.

“What’s the gift?” Zhou Yuan asked.

After removing the ligatures and the bow tie, Miaomiao revealed a large green succulent plant ensconced safely within the gift box. It looked cute and healthily verdant.

It was in a flower pot. The leaves were so cute that they reminded him of Miaomiao’s adorable face.

Back then, Zhou Yuan wasn’t fond of plants, but now he found them adorable.

He thought about doing some research about rearing plants on Baidu* when he returned home.

Jingjing and Deng Feng arrived at this moment.

Miaomiao put the cover back on quickly and tried to retie the bow.

However, when she tried to tie the bow, she wasn’t able to.

Miaomiao was fraught with anxiety. Even though she tried to retie the bow, she didn’t know how to.

Zhou Yuan finally took the box and tied the bow for her. 

Miaomiao smiled and thanked him. Then, she turned her head and handed the gift to Jingjing. She whispered with embarrassment, “This is for you. I carefully selected it for you after a long time.”

Jingjing was very surprised. “What’s this?” she asked.

Then, she unwrapped the box and showed a cute plant inside.

“It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed.

Next to them, Zhou Yuan was still dumbfounded.

This isn’t a gift for me?

Later, Zhou Yuan realized that Miaomiao was getting along better with Jingjing.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

At this point, Miaomiao was still talking with Jingjing about whether this plant should stay at school or not.

“Should we name it?”

Jingjing replied, “We’ll call it Little Flower.”

Then, the two girls put the small flower pot with the plant inside on the windowsill near their seats so that they could see it all the time.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Zhou Yuan took out the box of chocolates and put it atop his desk, and then he ate a piece of chocolate.

It seems as if I had bought it for myself. Well, it’s not tasty at all.

When she returned to her seat, Miaomiao’s eyes zeroed in on the box of chocolates on Zhou Yuan’s table.

Even though she quickly retracted her gaze, she swallowed unconsciously.

*Baidu is an internet search engine company in China. 

Translator’s Thoughts

Jealous Zhou Yuan  😂😂 He ate the chocolates without any hesitation.

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