I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 49

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Big Savings

Since Miaomiao enjoyed her gift and wasn’t angry at her, Jingjing decided to gift the entire box to Miaomiao and placed it under her desk, “Miaomiao. Eat slowly. It’s all yours.”

Miaomiao ran her hand over the box.

The chocolate is very soft and easy to chew. It’s also very tasty…

Great-grandma will absolutely love this.

This led Zhou Yuan to notice one of her very strange idiosyncrasies. Miaomiao couldn’t resist putting her hand under her desk to brush her hand on the box of sumptuous chocolates. Then, she gulped down her saliva.

Zhou Yuan was amused by this little girl’s gluttonous idiosyncrasy. His mind was wandering, and he couldn’t focus on his book since he wanted to see what this little glutton would do. She looked like she wanted to devour the entire box amidst their class.

However, even when class had ended, she didn’t eat anything in secret. She just merely rubbed the box with her hand.

She restrained herself very well.

Zhou Yuan surmised that she would begin eating with fervor as soon as class ended, but this never happened. After class, she turned around to face Jingjing who sat behind Miaomiao in the back row.

Miaomiao took out her homework sheets and placed them on Jingjing’s desk. Then, the two little girls began to work on their homework.

Their reconciliation today was even mushier because of yesterday’s quarrel.

Compared to adults, children behaved very differently. Adults quarrelled like a shattered mirror. Even if the mirror was repaired, there would still be cracks in it.

Children fought more like a magnet being pulled apart. When they reconciled, they’ll just just attract each other even more.

Miaomiao couldn’t resist holding Jingjing’s hand as she did her homework.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

He anticipated that Miaomiao would begin feasting on the chocolates.

But even when it was time to go home, Miaomiao still didn’t consume the remaining chocolates.

Zhou Yuan found it strange.

It’s obvious that she wants to eat them. Why isn’t she eating them?

Miaomiao quickly left the classroom when school ended in the afternoon.

Today, Mother Hua came to pick up Miaomiao.

Mother Hua noticed that her daughter walked much more briskly today.

In the past, Miaomiao would leave slowly, but today, she seems to be accelerating her pace.

Is she hungry?

When they entered their house, Mother Hua commented, “Miaomiao. Grandma already prepared dinner. I’ll serve it to you now,” and retired into the kitchen.

When she came out of the kitchen, she saw Miaomiao producing a beautifully decorated box from her schoolbag, and then she placed it in front of her great-grandmother, “Great-grandma…they’re soft.”

They’re so soft that you don’t even need to chew with your teeth. Elders would find them suitable for eating.

Grandmother also came out of the kitchen and stood next to Mother Hua as they witnessed this. She whispered, “Miaomiao is too…too…”

She couldn’t find the correct word to describe her granddaughter.

Miaomiao carefully took out a piece of chocolate from the box and handed it to her great-grandmother. At first, her great-grandmother thought it was just an ordinary snack, so she happily ate it.

As a result, when she put it into her mouth, she realized that it was something she had never tried before.

It’s very delicious.

“Did she buy it herself?” Mother Hua whispered.

Grandmother then hearkened back to something. There was a box that stored some money for Miaomiao that was located near the entrance. She opened it to check, “You asked me to put some change in this box today. There’s just as much money in here as before; nothing was taken out.”

The box was filled with ten yuan notes. It was Miaomiao’s pocket money. Even though Miaomiao was still a primary school student, she still needed some form of entertainment, so Mother Hua gave her ten yuan per day so that she could purchase some things. She knew that Miaomiao won’t use the money all the time; therefore, she kept it for Miaomiao. This box was used as a container for the unused funds.

Mother Hua was a little surprised. When they had moved in, she had placed a hundred yuan into the box. Every morning, she gave Miaomiao ten yuan. She already gave out these bills, so how could they still be here?

What’s going on?

“It’s possible that she never used the money and put it right back into the box,” Grandmother said.

Mother Hua decided to ask Miaomiao. When Mother Hua walked over, she saw Miaomiao putting the box of chocolates on top of the coffee table. Then, she told her grandmother, “Great-grandma. I’m leaving the chocolates right here. You could eat them whenever you want.”

She didn’t hand over the chocolates to her mother or grandmother because, similar to her, they liked eating a variety of other savory foods, whereas grandmother had no teeth; therefore, she was limited in what she could eat. Also, there weren’t many pieces of chocolate left.

Great-grandma should eat these chocolates,’ Miaomiao thought to herself.

Mother Hua hugged Miaomiao and asked, “Where did Miaomiao get these chocolates?”

“Jingjing gave them to me.”

Mother Hua thought that it would be considerate if they prepared a gift in return. When children became friends, they naturally gave gifts to each other.

“Would you like to give Jingjing a present also?” Mother Hua asked.

Miaomiao nodded. She also wanted to give Jingjing a gift.

“Then, we’ll head out and buy one in a while. Miaomiao can buy whatever she wants.”

When Miaomiao heard the word ‘buy’, she was shocked.

Mother Hua then asked, “Miaomiao doesn’t use the pocket money, does she?”

Mom found out.

Feeling a tinge of guilt, Miaomiao squeezed the hems of her clothes. Then, she wondered what Jingjing or Zhouzhou would do in this situation.

Then, Miaomiao whispered, “Yes.”

“Miaomiao also needs to have some money with her so that you could buy some food when you’re at school.”

She had a very frugal roommate in college. She developed this habit since her parents never gave her any pocket money when she was a child. This caused a bit of a headache for her since she didn’t buy her own things during her four years of college. She didn’t even buy her own toilet paper and simply used the stuff that her other roommates had purchased.

Mother Hua had noticed for a long time that Zhou Yuan loved Miaomiao very much. He bought her everything, but it was this matter that led to her heightened sense of vigilance. She didn’t want Miaomiao to take things for granted.

Due to this, she always thought that Miaomiao should have some money with her. If she wanted to purchase more opulent items, such as phones and watches, then she must ask for the money.

Miaomiao shook her head, “I eat enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t need to buy anything else…”

In her opinion, she ate food every day. She doesn’t need to buy any more snacks.

Mother Hua asked, “After your P.E. class is over, what would you do if you’re thirsty?”

“I’ll just bring my water bottle…” The other kids often forgot to bring a water bottle to their P.E. classes, but Miaomiao strapped one around her neck. That way, she wouldn’t have to buy a water bottle after class.

Mother Hua: “…”

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