Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 62

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Spring Break(1)

It is now early March. It is before noon with pleasant sunshine. Allen was riding in a carriage.

Thanks to the Butler who put him on hunting duty at the end of December last year, he now hunts two days out of the six days a week.

As a result, his Goblin hunting has progressed and his level has risen from 13 to 19. As the level goes up, the experience requirement increases, but so far the level has been increasing steadily.

At the beginning of the year, a grand event was held at the mansion to celebrate the New Year. All the important people in the city were invited to the event and White Deer was served. Allen hunted two more White Deers after that, one in January and another in February.

Allen was on hunting duty, so it was his job to hunt down magical beasts and bring them back. However, in the winter, there were only horned rabbits to hunt. He decided that it would be better to have other meat once in a while, so he would hunt White Deer about once a month.

After he hunted the third one, he found a large wooden board in the yard. The Gardener told him to put the monsters on this board from now on. He said to do so because the soil in the garden would ripple with the nearly one-ton weight of the White Deer. And it was also because the garden would get dirty from the dismantling.

Now that it’s March, the weather is getting warmer and the edible magical beasts are getting active. On the next hunting day, I’m planning to hunt the magical beasts that are active in spring.

“Hey, why are you sleeping?”

I fell asleep thinking about the prey I’m going to hunt on my next day off. I’m sure it’s because of the warm weather. Then Cecile, who was sitting in front of me, got angry and kicked me in the butt with her toe. It hurt a lot.

(Hmm, you don’t sleep while traveling? This is really a different world, huh.)

Allen is not very aware of his role as a manservant.

“I’m sorry about this Miss Cecile.”

“If you do that in front of my brother Mihai, I won’t let you get away with it!”

She stared at me with her deep red eyes that tended to hang. Today, I’m heading to the arrival and departure point of the magic ship. I’m going to pick up Mihai, the eldest son of the Granvelle family.

Cecile sometimes takes me out of the house in this way. I help her with the shopping and do all sorts of other things. I often feel like I don’t need to be there though. She seems to be at an age where she wants to be taken around.

We arrived at the departure and arrival point on the east side of the city of Granvelle, which was as empty and flat as the ports in my previous life. The magic ship was about a hundred meters away.

After less than half an hour of waiting, I see a dot in the sky. It’s getting bigger and bigger.


With a roar, a magic ship crossed the sky. It landed slowly and vertically a short distance away from us.

(Wow, what kind of principle does it use to stay afloat? Buoyancy? Magic?)

It was a big shaped vehicle. As I watched with admiration, something like a ladder extended below the magic ship.

(It’s all very high-tech. The clock is in the decimal system. This other world is very advanced.)

Normally, it seems like this world is in the medieval age where civilization is undeveloped. However, when I see these excellent magic tools, I can feel the development of civilization in key places.

People were coming down in groups. I looked to the side and saw Cecile standing there shuffling about. Apparently, Cecile is very fond of her eldest brother.

In the distance, someone was waving at us. He had the same light purple hair as Cecile did. It seems to be Mihai. He was alone, carrying large luggage.

“Hello Cecile, how are you?”

“Mihai!!!, I’ve been well!”

(Brother and sister reunion, they are very close. He has been going to the Academy since last year, so he must be 13 or 14 or something like that now.)

Mihai has been attending the Academy since last year.

It’s like a reunion of two close siblings; the two of them remind me of my siblings Mash and Muras. Mihai was carrying a lot of luggage, so I helped him with the luggage and got it into the carriage.

“Hmm? So, are you the new manservant?”

“Yes, my name is Allen, and I’ve been a manservant since last fall.”

He spoke to me in the carriage and I answered.

“Allen is my manservant.”

“Oh, so our father has already granted Cecile a personal manservant. I hope you will do your best.”

“Yes, sir.”

I didn’t want to answer, but I answered affirmatively.

I also heard about the meaning of being a personal manservant of a Noble’s child from the head manservant, Rickel. I didn’t ask but he told me anyway. It was a nightmare.

The children of Noble families have their own manservants when they are around ten years old. Then, they are usually appointed at around the age of twelve and become their personal manservants. As they gain experience as a manservant, they grow older together with the child of the Noble they serve.

When the manservant turns fifteen, he is promoted from a manservant to Valet. The story was that the manservant should serve the Noble’s child for the rest of his life, even after the child became an adult. A manservant who served a Noble’s child is promised a future and can become more than a Valet.

(TN: The same applies to maids as well.)

Some of them stay as Valet. Some of them are later promoted to Butler or Knight.

Therefore, even if I become a manservant of a Noble family, I cannot become a Valet unless I serve completely under someone. After years of doing chores and gaining the trust of the children of the Noble, you serve and you become a Valet. Rickel, who is 18, said it would be difficult for him to become a Valet.

When a manservant becomes a cook or a priest, he can no longer be a Valet. It would become a different job entirely.

Allen, who had already won the post of personal manservant of a Noble’s child, would have to serve Cecile for the rest of his life. It seems that he is on an escalator that he shouldn’t be on. He doesn’t know how to get down, but he has to do something.

“Father has done well to allow Cecile, who is only eight years old, to have a personal manservant.” Thomas said.

 Cecil’s older brother, Thomas, did not have a personal manservant. A maid took care of him.

“You say, Allen. Does that mean you’re that good?”

He looked at me with the same red eyes as Cecile.

“No, no, I am only grateful for Lady Cecil’s kindness.”

“I see.”

“That’s enough about Allen.”

Cecile asked Mihai to speak with her.

“Oh, yes, Cecile, here’s a present I bought for you in Royal Capital.”

He gave her a shiny butterfly-shaped h clip from his luggage.

“Thank you very much, brother!”

Cecile accepted it with both hands happily. She gazed at it from different angles with her shining eyes.

“I’m glad you’re happy. I wasn’t able to come home for the summer so this is my apology gift.”

The present seems to be a way to make up for his mistakes.

“Yes, I am! I thought you said summer vacation was long.”

“Yes, but I was told that I would be expelled if I didn’t conquer the dungeon in the summer.”

He said apologetically.

(Dungeon? The condition for attending the Academy is to conquer the Dungeon, isn’t that amazing? If one can’t conquer it, one will be expelled?)

“Well! Please tell me!”

Cecil’s eyes were shining as she listened to Mihai talk about the Academy life that she has been longing for.

According to him, the two months of August and September are summer vacation. Basically, you can do anything you want, but there is one summer vacation assignment. It was to conquer one of the several Dungeons in the Academy city, no matter which one.

Mihai couldn’t return home during the summer vacation because he had to conquer a Dungeon. The teacher told him, “If you can’t conquer the Dungeon, you don’t need to attend the Academy anymore, go back to your home.”

“What, why didn’t you tell our father about this?”

The other party is the legitimate son of a Baron family. Of course, there are children of more Noble families in the Academy. She asked if it was okay to expel the child of such a status.

“No, I can’t do that. It’s the Academy Principal’s policy after all.”

It seems that the Academy Principal doesn’t listen even to the King. I’ve heard from Baron Granvelle that the Principal of the Academy fails even Master Swordsman in the exam.

There seems to be a strong autonomy in the Academy city.

“It’s not easy, is it?.”

It seems that the Academy life is quite tough. Cecile was worried about Mihai.

“Well, it’s pretty tough at times, but the other day, I was taught how to use a sword by Master Swordsman Doberg!”

He happily touched the sword he had taken off his waist to ride in the carriage.

(Oh! Master Swordsman Doberg, huh? I’ve heard that name before, but I didn’t know that he also teaches students in the Academy city.)

Mihai’s eyes sparkled as he talked about Academy life. He was talking like an adult. The conversation between Mihai and Cecile continued like that.

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