White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 18

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Amos named the medium-sized island occupied by him, Tasman Island. Tasman stood for ‘origin’ in Draconic Tongue. He hoped that this would be the place where he made his first fortune.

This world was very dangerous; the mindless demons, the malevolent devils, the evil god who had corrupt plots, and the intelligent creatures who had nothing friendly to say about white dragons.

Amos knew that his strength was not enough to let him sit back and relax. At least, he must be as strong as the North Wind Ice Field Lord, Salilina, who could safely live in the cave.

Amos had enough of hiding, so he had to build a strong force to allow himself to appear in the sun openly.

Today was the first step of a long journey.

On the coastline of Tasman Island, the Murocs of the White Scale clan were building in full swing, using fishbone axes to extract wood from the forest.

After removing the branches of the trees, the Murocs worked together to carry the trunk back to the beach, leaving a series of footprints along the way. The trunks were processed into timber by the Murloc Mages, and finally, Murloc huts were built.

Amos frowned while looking at the busy Murlocs. Although the fishbone axe was sharp, it was fragile and could be fragmented easily. The Murloc Mages were inefficient at work, but there was no other way to improve it at present.

Wars between the various races of the Far Islands were endless. Even if Amos was willing to buy a strategic resource like iron with gold coins, it was necessary to find a seller.

Miraculously, Amos personally went to the sea to catch a ten-meter-long fish and gave the fish to the Murlocs for processing.

Looking at the fish meat surging up and down in dozens of boiling stone pots, Amos was appetite was aroused by the aroma. Since his rebirth, he had been living a life filled with blood, and he had almost forgotten the delicacy of cooked food.

He picked up a stone pot, the size of a small bowl for a giant dragon. The strong body of the dragon was not afraid of getting burnt. Amos took one mouthful at a time, even pouring the fish with soup into his mouth, carefully savouring the taste.

The taste wasn’t bad. The pure fresh sea fish was cooked in pollution-free seawater without adding any spices, which retained most of the essential freshness of the fish meat, and made the dragon have an endless aftertaste, as he spewed out a mouthful of hot air.


Soon, Amos devoured all the fish soup.

“Old Blind!”

“What order does Master have for me?” The old blind who had been serving on the side replied.

“Tell me what you know about the neighbourhood.”

Old Blind looked down and organized his thoughts before saying, “There is only one large island around Tasman, and there is a large clan of ogres on the island called the Skull Breaking Clan, which enslaves a group of Kobolds and jackals to help them in their production.

“Their leader is a two-headed ogre. I have once seen it from a distance in the sea. It was carrying a huge staff, so I deduced that it possessed the ability to cast spells.”  

“As for the other medium-sized islands and small islands, as far as I know, none of them poses a threat to the master, and the ogres cannot cross the strait and hence are no threat to master.”

Old Blind hurriedly added, “Even if the ogre crossed the strait, it would only take as little effort as lifting a finger for master.”

After he finished speaking, he cautiously looked at Amos.

Amos knew that he (Old Blind) was worried about offending him. After all, the cruelty of the five-coloured dragon was well known in the world. However, Amos was certainly not so petty.

“It seems that this ogre clan is a hurdle that cannot be passed.”

Amos muttered to himself. He was no stranger to ogres. Those ogres were level 7 creatures. When they grew up, they were up to 3 meters tall and weighed 800 pounds on average. They were born with supernatural strength.

In battle, while ambushing Sandonaar’s southbound team, Amos saw these ogres carrying logs and beating adult barbarian warhorses weighing 300 pounds like baseballs.

A mountain couldn’t hold two tigers. Sooner or later, Amos would expand his power outside. When the time comes, he and those ogres would have a battle.  

Their leader was a two-headed ogre, the intelligence of such freaks and ordinary ogres were simply heaven and earth apart. After all, they had such an intelligent freak, so now Amos was not sure of victory.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to immediately go to war with the ogre clan, he still had time to prepare.

The first step was to enhance the strength of his followers, otherwise, his own teammates would be wiped out by opponents jackals even before they started attacking, and then the ogres would push to the doorstep of the white dragon, directly confronting the boss, which could be very embarrassing.

Looking at the Murlocs’ thin arms and legs, Amos rubbed his jaw with his claws.

Hmm, it’s time for exercise.

Improving strength did not only need exercises, but a numerical advantage was also a manifestation of strength, and the effect of increasing the number provides immediate effect.

“Are there other Murloc clans nearby?”

“Only the Darkscale Clan and the Bluescale Clan, the others are too far away.”

“Do you divide clans by the colour of your scales?”

“You are wise, master. We do it to make it easier to distinguish.”

“That’s really convenient,” Amos spat, “Go and bring them all back. You can use any means.”

“At your service, my master.”

Amos looked at Old Blind who dived into the sea with elite Murlocs, thinking about the future configuration of the military. 

Murlocs were inherently deficient, unable to leave the water for too long, and couldn’t be used as the main combat unit. However, in the Far Islands, with their amphibious ability, they had quite considerable advantages. As a special force, underwater raids could achieve unexpected results.  

Amos believed that a qualified evil dragon legion needed the main combat unit, long-range unit, flying unit, scout unit and auxiliary units.

Each unit type cooperated with the other to achieve the effect of one plus one more than two, crushing any enemies that might come in their way.

Far from it, there were no units ready. Let’s talk about it when we find a suitable unit.  

Amos returned to the dragon nest and woke up the sleeping dragon siblings.

“Creature hunting? All right, let’s go.”

The dragon siblings were confused by Amos’s proposal, but out of trust in their elder brother, they agreed to do it right away.  

Why are we doing this? This will destroy the balance,” Level 3 Druid Elena couldn’t help but speak up. 

“Under normal circumstances, the balance would indeed be disrupted, but now with us, that will be different.”

Amos explained, ”For an ecosystem to maintain a relatively stable state, the food chain needs to be balanced, but for us, the fewer organisms at the top of the food chain, the better, so that more and more meat resources are left to us.”

“Now that we have followers, if we have extra meat resources, it can be allocated to them, and although we don’t have to worry about predators’ attacks, our followers will have to guard against them, so we have to kill all predators on Tasman Island.”

The phrase “our followers” of Amos flattered the dragon siblings, which meant that Amos was willing to share his followers with them, which was very rare among evil dragons.

Felicia added, “This is not only the case on Tasman Island, we will kill competitors in all the territories we occupy in the future.”

“Hurry up, my big sword is already hungry and thirsty.”

 (TN: The sword? Where is it?)

After being inaugurated as a warrior, Willy’s demeanour had taken a turn for violence.

“It’s time for the predators to move, so let’s split up.”

A leopard crouched on a tree, staring at the antelope coming closer below, its muscles tensed, and it was ready to hunt its prey.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew across the treetops, the leopard felt that the wind pressure was not right, and all his hairs stood up. He didn’t care about hunting anymore and hurriedly jumped off the tree.

It was a pity that the power gap was too great, and even its extraordinary vigilance couldn’t save it. A dragon’s claw grabbed the leopard’s neck in mid-air and squeezed it gently. The leopard’s body fell on the ground, and the antelope fled in panic.

The flying dragon muttered to himself.



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